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Sexy Pictures of Famous People 



1.  ROBIN THICKE was getting EXTREMELY cozy with a woman who is NOT his wife at a Paris nightclub.  We await the official explanation (slash) denial.




2.  (NC-17-ish)  There's a moment in "American Hustle" where AMY ADAMS MIGHT have shown some nipple.  It's very fleeting, but this screen cap helps capture it.




3.  KELLY RIPA showed off her bikini body in Cabo.




4.  There's a porno minx who's trying to pass herself off as a MILEY CYRUS look-alike.  She even calls herself MILEY MAY.  But she's got too much booty.

5.  I'll stop posting RIHANNA bikini pics when they stop being so freakin' hot.




6.  Here's KRISTIN CHENOWETH'S sweet, 45-year-old cleavage.

"The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" is a Dealbreaker for Zac Efron 



Believe it or not, there are some things a guy WON'T do for love . . . or even for a night of mindblowing sex.  For ZAC EFRON, it's watching "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants".



He says, quote, "That's a dealbreaker.  Even ten minutes of the best sex is not worth sitting through [it]."

Questionable Relationship Advice From Celebrities 

:  Celebrities have given some questionable advice on dating and relationships over the years.  Like KESHA, who shared this blueprint for getting over a breakup:  "Start by writing a nasty song about him, have your record come out all over the world, then make out with some hot bearded dude."

Gwyneth Paltrow on ending arguments:  "Whatever you're doing, do the opposite.  If you feel angry, go at him with love and you give him [oral relations]."



Adam Levine on his typical first date:  "I always like to dress up in a tuxedo and tell the girl to dress real fancy.  I like to pick her up and go to McDonalds in a tuxedo.  It's my move.

Uma Thurman on guys who cheat:  "It seems harder and harder to make contact with men, especially for mature women.  But it's better to have a relationship with someone who cheats on you than someone who doesn't flush the toilet."



July Delpy's advice to men:  "We need you to be reachable at all times, but we don't always pick up our phones when you call.  We realize this seems like a double standard;  if you'd like to discuss it further, just leave a message."



Megan Fox on guys in their 20s:  "Boys in their 20s are a waste of time.  They have nothing to offer conversationally;  they're immature."



Kesha on how to get over a breakup:  "Start by writing a nasty song about him, have your record come out all over the world, then make out with some hot bearded dude."

Does Lindsay Lohan Want to Get Gay Married . . . For the Publicity? 

The not-always-reliable "National Enquirer" says LINDSAY LOHAN wants to hook back up with her old girlfriend SAMANTHA RONSON and get MARRIED . . . but only for publicity.  Supposedly, she wants to do it as a TV special.

The source says, quote, "Sam is incredibly flattered that Lindsay wants her back.  And she's certainly doing nothing to discourage her."

The Original Career Plans of the Rich and Famous 

A lot of celebrities had other career plans before they made it big.  For instance, Tom Cruise started studying to be a Catholic priest, Steve Buscemi was a New York City fireman, Christopher Walken was a circus lion tamer and Danny DeVito was a hair stylist.

Jennifer Lawrence wanted to be a doctor.



Ashton Kutcher studied biochemical engineering at the University of Iowa.



Tom Cruise was going to be a Catholic priest.  He even went to seminary school.  But one of his classmates says that the two of them got kicked out for stealing liquor from the priests.



Steve Buscemi was a New York City firefighter before becoming an actor . . . and he went right out into the danger zone after 9/11.

Christopher Walken was a lion tamer in the circus when he was 15, although he says the lion was very old and, quote, "really more like a dog."  (???)



Queen Latifah was studying to be a broadcast journalist before she made it big as a rapper.



Gerard Butler studied to be a lawyer at Glasgow University.



Matthew McConaughey was also thinking about a career in law.



Danny DeVito was a HAIR STYLIST.



Angelina Jolie got certified as a funeral director . . . but never actually worked in the field.



George Clooney worked in tobacco fields as a kid . . . and also tried out for the Cincinnati Reds in 1977.  Obviously, he didn't make the team.



Mariah Carey studied to be a makeup artist.

