If it's not an urban legend, this has to be the grossest way to get a buzz on I've ever heard:  According to some, kids these days are soaking tampons in vodka and inserting them to get drunk faster without having to down shots...  and not just chicks.  Blisstree.com reports that both men and women are willing to insert alcohol into improper orifices to get drunk.  Ewwwww.

As you can imagine, they're saying vodka tampons are not good for you. According to Blisstree.com the risk of alcohol poisoning is much higher than with actual drinking, because the liquor is absorbed directly through the bloodstream.

Also, I can imagine the burning would be quite uncomfortable?!

If we needed any more proof that vodka tampons are not a good idea, there's a Huffington Post blogger who actually tried it out. Now there is a dedicated journalist. Read the whole horrifying tale here.