25 million of us tune into American Idol every week -- which is the same as last season.

Season 10 had the potential of tanking without the obnoxious, yet honesty, brought to the competition through Simon Cowell's celebrity and expertise in the music industry. 

Tonight, the Top 8, sans Pia Toscana, will cover soundtracks from their favorite movies.  As far as I know, how we vote will remain in tact, but the creator of the show is mulling over a new plan!

"After last week's upset elimination of Pia, Nigel Lythgoe has been overheard talking about us picking the bottom three so the judges can have the final say of who stays and who goes!  Um, doesn't that defeat the purpose of America choosing it's next musical icon??  You can leave your comments at the bottom of this blog -- I'd love to hear what you think!!

BTW,  the Top 9 American Idolers hit iTune's top ten best selling albums chart this week!  This is the first season that the reality show has offered the weekly studio recordings in album form.