Harrison Ford worked as a carpenter.



Mayim Bialik got a PhD in neurobiology from UCLA before joining the cast of "The Big Bang Theory".  Of course, she'd already starred on her own sitcom, "Blossom", by then.



Hugh Grant was pursuing a degree in art history.



Will Ferrell studied sports information at USC, and worked as a sportscaster.



Ashley Judd got her master's degree in public administration from Harvard.



Neil Diamond dropped out of NYU's pre-med program to pursue music.



Rowan "Mr. Bean" Atkinson got a masters in electrical engineering from Oxford.



Richard Gere got a gymnastics scholarship to the University of Massachusetts, where he studied philosophy.  But he dropped out after two years.

Richard Sherman Says He's Not a Villain 

Seattle Seahawks cornerback RICHARD SHERMAN says MICHAEL CRABTREE actually started the scuffle that led to his epic post-game rant.  He adds, quote, "It was loud, it was in the moment, and it was just a small part of the person I am . . . I don't want to be a villain, because I'm not a villainous person."

He says, quote, "I ran over to Crabtree to shake his hand but he ignored me.  I patted him, stuck out my hand and said, 'Good game, good game.'  That's when he shoved my face, and that's when I went off."



He adds, quote, "It was loud, it was in the moment, and it was just a small part of the person I am . . . I yelled what was obvious:  If you put a subpar player across from a great one, most of the time you're going to get one result."

Was Ann Wilson's National Anthem Cool . . . or Terrible? 

ANN WILSON from HEART belted out the National Anthem just before the Seahawks / 49ers playoff game on Sunday, and there's been a big debate about it on Twitter.  Some think it sounded like she was passing a kidney stone, and others thought it was one of the greatest renditions ever.

George Clooney Says He Has "No Defense" Against Tina Fey's Jab at Him at the Golden Globes 

TINA FEY'S Golden Globes joke about GEORGE CLOONEY not being able to date women his own age was one of the best of the night.  And George admits it nailed him.  He says, quote, "There is no defense . . . it was a really good joke."  But he adds, quote, "They have poked the bear with the stick . . . There's going to be some payback."

Tuesday TV Reminders:



"Klondike" [Part 2 of 3] . . . 9:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Discovery.



"Hollywood Hillbillies" [Series Premire] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Reelz.  A reality show about the family of YouTube's Angry Ginger kid . . . who first became famous with his Gingers Do Have Souls video.



"Teen Mom 2" [2nd Season Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on MTV.

Tonight's Late Night Talk Shows:



"Letterman" - Andy Samberg ("Brooklyn Nine-Nine") and Michael B. Jordan, ("That Awkward Moment").  Music Guest:  Ellie Goulding.



"Jimmy Kimmel" - Greg Kinnear ("Rake") and Emily Deschanel ("Bones").  Music Guest:  Young the Giant.



"The Tonight Show" - Adam Sandler, Ali Wentworth, and Sheryl Crow.



"Jimmy Fallon" - Bill Gates and "SNL's" Kate McKinnon.  Music Guest: Wild Cub.



"Carson Daly" - The cast of the Comedy Central's "Broad City", and "Brain Games" host Jason Silva.  Music Guest:  Jonathan Wilson.



"Arsenio" - "Boardwalk Empire's" Michael K. Williams ("Robocop") and Kenya Moore from "Real Housewives of Atlanta".  Music Guest:  Sky Blu.



"Conan" - Kristen Bell ("House of Lies") and Paralympic skiier Alana Nichols.  Music Guest:  Sarah Jarosz.



"Craig Ferguson" - Valerie Azlynn ("Sullivan & Sons") and Justin Long.



"Chelsea Lately" - David Spade.



"Jon Stewart" - Author Theresa Payton ("Privacy in the Age of Big Data").



"The Colbert Report" - Mariel Hemingway and author Michael Chabon.

Here's what's new on DVD today:


"Captain Phillips" . . . starring Tom Hanks.


"Machete Kills" . . . Danny Trejo IS Machete and Mel Gibson is the villain.


"The Starving Games" . . . starring Maiara Walsh as Kantmiss Evershot.


