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Kim Knew Kanye Was Going to Propose . . . And Even Chose the Jeweler Who Made Her Ring 

KIM KARDASHIAN reportedly KNEW KANYE WEST was going to propose, and she even told him what jeweler to go to for her ring.  Kanye supposedly designed the 15-carat ring . . . but Kim told him to use Lorraine Schwartz, the same jeweler who made the ring KRIS HUMPHRIES gave her.

Minka Kelly and Chris Evans Have Broken Up Again 



MINKA KELLY just can't make it work with Captain America.  Minka and CHRIS EVANS have reportedly split up for a second time.  They'd been together since last year, after previously dating and breaking up in 2007.



A source says distance played a factor.  Minka is shooting the series "Almost Human" in Vancouver, while Chris is about to direct a movie in New York.  A source says, quote, "It didn't make sense for them to be together right now."

Dina Eastwood Has Filed for Divorce 



CLINT EASTWOOD'S wife DINA officially filed for divorce this week.  As you may recall, she had previously WITHDRAWN her papers for legal separation. 



There's no word what changed her mind . . . all she'll give for a reason is "irreconcilable differences."  Dina is seeking physical custody of their 16-year-old daughter Morgan, plus spousal support and attorney fees.



Meanwhile, Clint's latest piece, Erica Fisher, is reportedly living with him . . . and driving his Benz.  And one of her sons is working as a production assistant on Clint's latest movie.  Erica's ex-husband is a longtime friend of Dina's.

Is This a Picture of Lindsay Lohan Reaching for a Bottle of Wine? 



Is LINDSAY LOHAN still drinking?  The paparazzi shot a picture of Lindsay through the window of a Hollywood Hills home . . . and it looks like she's reaching for a WINE BOTTLE.  The picture was taken Tuesday night.  (Check it out here.)

Marilyn Manson is America's Creepiest Celebrity . . . Followed by Pee Wee Herman? 

According to a new survey by the E-Poll Market Research firm, MARILYN MANSON is America's Creepiest Celebrity.  He's followed by PAUL "PEE WEE HERMAN" REUBENS and DENNIS RODMAN.

1.  Marilyn Manson


2.  Paul Reubens


3.  Dennis Rodman


4.  Howard Stern


5.  Andy Dick


6.  Charlie Sheen


7.  Mama June from "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"


8.  Steve Buscemi


9.  Woody Allen


10.  Criss Angel


11.  Miley Cyrus


12.  Dina Lohan


13.  Lady Gaga

British Actor Jamie Dornan Will Star in "Fifty Shades of Grey" 



Your new Christian Grey is here.  British actor JAMIE DORNAN will take over for CHARLIE HUNNAM in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie.



Dornan played the Huntsman and the sheriff of Storybrooke on ABC's "Once Upon a Time".  He also stars with GILLIAN ANDERSON in a British show called "The Fall" . . . and he once dated KEIRA KNIGHTLEY.  He's 31 years old. 


Did Brad Pitt Attack Shia LaBeouf on the Set of Their Movie? 



BRAD PITT reportedly attacked SHIA LABEOUF on the set of their World War 2 movie "Fury", after Shia accidentally hit him in the face with a hot machine gun barrel.



A source says Shia LAUGHED when it happened, which made Brad even madder.  He LUNGED . . . and had to be pulled off Shia. 

Check Out Two New Trailers For "Anchorman 2" 

Two new trailers for "Anchorman 2" have hit the web . . . and this movie actually looks hilarious. 



Yeah, it's hard to tell how good a movie will be from the trailers, but the sense I'm getting is that if you dig "Anchorman", this one will be just as good. 



And who DOESN'T dig "Anchorman" . . . other than the comedy hipsters who just have to act like they're over it?



(Check out the trailers here and here.)

Thursday TV Reminders:



"World Series" [Game 2] . . . 7:30 to 10:30 P.M. Eastern on Fox.  The Boston Red Sox host the St. Louis Cardinals.  The Red Sox are ahead in the series going into tonight's game.  The third game airs Saturday in St. Louis.



"Thursday Night Football" . . . 8:30 to 11:30 P.M. Eastern on the NFL Network.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers host the Carolina Panthers.



"Project Runway All Stars" [15th Season Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Lifetime.  Alyssa Milano is the new host and the challenge for the first episode is to create a look inspired by Debbie Harry.



"Scandal" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on ABC.  Lisa Kudrow guest stars as a congresswoman involved in a scandal with Mellie.



