I consider this another win in Western Michigan's Cinderella season.

Not only did they go undefeated and get a major bowl bid, but because they're a lesser known team, the bottom of the Cotton Bowl ticket resale market has fallen out.

Anytime StubHub takes it in the shorts is okay by me.

On January 2nd, the Cotton Bowl will reign supreme in Arlington, Texas. Tickets went on sale for the face-value price of $135 – for some of the cheap seats, and college football fans jumped to be a part of this era of sports history. That is, until they saw the match-up.

This year’s Cotton Bowl masterpiece will feature Wisconsin versus Western Michigan. Not exactly a marquee match-up, unless you're a Bronco or Badger fan. As a result, the resale market is getting smacked in the ass. Those originally $135 seats are going for as low as $6 on some of the ticket broker websites.

Better seats can be had for as low as $30, and if you want to sit near mid-field you could probably get in for around $200. Western Michigan, while not a small school, has a tenuous football fan base, and will likely have trouble filling their allotment of tickets.

On the other hand, Wisconsin could have gone to the Rose Bowl, but their loss to Penn State torpedoed that.

Ticket broker web sites screw us over all the time, so in a way, it's kind of cool to see them take a bit of a loss. Maybe next time they'll wait before having their little bots scoop up all the tickets.

Which leads me to my next observation: With so many bowl games out there, is there anything special about any of them anymore?

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