Everyone has at least one dirty habit.  Like, biting your nails, or maybe not showering as much as you should, or even just picking your nose.  We wanted to know your dirty habits today so we made it our #TQOTD!

What is your dirty habit?

  • Dirt track racing
  • My dirty habit is not washing my hair for 6 to 10 days
  • My dirty habit is the way I stare at..... round.... hot....... thick.....GLORIOUS PIZZA!
  • Hee hee hee... my dirty habit is spitting my chewed gum out the window of my car at a drive-thru restaurant to see if I can get it to stick on the menu board!
  • I'm actually pretty good at it..... shhh don't tell! Lol
  • My dirty habit ... shoot obviously dating worthless men that use me. For the money and taking care of them. It's 2018 I ain't got time for that.
  • I don't know if this is what you're implying with "dirty" but I pick the layers off my nails
  • My bad habit is smoking too much pot before noon.
  • My dirty habit is I pick my nose and wipe the boogers on the side of my car seat because I don't have anywhere else to put them
  • #dirty habit I pick my nose when the tissue can't reach it
  • I shower at work without flip-flops on… My coworkers think it's gross
  • Good morning fabulous people!!! My dirty habit would be I sniff everything. Even if I know its stinks I have to stiff
  • My dirty habit is that sometimes when my boyfriend leaves his phone laying around I get into his Facebook and delete girls that I don't like off his friend's list! HA!
  • I told my husband I quit smoking and I use an e-cigarette for the most part especially when I'm at home but I still smoke at work
  • Popping my husband's cyst on his back
  • Brittany is my spirit animal. My dirty secret is I credit card swipe my fiance's booty just to see him jump and yell.
  • I can tell you my roommate's dirty habit... she doesn’t flush the toilet … NUMBER 1 or 2
  • My dirty habit is putting things in people s coffee. I squirt breast milk in my guys coffee when he ticks me off.
  • As I've gotten older through the years I've noticed I'm becoming more stinky so I admit I take a lot of smelfies hahahahaha But I'm not walking around like a stink ass or anything LOL I smell good I just have to stay on top of it
  • I still pick my nose
  • I can tell you my roommate's dirty habit... she leaves @#$% in the toilet. Like she flushes but then leaves it sticking to the side and doesn’t care to clean it off. It’s disgusting
  • ? Of the day. Ummmm no I am not telling! Lol