"Watch What Happens:  Live" . . . 11:00 to 11:30 P.M. on Bravo.  Rosie Perez ("The Couselor") and Johnny Knoxville ("Bad Grandpa") are guests.

Early Morning Show Guests:


"The Today Show" - Rosie Perez ("The Counselor"), and "Elf on the Shelf" authors Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell.


"Good Morning America" - Julie Bowen, chef Emeril Lagasse, and an interview with Pat Conroy , author of "The Great Santini" . . . talking about his new book "The Death of Santini: The Story of a Father and His Son".


"CBS This Morning" - Chiwetel Ejiofor ("12 Years a Slave") and chef Daniel Boulud.





Mid-Morning Show Guests:


"Live! With Kelly and Michael" - Javier Bardem ("The Counselor") and Jenna Dewan-Tatum for her Lifetime series "Witches of East End".


"The View" - Eva Longoria ("Mother Up!").  Rachael Ray co-hosts.


"Rachael Ray" - A Halloween decorating contest, and Regis does a sandwich "smackdown" with a woman who offered to make her boyfriend 300 sandwiches in exchange for a marriage proposal.

This Afternoon On TV:


"Ellen DeGeneres" - Asa Butterfield ("Ender's Game") and Amy Poehler.  Music Guest:  Ellie Goulding, with guest DJ Joey Fatone.


"The Talk" - Piers Morgan and chef Fabio Viviani.


"Katie Couric" - Chefs Art Smith, Ming Tsai, Grant Achatz, Cat Cora and Roblé Ali.


"Queen Latifah Show" - Mike O'Malley (the recently cancelled "Welcome to the Family"), Judge Judy Sheindlin and Jay Sean performs.  Plus:  A breast cancer prevention checklist.


"Steve Harvey" - Steve helps a son find the ideal man for his single mother, and Lisa Lillien taste-tests fans' low-calorie recipes.  Plus: A performance by Chicago Boyz, the acrobatic team from "America's Got Talent".


"Dr. Phil" - "My Mother-in-Law Destroyed My Marriage" A guy accused of being excessively violent and trying to kidnap his own child . . . plus a guy who's cheated on his wife with three women but swears she can trust him now.


"Dr. Oz Show" - "The Alarmist's Guide to the Symptoms You Worry About Most."


"Wendy Williams" - "Us Weekly's" Ian Drew and the latest celebrity news.


"Bethenny" - La La Anthony, comedienne Kym Whitley (OWN's "Raising Whitley") and how women can get respect in the bedroom, with Wendy Raquel Robinson ("The Game") and soap opera minx Rebecca Budig.

Tonight's Late Night Talk Shows:



"Letterman" - Robin Williams ("The Crazy Ones") and Lizzy Caplan ("Masters of Sex").  Music Guest:  Icona Pop.  (REPEAT)



"Jimmy Kimmel" - Lisa Kudrow ("Web Therapy") and author Malcolm Gladwell ("David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants").  Music Guest:  Kings of Leon.



"The Tonight Show" - Emma Roberts ("American Horror Story: Coven") and animal expert Dave Salmoni.  Music Guest:  Diane Birch.



"Jimmy Fallon" - Javier Bardem ("The Counselor").  Music Guest:  Pearl Jam.



"Carson Daly" - Comedian Pete Holmes.  Music Guest:  Foals.



"Arsenio" - Blair Underwood ("Ironside") and Cheryl Hines.  Music Guest:  Nelly.  (REPEAT)



"Conan" - Adam DeVine ("Workaholics").  Music Guest:  Lindsey Stirling.



"Craig Ferguson" - Ray Romano ("Parenthood") and NASCAR driver Carl Edwards.  (REPEAT)



"Chelsea Lately" - Johnny Knoxville ("Bad Grandpa").



"Jon Stewart" - Chiwetel Ejiofor ("12Years a Slave").



"The Colbert Report" - Author Stephen Fry ("The Fry Chronicles: An Autobiography").



3% of Americans Vacuum Naked?

Believe it or not, according to a new survey, 3% of Americans say they sometimes VACUUM in the NUDE.  That's higher than the worldwide average of 2%.  And men are much more likely to vacuum naked than women.


In a Blackout, 5% of People Immediately Start Getting-It-On?

According to a new survey, 88% of Americans think a catastrophic event like a worldwide blackout will happen fairly soon, and 32% think it'll happen in the next YEAR.  And if it DOES happen, 25% of us say the first thing we'll do is PRAY . . . while 5% will immediately start GETTING-IT-ON.

