If you've driven on the northbound lanes of the S-curve through Grand Rapids lately you've seen (and felt) a new bump.  But how does a big bump like that suddenly appear?  And what will it cost to fix it?

As if drinking your morning coffee in S-curve traffic wasn't challenging enough, now we have to deal with this bump too.

MDOT explains what happened and when it will be fixed at wzzm13.com:

MDOT says that the bump is an expansion joint of the S-curve that needs to be replaced.   In addition to the bump, MDOT will also redo about 100 feet of highway approaching the joint.

The work will cost $430,000 and will be done on weekends and nights and two lanes will maintained on U.S. 131 at all times.  The work is expected to be complete before ArtPrize.

Almost half a million dollars to fix a bump that we're going to have to deal with until ArtPrize.  Maybe we should recycle the pennies from last year's giant penny ArtPrize entry to help pay for it.

Here's another explanation from WZZM.