"Congresswoman let me interrupt you, we have breaking news out of Miami...right now in Miami, Justin Bieber has been arrested."

This earned my video fail of the week award...

MSNBC was in the middle of a pretty serious discussion about the NSA, a Congresswoman was speaking her piece. For a moment, our cable news networks were doing a service, discussing things that matter!

Then Justin Bieber got arrested.

I can't believe they interrupted this Congresswoman to cut to video of a courtroom where Bieber was facing a judge. As Seth Meyers, from 'Saturday Night Live,' would say "REALLY?"

I understand it was a big story, but it was a big story for entertainment outlets; like pop radio stations, websites like PopCrush, networks like 'E!,' and maybe a quick blurb on the news networks' entertainment report.

Come on news organizations, we would love to take you seriously!