(PR Newswire)

A Teacher's Assistant at the University of Iowa Accidentally Emailed Homemade Porn to Her Students

On Tuesday, a teacher's assistant at the University of Iowa meant to send the students in her business class a study guide . . . but accidentally sent them her HOMEMADE PORN video.  The school confirmed what happened and asked the students NOT to share it.

(Total Frat Move / Barstool Sports / ABC 9 - Cedar Rapids) 

Ten Obscure Sexual Fetishes You've Never Heard Of

:  Here are some sexual fetishes you've probably NEVER heard of.  Stygiophilia is being aroused by the thought of being damned to hell . . . nebulophilia is being aroused by fog . . . psellismophilia is being aroused by stuttering . . . and climacophilia is being aroused by falling down stairs.

Here are 10 sexual fetishes you've probably NEVER heard of . . .



1.  Actirasty:  aroused by the sun's rays.


2.  Stygiophilia:  aroused by the thought of being damned to hell.


3.  Psychrophilia:  aroused by being cold and watching people who are cold.


4.  Nebulophilia:  aroused by fog.


5.  Formicophilia:  aroused by insects.


6.  Xylophilia:  aroused by wood.


7.  Psellismophilia:  aroused by stuttering.


8.  Melissaphilia:  aroused by bees and wasps.


9.  Lithophilia:  aroused by stone and gravel.


10.  Climacophilia:  aroused by falling down stairs.  (Huffington Post)

Check Out Some Halloween-Related Guinness World Records

Here are some random Halloween-related Guinness World Records.  The largest candy ever was made 16 years ago in Norway . . . it was a butterscotch that was five feet on both sides, one-and-a-half feet deep, and 3,527 pounds.  The heaviest pumpkin ever weighed 2,009 pounds.  And there's a woman in Italy with 2,048 wrappers from different candies.

1.  Largest candy.  This record was set 16 years ago in Trondheim, Norway.  A candy factory made a square butterscotch candy that was five feet on both sides, and one-and-a-half feet deep.  It weighed 3,527 pounds.



2.  Most people wearing masks.  This record was set in 2011 at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California.  They had 27,080 people wear masks.  Seems like a lot of sports teams could beat that very quickly if they wanted to.



3.  Largest pumpkin pie.  This was set in 2005.  A group in Ohio made a pumpkin pie that was 12 feet in diameter and weighed just over a TON.



4.  Heaviest pumpkin.  This record was set last year at the New England Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off.  A guy grew a pumpkin that weighed 2,009 pounds.



5.  Largest collection of candy wrappers.  A woman in Venice, Italy set this record last year with her collection of 2,048 wrappers, all from DIFFERENT candies. 



(Huffington Post / Guinness Book of World Records)

57% of Americans Believe in Ghosts, 47% Believe in Aliens, and 43% Believe in Reincarnation

Just in time for Halloween, people are ready to BELIEVE in the paranormal again.  A new survey found 57% of Americans believe in ghosts, 47% believe in aliens, and 43% believe in reincarnation.

(Wall Street Journal)

A Family Opens a Casket to Say Goodbye to Their Father . . . and Finds the Wrong Corpse

:  A man died in Washington last week, and when his family opened the casket at his funeral to view him . . . it was the WRONG BODY.  Turns out the mortuary had accidentally switched his body with a different guy . . . and had CREMATED him.  There's no word if the family is considering legal action.

(CBS 7 - Seattle / Gawker)

What Was the Worst Thing About the '90s?

:  Let's talk about the WORST THINGS from the '90s.  Some of the ones people have suggested are CDs that skipped . . . late fees at Blockbuster on VHS tapes . . . when someone would pick up the phone and disconnect you from America Online . . . and the decline in quality of Disney animated movies.

1.  Just breathing on your CD player made it skip.


2.  Blockbuster late fees on VHS tapes.


3.  Ridiculous screensavers, like flying toasters, that would slow down your computer for good.


4.  Paging someone with 911 and having them not call you right away.


5.  When someone in the house would pick up the phone, disconnecting the modem and knocking you off America Online.


6.  The quality of Disney animated movies declining . . . the decade started with "Beauty and the Beast", "Aladdin", and "Lion King" and ended with "Tarzan".


7.  JUST missing out on the cell phone era.  No matter what stage of life you were in, imagine how different it would've been if everyone had phones.  (Reddit)


Stupid Photo of the Day:  A Notre Dame Running Back Has His Helmet Ripped Off, and Somehow Looks Like a Male Model

There's a funny photo from Saturday's Notre Dame against USC that's been going around.  It shows Notre Dame running back Cam McDaniel, right after he had his helmet pulled off.