"Best Man Down" . . . starring Justin Long as a guy who cuts his honeymoon short so he can return home to bury his best man.


"Blue Jasmine" . . . a Woody Allen movie starring Cate Blanchett as a rich Manhattan socialite who finds herself suddenly poor and homeless.


"Charlie Countryman" . . . starring Shia LaBeouf as a guy who falls for a Romanian chick while traveling and then has to fight off her violent ex.


"Sunlight Jr." . . . starring Naomi Watts and Matt Dillon as a couple struggling with an unexpected pregnancy while they both hold minimum wage jobs.


• The fifth season of "NYPD Blue".


• The first season of Donald Sutherland's crime drama "Crossing Lines".



And here's what's new in the past week to Netflix Instant Streaming:


"Dawn Rider" stars Christian Slater and "Crossing Jordan's" Jill Hennessy.  It's a western and he plays a gunslinger looking for the men who killed his father.


• The third season of the Ricky Gervais travelogue comedy "An Idiot Abroad", where he sends his "idiot" friend Karl Pilkington to exotic locations around the world.

New CDs from Grammy Nominees, Young the Giant, and the Beatles


"2014 Grammy Nominees", including music from Bruno Mars, Lorde, Imagine Dragons, Daft Punk, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Pink, Taylor Swift, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Blake Shelton, Kacey Musgraves, and Tim McGraw.


"Now That's What I Call Country Ballads 2", including songs from Scotty McCreery, Love and Theft, Sara Evans, the Band Perry, Gloriana, Hunter Hayes, Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum, Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift, and Miranda Lambert.


"The U.S. Albums", The Beatles . . . a reissue of all 13 of their American albums, including five that have never been available on CD before, as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the band's first trip to the U.S.


"Mind Over Matter", the second album by the indie rock band Young the Giant


"Warpaint", the second album by the indie rock band Warpaint


"Is There Anyone Out There?", the debut album from A Great Big World . . . You may know them from "Say Something", with Christina Aguilera.


"Hard Working Americans", Hard Working Americans . . . a new band featuring singer Todd Snider, and bassist Dave Schools from Widespread Panic


"Revelation", Los Lonely Boys


"Rave Tapes", Mogwai


"Transgender Dysphoria Blues", the sixth studio album from Against Me!


"Plagues of Babylon", the 11th album by the heavy metal band Iced Earth


"Lord Steppington", Step Brothers . . . the producer / rapper combo who are better known as The Alchemist and Evidence


"A Little Piece", a solo album by Ray Benson from Asleep at the Wheel

Is This Explicit Justin Bieber / Selena Gomez Text Fight for Real? claims to have REAL screen-shots from a text message argument between JUSTIN BIEBER and SELENA GOMEZ.  It included Justin allegedly sending Selena photos of his junk and bragging about how rich he is . . . and Selena saying he's a drug addict, and that she hopes he goes to jail.

In the texts, "Justin" is trying to convince Selena to give him another chance, but she isn't into it.  She calls him an A-HOLE, and adds, quote, "You are a drug addict.  You need help."



Justin responds, quote, "Come on.  Don't tell me you don't miss this."  That message was allegedly accompanied by a photo of his ENGORGED MANHOOD, but in the screen-shot, it's blacked out.  No uncensored photos have hit the Internet yet.

Selena tells him to "stop it" . . . and adds, quote, "You need to listen to [your manager] Scooter [Braun], and go to rehab.  You are sick."

Does Justin Bieber Keep His Weed in Cookie Jars? 

TMZ says the cops found a lot of drug stuff when they raided JUSTIN BIEBER'S home last week . . . including weed in COOKIE JARS . . . but they couldn't do anything about it, because it was outside the scope of their search warrant.  However, that didn't stop them from arresting Justin's BLACK friend.

The Five Dumbest Things Companies Tweeted to "Honor" MLK Day

Companies tweeted out all kinds of dumb things to "honor" MLK yesterday.  Microsoft tweeted a photo of an MLK monument with the Bing logo superimposed on it . . . and a kayaking magazine tweeted that in honor of the "I Have a Dream" speech, they'd written a list of their top 10 dream kayaking trips.

