Hi guys it’s Fish! Connie and I were having a discussion about this stat that came out that our lives peek at the age of 9. What? That’s weird. Almost depressing. Who wants that? Damn! Seriously?


Knock Knock
Who’s There?
My Nine year old self
My Nine year old self who?
My Nine year old self miserable at the fact that this is my peek … while I eat pizza … don’t care about my weight … have no bills … and no weird body hair… hmmm I get it now

Anyway … we thought it would be fun to remember fun childhood memories … thus the #TQOTD

What do you miss most about being a kid?

  • What do I miss most about being a kid? Not having to get up at 5:30 in the freaking morning for work. -_-
  • I miss naps, no responsibilities, and extended holiday breaks and summer vacations.
  • I'm a mother of a two year old and a three month old I miss naps !!
  • 2 thing I miss about being a kid. Going to bed on fresh clean sheets dried on the clothesline. And having every summer off.
  • I miss most not having to worry about bills.
  • I miss my relationship with my brothers the most.
  • No responsibilities and Saturday morning cartoons.
  • I miss EVERYTHING.....& I mean EVERYTHING. By the way I do love you guys. Thanks for making adulting a lil easier to do lol
  • I really miss going on bike rides with my brother just taking off and looking at our town. I miss going to the ballpark that was by our house my mom would tell us don't leave the yard we waited and then we would sneak threw the trees and cut thru the parking lot and go play and go look for baseball and bring them home.
  • We got in trouble but so worth it.
  • I miss not having bills.
  • No bills to pay
  • What do I miss most from being a kid? Energy! Being able to stay up all night or for days in a row. Now when I try, my body hurts like hell for days! Oh and let's not forget not having to pay bills
  • I miss nap time and less drama from my childhood.
  • I miss not having to pay for bills, food, really anything that my parents used to pay for it for me. You don't really realize that until you leave the house and have to be on your own!
  • I miss being a kid laying under the tree in the yard or laying in the yard making pictures out of the clouds or counting stars.
  • Freedom no responsibilities!!! (No bills). That's what I miss!
  • I miss having less responsibilities and hanging out with my friends all the time. Thankfully, 17 years after graduating high school, w e are all still close and are actually meeting up in Chicago next weekend for some shenanigans. We have our own families now and all live far apart, but we make it a priority to get together at least once a year. ❤️
  • My momma and grandmothers....wish I could have just one more day with each 💚
  • You know what I do NOT miss about childhood? THE EMOTIONS! Does anyone else remember being emotional all the time as a kid, because you haven't learned to control or handle them yet as a kid? Don't miss that part.
  • I'm 22 and i miss the part of my childhood where everything was just fun. social media wasn't important and no one was extremely sensitive.
  • I miss catching lightning bugs with the other kids at parties I’d go to with my dad.
  • We would smear them on ourselves so we would glow
  • Climbing trees building forts make believe and boys
  • I like how slow time went at a child. It felt like a summer was endless!
  • Text question of the day- Not knowing how messed up the world is. Being oblivious
  • I miss how easy it was to make and maintain friends
  • I miss being able to throw a tantrum when something bad happens instead of having to pretend Im all good dealing with it
  • I miss try to score with my smoking hot babysitter
  • Not going to bed at 8:30 to be up to work
  • I miss competitive sports
  • Blues Clues
  • I miss being oblivious to all the family and world problems.
  • I miss not knowing what everything is under the Christmas tree. Saturday morning cartoons
  • What I miss. the smells of the farm and horseback riding every day after homework was done, and chores in the summer.
  • I miss the foods they used to have. Dunkaroos, squeeze its, Butterfinger BBs, surge. I also miss TGIF on Friday night's and all of the good shows that used to be on tv.
  • I miss spending summers with my grandparents at their cottage. I just miss my grandparents!
  • I miss spending summers at the shore with my family in New Jersey. We would get up early and go dig for clams. There was a little old lady at the end of our street who would take those clams from us and it night my brothers and I would go back to her house and look back a huge pot of clam chowder. Lord, I miss that
  • I miss being able to hop on my bike and go and not worrying about anything
  • TQOD: team sports, karaoke with my sisters and dad, and family trips. I do have to say, though, that life with my daughter (almost 10) is super fun right now and I'm kind of almost reliving childhood Wouldn't trade it for anything