ArtPrize forces us to ask many questions.  What is art?  What deserves a vote to win ArtPrize?

Attempting to answer those questions is part of what makes ArtPrize so much fun.  Art is so many things.  Sometimes the medium speaks for itself.  Sometimes the works inspires.  Sometimes the work angers.  Whatever the reaction, all good art has one thing in common, it creates an emotion in those who view it.

I like the painting by Roger Brady Bell on display at GRCC Spectrum Theatre at 160 Fountain St NE.  It's one of my favorites.

It's impossible to look at this painting and not have a reaction.

Why is everyone watching or filming?  Who put up those ropes and why can't we take them down?  Maybe we can take them down, but we're just afraid to.  What are we doing in our lives to help others who need it?  If we are doing nothing, does that make us one of the people who are watching from behind the rope?

This painting makes me think.  This painting makes me want to do something.  That's good art.