All I want for Christmas is every product that has ever had a commercial on late night television. I seriously have a strange love for anything with the little "As Seen On TV" seal of approval. I don't know why. So this year, I decided to make an "As Seen On TV" Christmas wish list! Check out my truly ridiculous list after the jump!

First on my list is the Trendy Top, and actually, I can already cross this one off of the list. My friends graciously purchased these for me as a Thanksgiving gift. They're actually quite practical, comfortable, and fashionable.

Next in line is the Goody Hoody. I mean, who doesn't want what basically equates to a Snuggie with a hood? According to the pictures on the website, you can wear it while reading a giant book or camping. AND, you can roll it up inside of itself and wear it like a normal hoody (but you'll mostly just end up looking like a fat person in a tight hoody).

The Pet Ottoman is actually more of a present for my dog, Jack, than it is for me. Or is it? For a small dog, Jack manages to take up a lot of space, and he always seems to want to lay ON the Ottoman. This way, he can lay IN the Ottoman, and I get my footrest back.

I mostly want the sticky buddy because Jack (pictured above) is a shedding machine! There's dog hair everywhere no matter how often I sweep the floors. I also want it because of this spoof infomercial below. (Note: the language is vulgar at times.)

I could probably find a million more As Seen On TV things that I would love to have, but if I don't stop looking now, I'm going to end up buying them all for myself.