Alright, I've had a couple of days to defrost and think about the big Blizzard-O-2011, and I have a few thank you's to shout out!

Like I'm seriously thankful for my neighbors who pushed my car out of a snowbank...twice! I love it when the city plow comes by so I actually don't have to worry about getting stuck again.  Also, major thanks to friends who stopped by and helped me shovel.

I'm thankful that I didn't lose power, but if I did that there are great Americans who work overtime to make sure that it is restored asap.  I'm also thrilled that my furnace didn't break down.  Thanks Consumers and DTE!!

Let's see, is there anything else?  Ah yes, that you are my Channel 957 friend!  You give me a reason to smile and come into work everyday.

Here's to Blizzard 2011 ... now the snow needs to melt already!!