When the Newaygo County Sheriff's Office showed up at a home on Tuesday night, they thought they were investigating a murder at a crime scene. Turns out they got caught up in a weird prank.

Someone called 911 and said that they went to the house on West 8th Street in Newaygo and found a man, face down in the hallway with what was looked to be a gun shot wound in his back.  The caller told police that they saw the woman who lived in the house with a gun, as well.

The person who called the cops fled the scene before police arrived. And arrive, they did. Deputies from the Newaygo County Sheriff's Office, the Oceana County Sheriff's Office, Hesperia Police, and Fremont Police set up a perimeter around the house.  Pro Med Ambulance responded to the scene, as did a news crew from our media partner, WZZM 13.

Shortly after police arrived, a man and woman emerged from the house and were immediately taken into custody. After an investigation Wednesday, the incident was discovered to actually be a hoax that the homeowners had created to play a trick on their friends.

No one currently is under arrest, but the case was forwarded to the prosecutor's office for possible charges.