1.  Microsoft Windows tweeted, quote, "Today we celebrate the life, legacy and dream of a great man.  Happy MLK Day."  And they posted a photo of a monument to MLK . . . with the Bing logo and search box on top of it.



2.  Krazy Glue tweeted out the MLK quote that's most closely related to glue.  Quote, "I have decided to stick with love.  Hate is too great a burden to bear."



3.  The mascot for the Los Angeles Kings hockey team tweeted out a horribly Photoshopped picture of Martin Luther wearing a Kings jersey.



4.  "Canoe and Kayak" magazine didn't quite understand the point of MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech.  They tweeted, quote, "In honor of MLK Day, we made a list of our top 10 dream sea kayaking trips. #MLKDay #travel."

5.  And finally, before the weekend started, the U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command tweeted, quote, "Don't be lone shooter MLK weekend!  Make sure you've got security.  Stay safe!"  They've since apologized. 




Five Random Facts For Tuesday

1.  Froot Loops are all the same flavor.  Only the color is different, just like M&M's.  If you think the different colors have different tastes, it's just your mind messing with you.

2.  According to the latest numbers, the 85 richest people in the world have as much money as the 3.5 billion poorest.

3.  The Internet Movie Database originally started in 1990, with a group of nerds trying to make a list of the actresses with the best eyes.  It grew from there.

4.  There's no word for "blue" in ancient Greek.

5.  Iceland's population is so small and secluded, that whenever two people there start dating there's a serious risk they're related.  There's even an app now where people can put their names in and find out if they're related before they get-it-on.

(The Straight Dope / IBN Live / Giganews / Clarkesworld Magazine / Huffington Post


The Number One Piece of Money Advice Americans Want Is How to Ask For a Raise . . . Here's the Top 10

A new survey asked Americans what financial advice they want the most, and the top answer is . . . how to get a raise.  Number two is how to spend less on groceries, and number three is how to pay less in taxes.

1.  How to get a raise, 71%.


2.  How to spend less on groceries, 65%.


3.  How to pay less in taxes, 61%.


4.  How to shrink your utility bills, 60%.


5.  How to increase our savings, 57%.


6.  How to get our transportation costs down, 52%.


7.  How to pay less for our smart phones and Internet, 47%.


8.  How to earn more from investments, 45%.


9.  How to reduce our health care expenses, 42%.


10.  A tie between how to reduce entertainment expenses and how to reduce mortgage payments, 40%.  (ABC News)

The Ten Beauty Habits Women Don't Want Guys to Know About

According to a new poll, the average woman hides eight beauty-related habits from guys.  The most common ones are:  Getting rid of hair on her TOES, waxing or dying the hair on her upper LIP, and wearing body-slimming underwear.

1.  Plucking or shaving hair on her toes.


2.  Plucking or shaving hair on her face.


3.  Plucking unwanted body hair.


4.  Waxing or dying the hair on her upper lip.


5.  Removing calluses from her feet.


6.  Wearing body-slimming underwear.


7.  Plucking her eyebrows.


8.  Waxing or shaving her bikini line.


9.  Plucking nose hair.


10.  Using cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.  (Female First) 

What's the Most Bizarre Punishment You Ever Received as a Kid?

What's the most BIZARRE punishment you ever received as a kid?  Some of the best ones we've heard are parents who grounded their kid until he finished a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle . . . and a kid whose grandpa caught him eating ice cream and made him put a bird cage over his head and walk around the neighborhood.

1.  "In 5th grade, I got in trouble.  My dad brought home a ton of oak pallets and for a few weeks, every day after school, I had to pry them apart with a small claw hammer and stack them.  When I was finally done, my dad set the pile on fire."


2.  "My grandfather caught me eating ice cream.  He put a bird cage over my head and made me walk around the neighborhood."


3.  "My parents grounded me and wouldn't let me go hang out with my friends until I successfully completed a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle."


4.  "In high school, two guys in my class got into a fight.  The principal decided we all needed to bond . . . so she made all the boys in class learn a choreographed dance to JUSTIN BIEBER'S 'Baby' and perform it in front of the school."


