Until Love Is Equal, the movement started in response to the Holland city council's vote on June 15th excluding sexual orientation and gender identity from an anti-discrimination ordinance, is gaining more and more ground every day.

The group initially refused to spend money at any business in Holland until the decision was over-turned, but have since published a list on their website listing businesses that "formally oppose" the decision. The list includes such West Michigan giants as Haworth, Herman Miller, and Louis Padnos Iron & Metal.

In addition to the online aspect of this campaign, Until Love is Equal have also held rallies to show their enthusiasm and dedication to their cause.

Just today I came across a great video titled "Dark Into Light", which was produced to help bring attention to the cause and the city council's decision. The video, written by Erin Wilson and directed by Seth Thompson, explains the groups goals as well as giving examples of the types of people who are supporting the cause. Check it out after the jump!

Dark Into Light from Until Love Is Equal on Vimeo.