And really when I say going to the apple orchard, I don't mean to pick apples, ride on hay rides, go through corn mazes, or the myriad of things you could do ... I mean one thing. Getting cider and donuts.

On a tip this past weekend I went to Robinette's for my first time. There was a line out the door and almost to the road for people just going in to buy some cider and donuts. And man were they good!! Anyway, as a new Michigander I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do, on trips to the donut farm orchards. So, with no further adieu here are 6 orchards that are on my radar.

Full disclosure: as I mentioned I went to Robinette's this past weekend, and I went to Klackle last year. But I'm going back to both... you know for science.

Schwallier's Country Basket

Sietsema Orchards & Cider Mill

Post Family Farm

Klackle Orchards & Pavilion

Ed Dunneback & Girls Farm Market

Help a brother out, if I'm leaving a place off of this list, please let me know!