Hey family it’s Fish. The other day Connie, Steve and I were talking to one of our fellow co worker type people in the building and she was complaining about her dude. She really likes him and he is “almost 100% the guy” but he just doesn’t do something as good as her EX and she wishes he did. She really like the way her ex made her feel in her... wait for it... belly (naughty minds you have). He was such a good cook and would always make her dinner and her new dude sucks at it and so does she. Started a whole conversation about the now #TQOTD…

What is something your EX did… that you wish your partner did too?

  • Rub my Feet
  • There is nothing my Ex did that I want my husband to do! That's why my Ex is my Ex 😊
  • Balloon animals twice a day plus backwards balloon animals
  • #Text question of the day: My ex would send me "good morning" and "good night" texts and I wish my current boyfriend did that
  • Text question not one thing my ex was a complete jerk
  • My ex existed. It'd be nice if my current partner existed too
  • My ex was a big Michigan fan with me, but my hubby could really care less about sports in general. I have a family full of HUGE Michigan fans, and I wis h my hubby would at least fake it.
  • My ex nibbled my ears!! My husband does not
  • Text ? of the day: Literally nothing.... That's why he's my ex!
  • She was a much better “Oral Communicator” if you know what I mean …. Wink …. Wink
  • My ex nibbled my ears!! My husband does not
  • We talkin bout balloon animals? If so... mine use to massage me b4 balloon animals.  DAMN I MISS THAT
  • Wish my husband was more like my ex who enjoyed company and would make friends. My husband literally has no friends & "hates people" -fellow ginger
  • Nothing. My current partner is better than all of my exes. ❤️
  • #qotd Plan special surprises on my birthday. Although he went on and married a man, he always made my birthday very very special.
  • I wish my husband would want to make balloon animals as much as my ex.
  • I really wish my current partner would marry me...
  • My ex was all about PDA - WITHIN REASON - a quick smoochie, etc. My husband gets all embarrassed and won't do it because he thinks people will stare and say EWW! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I'm not asking for a full make out session! 😘
  • Cook every meal and clean the house while I'm at work
  • My ex is extremely patient he loves my kids and I unconditionally and always puts us first