The weirdest thing happened to me on Sunday when I went to the mall. So weird that I left the mall with one shoe. Obviously, I arrived there with both shoes on my feet but not so much when I left.

I was at Nordstrom cuz I needed to buy makeup but because I have a shopping addiction, I of course made my way upstairs and decided to look around before the mall closed at 6. Once I gathered everything I wanted to try on, I went into the fitting room and began the "oohh this is cute" or "oh this is ugly on me" process. During this time, the sales person was in and out of the fitting room helping me out. And as far as I know, I was the only one in the fitting room the entire time.

This is where it gets weird.

As it was pushing closer to the mall closing I put aside what I wanted to buy and got dressed. Shirt - Pants - Right shoe -  Left shoe - uhh... where's my shoe? Now at this point, the mall is already closed, they shut the lights off in the fitting room and the woman who was helping me comes in and I tell her I can't find my shoe. So we start looking everywhere. A manager comes in to find out what's going on and she starts helping too, to no avail. We checked every fitting room over & over and still no shoe. They contacted the shoe department to see if anyone brought a shoe down, just in case, but nope... nothing.

It's now 6:30 p.m. and I still only have one shoe on my foot. Whom I assume was the store manager also came to help out but there wasn't much anyone could do. So they took down my information and said that they would get in contact with me regardless by Tuesday. So instead of walking out of the mall looking like a moron with one shoe, I bought flip flops and left the mall baffled as to why someone would only take ONE shoe. And since that makes no sense I came up with these theories as to what could've happen:

  • The shoe got lost in another dimension.
  • There was a troll hiding in the fitting room and stole only one shoe when I wasn't paying attention.
  • Someone has a really weird/gross shoe fetish and likes to smell worn-in shoes.
  • A ghost took it.

Can there be any other explanation?! I'm still confused and I guess I won't know anything until someone from Nordstrom gets in contact with me.

In the mean time, my shoe is lonesome, missing its pair :(

Christine George/TSM

What do you think happened to my missing shoe?