Getting ready to be a new father leads me down the road of learning new things. Like what to do, what not to do, what to buy, and what not to buy. Sure, some of it I expected, and some of it I did not. So, here is my list of the Top 5 things you don't expect while you are expecting.

1. Putting Things Together
Nothing comes put together or easy to put together like the old days. Tons of stuff too, like cribs, dressers, swings, bouncers... It all has to be done by you. Which we all know most of us don't have the time or the patience to do so. The more you pay the easier it is, but who has the money to spend on a $500 crib? Not me! Just bite your lip and don't throw the screwdriver.

2. Cost Of Diapers
"Lots of Diapers, need lots of diapers"... You'll be saying it in your sleep. You will have about 10-12 changes a day for a newborn, that's not counting wipes. Roughly 100 diapers are $25 dollars, that can get expensive, and that is low balling it.  Little tip, on your registries, make sure you ask for lots of diapers.

3. Insane Safety Standards
If one thing that can be said about baby stuff now and days, it's that everything has to pass standards. The car seat, for instance, did you know they had expiration dates? I didn't. Strollers too, baby stores try to get bad strollers off the streets by asking you to trade them in.

4. You Become More Protective
My instinct to protect my fiance and my soon to be little girl has become overwhelming. From stuff on TV, to being out in public, I'm so much more aware of the things around me. I even notice what others are saying as well, and one thing is sure, people have some bad mouths.

5. Babies Need A Lot Of Stuff
I could make a list of all the things you will need, but I'll save you the 3 hours of reading you will never get back.  I do know you won't need a diaper wipe warmer and you won't need a diaper garbage genie... it will not cover the stink anyways.

This is just what I noticed, did I miss anything parents?