I've heard of chicken pox parties before. And I think that they're insane. What's a chicken pox party, you may ask? Well, basically it's parents getting some kids who have the chicken pox together with a group of kids who don't have the chicken pox so that the healthy kids can get infected. While to some parents it may make sense, all I can think is, "Dude, you just got your kid sick. On purpose."  What ever happened to letting kids get things organically? I think that I got the chicken pox at the same time that my older brother got them. Why? Because we lived in the same house. How did he get them? From some kid at preschool who came to school with them before they had really showed up. That's the way that chicken pox should be spread. Not by crazy parents.

Hell, with the chicken pox virus being readily available, no kid should end up with them in this day and age.

But, there are some people out there that don't believe in vaccinations. Ok, I get that. Just let your kid get the chicken pox just like you did when you were a kid, and it'll be done and over with.

Well, that's not how some of these crazies are looking at it. Nope. They've decided that instead of vaccinating their kid, or letting them get chicken pox from some other kid at school that has them, they should give them chicken pox on purpose. And not at a party. They are actually getting lollipops mailed to them from other crazy parents who have a kid with the chicken pox.

Yeah, they have the sick kid lick the thing, wrap it up, and mail it off to some delusional parent who wants to get their kid sick on purpose with some stranger's spit. Good parenting. Nice job.

Lucky for these crazy people's children, some prosecutors have found out about this weirdo sickness-through-the-mail operation, and are speaking out against it.

David Boling public information officer for the Attorney in Nashville told mnn.com,

Sending a virus or disease through the U.S. mail (and private carriers) is illegal. It doesn't matter if it crosses state lines.

He didn't mention that it's weird and gross, but I guess he had to be a little more professional than that.