The University of Michigan is one of three Big Ten schools which does not have a mascot, but Michigan's Athletic Director Dave Brandon is interested in changing that.

This would not be Michigan's first time with a mascot.  In 1927 Michigan introduced two live wolverines, "Bennie" and "Biff".  The wolverines proved to be too much to handle.  The live wolverines were gone after the first season.

In 1968 Michigan introduced a couple of dogs named "Whiskey" and "Brandy".  Whiskey and Brandy performed at halftime until the mid 70s.  Good luck getting those names approved in today's overly politically correct environment.

There was a push in the 80s for "Willy The Wolverine", but "Willy" never became Michigan's official mascot.

Today, Michigan AD Dave Brandon sounds serious about adding a mascot.  Not a live one, but a cuddly one for the kids.

Dave Brandon tells Michigan Today:

I'm struck by the fact that when opposing teams come to our stadium, and they bring a mascot, all of our young fans are lined up to see if they can get a picture taken with it, whether it's the Penn State Nittany Lion or Sparty.  That's a little annoying to me.You can't get your picture taken with a Block M. Mascots are really embraced by the youth demographic and we want to take advantage of that, for all the reasons that are obvious.

Traditionalists are at a loss for words as they imagine a kid-friendly fuzzy wolverine wandering the stands and sidelines at The Big House.  Hard to picture, but it sounds like Dave Brandon just might make it happen.