And somehow, even though he was being dragged down, his overall handsomeness and facial expression at that exact moment made him look like a MALE MODEL. 


Shenae Grimes - 24  (Sexy Annie Wilson on the new "90210" and Trudie in "Scream 4".)



Drake - 27  (Canadian actor from "Degrassi: The Next Generation" turned superstar pop rapper and Chris Brown hater.  Real name:  Aubrey Drake Graham.)



Adrienne Bailon - 30  ("Cheetah Girls" MINX who is now trying to make it as a solo artist.  She's starring opposite Ja Rule in "I'm in Love With a Church Girl".)

Katie McGrath - 30  (Morgana on NBC's "Merlin", and Lucy in NBC's "Dracula".)



Tila Tequila - 32  (She became famous thanks to MySpace.  And people wonder why that site crashed and burned.)



Monica - 33  (Young urban troubadour.  The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.  I find no trouble with juicy-doubles.)



Scott Peterson - 41  (Murderous A-HOLE.)



Stephanie Rage - 49  (Mattress actress who's starred in 164 fine films including . . . "The Horneymooners", "Very Dirty Dancing", "National Poontang's Summer Vacation" AND "Days of Our Wives".)



Mary Bono - 52  (Became a California Congresswoman after her husband Sonny skied into a tree and died.)

B.D. WONG - 53  (Father Ray Mukada on HBO's "Oz", Martin Short's assistant in the "Father of the Bride" movies and the Asiatic shrink on "Law & Order:  SVU".)



Kweisi Mfume - 65  (Former CEO of the NAACP.  His name means Conquering Son of Kings.  Birth name:  Frizzell Gray.)



Kevin Kline - 66  (He gets to nail Phoebe Cates ANYTIME HE WANTS TO.)



SANTO FARINA! - 76  (The Santo of Santo & Johnny!  "Sleep Walk" is one of the greatest instrumental songs of all time.)

David Nelson - Would have been 77 - (1936 - 2011)  (Matthew and Gunnar's uncle.  He's also Ricky Nelson's brother . . . and 70-year-old Chuck Woolery's former FATHER-IN-LAW.)



Bill Wyman - 77  (Former Rolling Stones bassist.  Likes his ladies young . . . REAL young.)

Countdown to Upcoming Events

• 7 days until Halloween

• 10 days until Daylight Savings Ends

• 15 days to "Thor: The Dark World"

• 35 days until Thanksgiving

• 62 days until Thanksgiving

• 1,184 days left of "Hope and Change"

43 years ago . . . in 1970 - PRESIDENT NIXON asked record companies to reduce the number of songs containing lyrics about sex and drugs.  His request is still being honored today.



40 years ago . . . in 1973 - "Kojak", starring TELLY SAVALAS, debuted on CBS.  WHO LOVES YOU, BABY?  (He was JENNIFER ANISTON'S godfather, too.)



35 years ago . . . in 1978 - KEITH RICHARDS was convicted in Canada of HEROIN POSSESSION, for which he received a one-year suspended sentence and was ordered to play a charity concert for the blind.



(DON'T TAKE DRUGS . . . unless you're a rich and famous rock star who can afford to buy justice and continue your life of debauchery without suffering any consequences like average hard-working men and women.)



33 years ago . . . in 1980 - "The David Letterman Show" last aired on NBC DAYTIME.  It won two Emmys the following May and returned on NBC's late-night schedule in February of 1982.



24 years ago . . . in 1989 - Televangelist REVEREND JIM BAKKER was sentenced to 45 years in prison and fined $500,000 for his conviction on 24 counts of FRAUD and CONSPIRACY stemming from his P.T.L. (Praise The Lord) ministry.



24 years ago . . . in 1989 - ZSA ZSA GABOR was sentenced to 72 hours in jail, 120 hours of community service and nearly $13,000 in fines and court costs for SLAPPING a traffic cop.



22 years ago . . . in 1991 - Genius GENE RODDENBERRY, creator of "Star Trek", died at the age of 70.




16 years ago . . . in 1997 - DON MESSICK, the voice of Papa Smurf, Scooby-Doo, Astro on "The Jetsons", Bamm-Bamm on "The Flinstones", AND BOO BOO BEAR on "Help!  It's The Hair Bear Bunch", died at the age of 71.



16 years ago . . . in 1997 - MARV ALBERT was spared a jail sentence after he apologized in court for BITING HIS LOVER'S BACK during some VERY taboo relations.



8 years ago . . . in 2005 - Civil Rights pioneer ROSA PARKS died at the age of 92.