Opening day at the John Ball Zoo, layoffs coming to the Grand Rapids Public Library, more snow on the way, plus more trends from this week that you may have missed.

Here we go!

1. Library Layoffs

This week the director of Grand Rapids Public Library sent an email out to the staff warning money issues will force the library to 'operate with less staff and less staff costs.' Speaking of costs, this could cost 18 people their jobs. Word is that some of those employees will be offered other city library jobs.


2. Student Brings Gun and Ammo to School

A student was arrested Friday at Union High School after school security was warned the sophomore was carrying a pistol. During the struggle to stand the boy up to search him, the pistol came loose and fell to the floor. The weapon was not loaded, but he had ammo in his pocket. Read the full story from WZZM.


3. Opening Day At John Ball Zoo

A good sign that spring is almost here! John Ball Zoo opened up today! Word is that workers had to haul almost 100 loads of snow from the zoo before opening up. The zoo is open 10 until 4 daily. I hear the penguin exhibit is where the party is at this time of year. Check out more info on hours at their site.


4. Let It Snow, Let It Snow...

Well, can it stop yet? More snow is on the way. According to the National Weather Service we could see around 3 inches between tonight and tomorrow. As for the warm up? It looks like we might blow past the freezing mark next Friday. Check it out for yourself.


5. What Does Ukraine Have To Do With Us?

I won't go into details that I don't fully understand, but it may be a good idea to get yourself in the loop. To put it simply, Ukraine is having some problems. President Obama and other leaders from around the world want Russia to stay out of it. During a speech on Friday President Obama said 'There will be costs to any military intervention in Ukraine.' Russia President Putin did not take that well and asked Russia's parliament to approve military action in Ukraine, they approved it. I'll let you take it from here. Check out the full story.

Now you're in the loop, enjoy the rest of the your weekend! Give my best to the penguins at the zoo. I'm hibernating until we can get above freezing.