Roller coaster season is here!  Cedar Point opens this weekend in Ohio and Michigan's Adventure opens Memorial Day weekend in Muskegon.  It is officially time to get excited for the arrival of summer!

As we dream of trips to the amusement park, we ask:  What is your favorite roller coaster?

Cedar Point is loaded with amazing coasters, although there is one less this year.  The WildCat has closed. It was a good beginners coaster for those who wish to get broken in slowly.

Just give me the Millennium Force and I'm all set.  The occasional wooden coaster is fun too. If you don't have a headache or a few bruises by the time you get off of the wooden coaster (think Mean Streak), then you're not doing it right.

Cedar Point is the big one, but there are other popular destinations too including:  Michigan's Adventure in Muskegon, Kings Island in Cincinnati, and Six Flags near Chicago.

Start thinking summer and take a second to vote for the best roller coaster below.  If your all-time favorite didn't make the list tell us about it!