Wow!  What a night of bad weather from rain - hail - tornado watches and warnings in three West Michigan counties with sirens to signal it -- to flood warnings today and more rain!

My knee hurts and my head is pounding from all of the pressure changes!  How about you?  Did you get any cool pics of last night's stormy extravaganza?  I hear there was a break in the clouds northeast of Grand Rapids with a gorgeous rainbow!

Local forecasters are predicting up to another inch of rain before sundown and winds up to 30 mph in some areas, but no more hail or tornado threats -- whew! 

Last night was a combination of Twilight Zone meets Armageddon with either sheets of rain coming down through dark clouds or sunshine and buckets of hail, like the handful you can see that my friend collected from his front yard in Rockford last night!

What can we expect today?  WZZM has your full forecast here.