Well, before Josh left for vacation, he was nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I laughed at him when it happened, and he threatened revenge. Luckily, he came to his senses, and didn't nominate me, but DID nominate Curtis from Connie & Curtis. Curtis then nominated Producer Amanda, who then (along with another friend of mine) nominated ME. So, last night, I completed the challenge.

Before you complete the challenge, you get to nominate three other people to do it as well. Since Amanda, Curtis, and Josh had already completed the challenge (and Connie's sick), I had to find people who aren't on the Channel 957 staff to do it. But who? Well, I settled on JoJo Girard (he does mornings on one of our sister stations), my dad (please don't get pneumonia, pops. I know you'll be doing this in the UP and it's cold there. Hey! Just go for a swim in Lake Superior), and Tom Cook who is our boss but also does afternoons on another one of our sister stations. (My boyfriend got a nomination, too. Because he looked far too happy to be dumping a bunch of ice cold water on my head.) Also, shout out to Janna for taking the video for me and yelling "somebody take her glasses!"

Here’s how this plays out. This Ice Bucket Challenge has gone so viral that it’s raised millions of dollars to help fight ALS. The idea is that you dump a bucket of ice water over your head, then challenge a few of your friends. They either have to dump the ice water, or donate $100 towards an ALS Charity. If you do the Ice Bucket Challenge, you’re encouraged to donate $10.

Most folks have donated directly to the ALS Association, but I decided to put a local spin on it and donated to Mercy Health St. Mary's ALS Program which is the only certified ALS center in West Michigan.

And because I know people are skeptics, here's the proof:

If you'd like to keep your ALS donations local, too, click the graphic below to make your donation.