As the end of the year approaches every media outlet known to man is either doing a "Top 10 of 2010",  "Best of 2010", or even "Best of the Decade" countdown of some sort... I say FORGET THAT!  I WANT TO VOTE FOR MY OWN FAVORITE!After browsing around the internet and seeing the same old same old kinds of things, I came across  Clicker is running a Best of TV 2010, but they put the voting into your hands.

Follow this link and get started voting!

Here is a brief description of the process by

The time to vote is here. We've nominated the most popular shows on the Web, but it's your chance to name the very best, whether it's the TV shows you're addicted to or Web series you wish the world would finally discover.

You can even weigh in on controversial subjects like the "TV Show with the Most Annoying Fans." We apologize if this causes disagreements with friends and family, but the answers must be learned. You can vote as often as you'd like by visiting the categories in the right hand column or by tweeting your vote @clicker by including the category and the hashtag #BestOfClicker2010.

Vote away!  And be sure to vote for Always Sunny In Philidelphia... that show is EPIC!