I have expressed before that I don't think that leggings should ever be worn as pants.

Leggings are one of those fashions from the 80's that I am convinced should have stayed there. But hey, that's just my opinion, and just because I don't like the way they look doesn't mean that the person wearing them doesn't.

Turns out, though, that wearing leggings to hide the fact that you didn't shave your legs, or to use as a make-shift corset, can actually be making you fat!

This claim is, understandably, going to freak out the thousands of women who have made leggings a wardrobe staple.

According to physiotherapist Sammy Margo (an admitted legging addict), leggings cause your muscles to get lazy, because they are holding everything in (which is usually the muscles' job). It also doesn't help that problem areas that you are "fixing" with leggings are out of sight and out of mind for you when you're wearing them. You don't see the tummy pouch, or the extra inch or so on your thighs, because the leggings are holding them in.

This article in the Daily Mail explains the whole situation and gives you some tips on how to get rid of the legging-induced flab.