We all have random Thanksgiving traditions. Some families have a tradition of doing nontraditional things like ordering pizza, or eating at a Chinese buffet. Some families have traditions like eating an actual historically accurate (fish, nuts, berries, corn) Thanksgiving dinner the night before. My tradition? And what I will be doing on Friday night (so, technically not Thanksgiving, but whatever)? Playing in a Tetris tournament.

This is a tradition that was started by my friend (and former roommate) Ryan ten years ago, and has grown as the years have gone on. In fact, I wasn't even around for the first Tetris tourney, but I've been at the last three (and I have to say, I hold my own pretty well against these Tetris pros). Friends come from across the country (well, most of us live here, but some come from New York and Chicago) to get together every year, trash talk, eat food, and play some Tetris.

It's serious business, though. There are two TVs in separate rooms of the house. Which means, yes, we have two original Nintendos and two Tetris games (one is gold plated, I don't know why). We even have a very serious and professional bracket!

I wasn't kidding about the bracket

And a trophy! Which I do not have a photo of since I have never won said trophy.

What's your most nontraditional holiday tradition?