I'm in full-on training mode for KO Cancer, an event coming up on Saturday, November 19 at the JW Marriott. Basically, I signed myself up to box another local celebrity, with all of the proceeds from the event going to the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital. Little did I know how much hard work goes into preparing for a fight! Here are a few training tips that I've picked up along my journey.

  • 1

    Be Mentally Prepared

    One of the biggest things that I've learned about boxing is that your head really has to be in it. You have to have your wits about you, and be mentally sharp.

  • 2

    Hand Eye Coordination

    You obviously want to make sure that you're connecting with your punches in the ring, so you have to work on your hand eye coordination.

  • 3

    Stretching Is Key

    Before a good work out, you need to be sure to stretch. I mean, you don't want to pull something and take yourself out of contention completely.

  • 4

    Strength Training

    A punch isn't any good if you don';t have any power behind it. Basic curls can help tone up those flabby arms in no time.

  • 5

    Stamina Is Essential

    You don't want to get too tired a minute into your match. That will leave you vulnerable to your opponent. Stair climbing is a good way to build up stamina.

  • 6

    Practice, Practice, Practice

    You don't want the main event to be the first time you've ever put on your gloves or stepped into the ring, but sometimes finding a sparring partner is difficult. I suggest shadow boxing in these situations.

  • 7

    Stay Hydrated

    Proper hydration is a key element when you're doing any sort of physical activity. Be sure to down plenty of fluids during your training.

  • 8

    Put On Your Game Face

    Even if you're nervous, you can't let on to your opponent. They'll take advantage of any weaknesses they see. So, be sure to put on your game face before you get in the ring.