Somewhere along the line we all lost our sense of common respect for each other. Check out these tips to help you personally and professionally!


  • 1

    Use "Sir" or "Ma'am

    It's very rare to hear someone saying either of those words. It shows respect, plus it makes you stand out!

  • 2

    Say "You're Welcome"

    I'm so guilty of this. When someone says "thank you," by habit I say "no problem." Don't do that. Say "you're welcome," it shows that you did something significant for them.

  • 3

    Ask "How Can I Help?"

    This is huge in the business world. It never hurts to be known as the person who always lends a helping hand. The boss will take notice!

  • 5

    "I'll Find Out"

    This shows you're about to go out of your way to help someone. Plus it's way better than saying "I don't know."

  • 5

    Say "Here's What's Happening"

    People love being kept in the loop, so when you say this you're reminding people that you know what's going on, and you're cool enough to fill them in.