Need we say more? Reddit is where it's at! They ask all the best questions.

A Reddit user asked a FANTASTIC question the other day on the site. What is something that other people brag about that doesn't impress you? Here are some of the best answers!

1.  Name-dropping the people they know.


2.  How little they paid attention or "tried" in school.


3.  Having friends who are black or gay or Jewish or whatever.


4.  How many people they've had sex with.


5.  How they got mad and threw their phone against a wall or into a river.  Impulsively destroying something expensive isn't that cool.


6.  How fast and irresponsibly they drive.


7.  Ignorance.  Like, "I don't understand computers, that's for the nerds to worry about."  That's ESPECIALLY obnoxious when it's coming from lawmakers who really SHOULD understand technology before they legislate it.


8.  How amazing their baby is.


9.  Not owning a TV.