One of my guilty pleasures is garbage television. At any given time I can probably tell you what's going on with any of the Real Houswives, Kendra, the Kardashians (Kim divorced?! Shocking!) So it's really not unusual that I spent my morning watching the E! True Hollywood Story on Lindsay Lohan. Hey, it sucked me in. I mean, what a hot hot mess. I forgot there was a time she was actually considered a talented actress. What I did not know is that today is the very day LiLo could end up in jail. Yep, her probation violation hearing is going on right now. And, lucky me, E! is streaming live from the courthouse. Watch the drama unfold after the jump!

Two weeks ago a pissed off judge revoked Lindsay's probation after she failed one too many times to adhere to the terms of her sentence and make good on her community service. The original charges stem back to DUI arrests in 2007.

Cut to-- judgment day. Watch live here! Is Lindsay headed to the slammer?