A game camera took a picture of something big and hairy! It had Bigfootologists(?) in quite a tizzy.

Here's the picture in question.

Weird looking right? Almost human, but definitely NOT human. Its far too early for it to be a hunter in camo. Sasquatch, is that you?!

Sadly ... no, no it's not.

To save you the click ... It's a bear. Yep a bear. But if you've seen this video it's not THAT surprising.

That's one creepy bear.

Anyway, not saying Bigfoot isn't out there. Who knows! The legend of big foot seems to be world wide, I know there's a legend of some swamp monster type big foot dude where I'm from. And I have actually seen him! Painted on a wall of some gas station. Point is, bigfoot could be out there.