Don't get caught off guard!  Before you head out, find the road construction that could stop you dead in your tracks!  In this blog is a complete list of all of the large construction projects from Kalamazoo to Big Rapids and everything in between.  Don't get caught off guard and be 20 minutes late for that big lunch meeting just because of some pot hole repair!  Click 'READ MORE' to get the full listing...

East side — starting this week:

East Beltline between 96 and Lake Eastbrook Blvd.

One-lane-squeeze both ways, starting Tuesday, until mid-August — EXCEPT both lanes open during weekday rush hours.


96 is down to one lane both ways at 28th St.

Eastbound off-ramp to eastbound 28th is OPEN again.


Fuller Ave. is down to one lane both ways over the Ford.

On-ramp to eastbound is closed.

Westbound off-ramp is “right turn only.”


Breton Ave. is OPEN between 28th and Burton Sts., but down to one lane both ways for resurfacing.

North of Lowell:

Lincoln Lake Ave. is CLOSED between 3-Mile Rd. and McPherson St., until the end of July.

Between Otsego and Allegan:

M-89 between the Kalamazoo River and 28th St.

Resurfacing — both sides wait and take turns in a single lane, with flaggers, starting this week, until the end of July.

Keep in mind — M-222 is CLOSED just east of downtown Allegan, and M-40 has resurfacing south of Allegan.


US-31 between Polk Rd. (Exit 149) and Monroe Rd. (Exit 154).

Reconstruction — lanes, ramps and bridges closing, to the end of September.

Southbound is down to one lane at Monroe, until Friday — bridge is closed, and southbounders use the off- and on-ramps.