Fish and I went to tropical destinations for our vacation and met a lot of people from Michigan while we were at our resorts.  We didn't try anything too adventurous while on vacation, but a lot of people we met did, and that lead us to our text question of the day!

What is something that you tried once but will never do again?

  • Falling in love too quickly
  • I drank beer once and had a bad experience. I will never drink beer again.
  • ? Of the Day response: Driving behind a maroon Jeep in downtown GR...
  • "The Lesbian" says men
  • Ice skating! Took my friend and sister months to convince me to go. when I finally agreed, I ended up breaking both bones in my lower leg and had to have major surgery. NEVER AGAIN!!!
  • One thing I did once and will never do again is Bungy jump!!!!
  • The Gay Guy says "Women, never again!"
  • I tried whippets once....never was fun but could be terribly addicting
  • I tried not drinking good scotch. I will always drink scotch. Mark my words
  • Skydiving! (I was young!)
  • Stand on couch to kill a spider forgot and ran off when the spider fell.
  • The fruit Durian. It smells like raw sewage taste even worse.
  • I know this may sound dumb. I have extremely sensitive feet. I let my girlfriend talk me into a pedicure. Never again!
  • I will not get on a snowmobile with my husband. Last time we were going over 100 miles an hour on the lake and I realize he's drag racing another snowmobile. I was so frogging mad.
  • I will never go kayaking in Florida ever again. I was face to face with a six foot alligator. #nope #neveragain I'll stick to the Great Lakes.
  • I'm what I consider a manly man and my absolute best friend..a female... Talked me into a pedicure....i hate my feet touched
  • My husband and I tried to be in a Poly relationship, never again. Ended due to way too much drama!!
  • 1. Calamari is only rubbery when it's cooked poorly. 2. You don't dip it in ranch, ew! 3. I will never fly try flying out of O'Hare again! Not worth the cost savings!