I'm a pretty non-confrontational person in general, but I've never gone so far as to send someone a text message to tell them that I'm quitting my job.

The quitting process generally involves talking to your bosses or at least sending them an email, but a new app out there has made quitting easier for those out their that are so averse to confrontation that they can't possibly speak to someone when they quit or even send an email.

The app is called "Quit Your Job", and it's free for your iPhone.

Quit Your Job will help you carefully craft your "I quit" text message to your boss, and then it sends it for you. Once that's taken care of, you can use the app to browse for open jobs online.

An employment company called TheLadders built the app and they told Reuters,

Despite all the advances in technology we still quit our jobs the same way we did hundreds of years ago. There's a lot of anxiety around the resignation process, so we use technology to ease the pain in that moment and make it seamless to break up with your boss.

Uh... OK...

You can download the app for free from iTunes, but I'd use it at your own risk. One minute you could be playing around with the app, just seeing how it works, and the next minute you could be unemployed.