5.  "When I was 14, I made a long distance call to a friend . . . that was a big deal at the time.  My dad and stepmom decided I couldn't be trusted out of sight so they removed my bedroom door."  (Reddit)


Everybody Panic!  The Media Says Kids Are Snorting Candy, and It Can Lead to Nasal Maggots

There's a new panic going around that kids are taking Smarties candies, crushing them up, and snorting them like cocaine . . . which could lead to NASAL MAGGOTS.  It actually happened to a few kids in Rhode Island, so look out if your kid complains about a tickle and a foul smell in their nose.

(Daily Mail)

A Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend While They Were Scuba Diving . . . And She Almost Drowned

Back in August, a guy from England decided to use a pre-written sign to propose to his girlfriend while they were 40 feet underwater SCUBA DIVING in Turkey.  And she was so surprised, she GASPED and almost DROWNED.  Luckily, an instructor was there to help her out.  She eventually said yes.

(Daily Mail) 

A Woman Ran an Obituary for Her Brother, Spent Christmas and New Year's Grieving . . . Then Found Out He Wasn't Dead

On Christmas Eve, a 90-year-old woman in Sweden was told that her 81-year-old brother had passed away.  So she wrote an obituary, ran it in the local paper, had a friend go to pick up the brother's stuff . . . and found out he was ALIVE.  The sister had just misheard his doctor on the phone.  Meaning the guy's family spent Christmas and New Year's grieving . . . while he was probably wondering why no one was coming to VISIT.

(The Local) 

Boo Boo Stewart - 20  (Telepathic werewolf Seth Clearwater in the "Twilight" movies.  When he was 10 he was also one of the little kids dancing in the Eminem video "Just Lose It".)  (Boo Boo shakes his tailfeather at the 1:54 mark.)



Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton - 38



Charlotte Ross - 46  (Very hot blonde "NYPD Blue" minx.  You can see her gorgeous and nekkid body on the PETA website here . . .)

Hakeem Olajuwon - 51  (Nubian basketball legend.)



Geena Davis - 58  (Sex-Crazed-Amazon-Super Genius!  Our Geena is a member of Mensa, speaks fluent Swedish . . . AND was a semifinalist for the U.S. Women's Olympic Archery team.  Jeff Goldblum used to nail her.  Real good.)



ROBBY BENSON! - 58  (He was ONLY Billy Joe McAllister in the 1976 cinematic classic "Ode To Billy Joe"!  He ALSO starred in the 1978 masterpiece, "Ice Castles"!  Most importantly though, he provided the voice of the Beast in Disney's "Beauty & The Beast".)

BILLY OCEAN! - 64  (In the words of OutKast's Big Boi, quote, "He's on some real playa-disco-pimp-slumadelic funky shhh.  He had a Jheri curl and a tight-ass tuxedo with a little bitty bow tie.  How hard is that?") 

Jill Eikenberry - 67  (Sexy "L.A. Law" Amazon minx.)



THE INCOMPARABLE MAC DAVIS! - 72  (Biggest hit:  "Baby Don't Get Hooked on Me"!  He also wrote "In the Ghetto" for Elvis!)



Placido Domingo - 73  (One of the Three Tenors . . . AND the Man in the Moon in "Moulin Rouge".)



JACK NICKLAUS - 74  (Possibly the greatest Caucasian golfer of all time.)

Ann Wedgeworth - 80  (The oversexed Lana on "Three's Company"!)


Jam Master Jay - Would have been 49 - (1965 - 2002)  (Run-DMC legend.)



Richie Havens - Would have been 73 - (1941 - 2013)  (Singer who opened Woodstock.)



Edwin Starr - Would have been 72 - (1942 - 2003)  ("War"! . . . "What is it good for?  Absolutely nothing.  Good god y'all"!)



Wolfman Jack - (1938 - 1995)  (He may be gone, but you can still enjoy his fine cinematic work in such classics as "American Graffiti" and "Motel Hell"!)



