Caroline Berg Eriksen, wife of soccer player Lars-Kristian Eriksen, posted this photo a few days ago on her Instagram account. You might be thinking, okay she eats clean and works out. What if I told you this photo was snapped just FOUR DAYS after giving birth?


No joke, and to top it off Berg Eriksen says she hasn't worked out since giving birth. Now a lot of people are rolling their eyes, some are giving her the "you go girl" on Instagram but some are calling this fat shaming.

As a guy I don't take issue with people rolling their eyes but I do take issue with the people calling it fat shaming. I mean I'll roll my eyes at Mr. Six-Pack walking shirtless around the gym but there's part of me that finds that pretty motivating. Will I ever be THAT fit, HA, no. Can I become more fit that I am right now? Yup. This might just be male perspective but if a person being in shape and proud is "fat shaming," we really have a problem.

This reminds me of Maria Kang from a few months ago. Remember this:


Yeah, that photo rubbed people the wrong way too. Then again, what doesn't. By the way Caroline Berg Eriksen did say the picture wasn't meant to be cruel.

What do you think? Do photos like this inspire you or do you think these women are being too "in your face?"