An awesome listener named Debbie called up the station today and was picking my brain about some of the music we played and some of the music I personally liked.  It's always fun to talk music.  

She brought up an interesting point, "with so much music out there, how can you ever pick a favorite song?" That's a great and valid question. How can you decide? Then she asked "How can you even pick a favorite song by even one artist?" Yet another great and valid question. The answer is... sometimes, you can't.

With so many different types of music and genres from so many different times in history, how can you even pick a favorite song from a certain genre, let alone certain artists? A friend asked me not to long ago what are my 30 favorite rock songs, I liked the question so much I made a montage and posted it on YouTube like a nerd. So I figured, since its a popular question lately, let's ask it here...I want to know your "Favorite songs of All-time". If you do it like I just did, you'll notice 5 hours later that you still can't decide. Post yours below if you like, and you will notice what Debbie and I did, you can't ever decide.