TELLY SAVALAS! - (1922 - 1994)  (The lollypop-sucking bald bad-ass that was "Kojak"!  "Who loves ya, baby?"  He was also Jennifer Aniston's godfather.)  (The NEW Kojak was a KOJAK OF COLOR . . . Ving Rhames . . . but the USA Network cancelled the show after just one season.)

GENIUS BENNY HILL - (1924 - 1992)

Countdown to Upcoming Events

• 5 days to the Grammys

• 10 days to the Year of the Horse

• 12 days until Super Bowl 48

• 17 days to the Winter Olympics

• 24 days to Valentine's Day

• 1,095 days left of "Hope and Change"

106 years ago . . . in 1908 - New York City lawmakers passed a law making it ILLEGAL FOR WOMEN TO SMOKE IN PUBLIC.  Mayor George McClellan, Jr. vetoed it . . . because he realized that if chicks couldn't smoke in public, guys would have a harder time spotting GIRLS WHO DO!



55 years ago . . . in 1959 - CARL SWITZER, who played ALFALFA on "THE LITTLE RASCALS", was shot and killed by a former business partner . . . during an argument over a $50 debt.



48 years ago . . . in 1966 - GEORGE HARRISON married his first wife, PATTIE BOYD.  The two met on the set of the movie, "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT".  She left him in the '70s for ERIC CLAPTON.


44 years ago . . . in 1970 - "NANNY & THE PROFESSOR" premiered . . . starring the once-incredibly sexy JULIET MILLS as the Nanny.



37 years ago . . . in 1977 - JIMMY CARTER pardoned almost all Vietnam War "DRAFT DODGERS" in one of his first acts as president.

35 years ago . . . in 1979 - The PITTSBURGH STEELERS beat the DALLAS COWBOYS, 35-31, in SUPER BOWL 13 . . . to become the first team to win three Super Bowls.  A young clown-ass named TERRY BRADSHAW was the game's MVP.



30 years ago . . . in 1984 - The great JACKIE WILSON, who sang "HIGHER AND HIGHER" and "LONELY TEARDROPS" AND had all of his dance moves stolen by MICHAEL JACKSON, died of a heart attack at the age of 49.



24 years ago . . . in 1990 - JOHN MCENROE threw his racket at the Australian Open and was ejected from the match immediately.  It was the first time a player was kicked out of the tournament in the event's 85-year history.  John McEnroe used to nail TATUM O'NEAL . . . and currently nails PATTY SMYTH.



24 years ago . . . in 1990 - "MTV UNPLUGGED" debuted . . . with SQUEEZE as the first performers.



20 years ago . . . in 1994 - LORENA BOBBITT was found not guilty by reason of insanity for chopping off her husband's junk.  Lorena's ex later went on to make such fine films as "John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut", "The Trial Of Lorena Bobbitt" and "Frankenpenis".  Thanks, Lorena!



18 years ago . . . in 1996 - WYNONNA JUDD married chubby-chaser Arch Kelley.  They divorced in 1998.

18 years ago . . . in 1996 - The 53rd Annual GOLDEN GLOBES were held in Los Angeles.  "Sense and Sensibility" won Best Dramatic Picture.  "Babe" won Best Comedy.


Best Dramatic Acting awards went to NICOLAS CAGE for "Leaving Las Vegas" and SHARON STONE for "Casino".  The awards for Acting in a Comedy or Musical went to NICOLE KIDMAN for "To Die For" and JOHN TRAVOLTA for "Get Shorty".



16 years ago . . . in 1998 - BILL CLINTON angrily denied reports he'd had "sexual relations with that woman."  On this point, he was not entirely truthful.



Nine years ago . . . in 2005 - Chaos erupted at radio station WKYS when THE GAME and his entourage allegedly attacked two DJs because of comments one of them made.


A few months later one of those DJs, Kwasi Jones, filed a civil lawsuit for $280 million in damages for assault and emotional distress against The Game, 50 CENT, DR. DRE'S label, Aftermath Entertainment, and EMINEM'S label, Shady Records.



Four years ago . . . in 2010 - Approximately 5.2 million vehicles were recalled by Toyota because of issues with the pedals and floor mats.



One year ago . . . in 2013 - PRESIDENT OBAMA was inaugurated for his second term on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.