We have been giving away Bill Gardell tickets all week long by playing "Are you funnier than Steve?"  Each day, Steve tells a joke and then listeners call in and tell their jokes and if Connie and Fish think they are funnier than Steve, they win the tickets!

Yesterday we had a man named Church call in with a joke that was a little naughty for 7:30 am on the radio, so we told him that it WAS funnier, but since we said no naughty jokes for that early in the morning, we moved on and gave the tickets to someone else.  So you started to text, email, and call in and demand that Church win those tickets, because he was funnier than Steve.

Fish says he broke the rules (we said don't be naughty and his joke was kinda naughty) so he shouldn't win.  Connie felt bad because she thought that the joke was hilarious and wants to give him the tickets!  So we want you to decide for us.  Listen to both of the jokes below and vote in our poll.

Steve's Joke:

Church's Joke:

So what do you think?  Vote now!  We will announce the winner tomorrow morning.

And just to be extra fun, we even turned Chuch's joke into a meme!