Hi guys! It's come time for another update as to what's been going on with me, cold laser therapy, and the awesome folks at Life Spa 360

Everything so far is going fantastic. After the first three treatments, I sat down with Dr. Burkhart to talk about my progress and take a few measurements, and it looks like I'm down about two inches total from where I started! I know in the grand scheme of things, an inch doesn't seem like a ton, but let me tell you, it's noticeable.

This is the Lumislim machine at LifeSpa360. Fourty-five minutes with this thing, 3 days a week is producing results!

You know how when you lose some weight, the first real indicator that you have is that your clothes seem to fit differently? That's what's been happening here. My pants are a little looser, I went dress shopping for a wedding I'm attending and bought a size smaller than what I thought I was going to need (and a size smaller than I've worn in quite some time). And ladies, the real testament - I didn't feel the need to wear Spanx under said dress. That's right. I was able to breathe the whole night, and that's due, in large part, to Lumislim Cold Laser Therapy at Life Spa 360.

Ignore my dirty mirror. I'm wearing this dress WITHOUT SPANX! It's so liberating!

This week, Dr. Burkhart took some more measurements, and I hadn't really lost much in comparison to the measurements at the end of week one. I'm not discouraged, though. My eating habits this week were less than stellar, and I think that that had everything to do with it.

Next week is my last week of the treatments, and I'm excited to see what my end results will be!

Are you interested in learning more about Cold Laser Therapy and Life Spa 360? If so, they have a very informative website, or you can call and set up a consultation with Dr. Burkhart by calling 616-965-1723!