This year the savings start before the turkey gets cold.  Black Friday is turning into Black Thursday Night.  We have all the info you need to plan your trip and get the best and most deals on Black Thursday/Friday.

Is shopping worth it this year?  That depends on what you want to buy...and how much you like sleep.  Here's a list of some of the best deals you'll find at major retailers this week.

But if you really want the best deals, you need to get there early.  Rivertown Mall opens on Friday at 12:00am.  Woodland Mall officially opens at 5:00am on Friday, but doors to the mall will open on Friday at 12:00am because some retailers just couldn't wait.  Meijer's big sales start at 4:00am on Friday, but they will open earlier.

Here's a list of opening times of some more retailers.

Even if you are one of the first there you could miss out on a deal if you don't know exactly where to go.  Check out this collection of store maps so you'll know where you are going once you are in the door.

If you go, best of luck.  I'll be sitting at home trying to score some online deals Friday.