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Is Sex Tape Star Kim Kardashian Worried That Lamar Odom is Tarnishing Her Brand? 

KIM KARDASHIAN wants KHLOE to dump her husband LAMAR ODOM because he's BAD FOR BUSINESS.  A source says, quote, "Kim just lit into her about how much Lamar was hurting their bottom line and creating so much negative publicity.  Kim can't understand why Khloe hasn't dumped Lamar because he is showing absolutely no desire to go to rehab."

Rihanna Twerks In Her "Pour It Up" Video 

RIHANNA isn't going to let MILEY CYRUS corner the market on twerking.  She does plenty of it in her new "Pour It Up" video.  She also has some actual strippers in the video.  (Check it out here.  WARNING!!!  It's pretty racy.)

Author Tom Clancy Has Died 

Author TOM CLANCY died Monday at the age of 66.  The cause of death was not released.  Clancy is best known for his Jack Ryan novels, including "The Hunt for Red October", "Patriot Games","Clear and Present Danger" and "The Sum of All Fears" . . . all of which were made into blockbuster movies.  And there's a new one in the works starring CHRIS PINE.

Cory Monteith Died of Drugs and Alcohol 



The coroner's report on CORY MONTEITH came out yesterday, and it didn't offer any surprises.  Cory died of a mix of alcohol and drugs.  He had a blood-alcohol content of .13%, and heroin was found in his system.



In the hotel where Cory died, police found two empty champagne bottles and several glasses . . . plus a used hypodermic needle and a spoon with drug residue on it.

The Verdict Is In:  AEG Is Not Liable in Michael Jackson's Death 

After a five-month trial, the MICHAEL JACKSON wrongful death case has come to a close.  Yesterday, the jury ruled that AEG Live was NOT liable for Michael's death . . . and therefore didn't owe the Jackson family millions of dollars in compensation.

Is Robert Downey Jr.'s Son Getting Treatment for Prescription Painkillers? 

ROBERT DOWNEY JR.'S 20-year-old son INDIO is in REHAB for prescription painkillers.  But his mother . . . Downey's ex-wife Deborah Falconer . . . says he's NOT a junkie.  She says, quote, "He was not addicted.  He was taking one pill a day.  We are hoping to do it the homeopathic way rather than with medications.  He's being treated with vitamin supplements and organic foods."

Actors Who Almost Starred in This Summer's Big Movies 

A lot of this summer's big movies went through casting changes before they got made.  For instance, GEORGE CLOONEY and SANDRA BULLOCK almost didn't get stranded in outer space in "Gravity" . . . which opens tomorrow.  When the movie was announced a few years ago, ROBERT DOWNEY JR. and ANGELINA JOLIE were attached.  They both eventually dropped out.

Amber Tamblyn Has Been Promoted to a Regular on "Two and a Half Men" 



AMBER TAMBLYN has been promoted to a series regular on "Two and a Half Men".  Originally, she was only going to appear in five of the first six episodes, but now, she's a permanent part of the cast.



Amber is playing "Jenny" . . . the illegitimate, lesbian daughter of CHARLIE SHEEN'S character.  (She's also effectively taking the place of ANGUS T. JONES.)

Thursday TV Reminders:



"Thursday Night Football" . . . 8:25 to 11:25 P.M. Eastern on NFL Network.  The Cleveland Browns host the Buffalo Bills at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland.



"The X Factor" [Performances] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on Fox.



"The Vampire Diaries" [5th Season Premiere] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on the CW.



"The Millers" [Series Premiere] . . . 8:30 to 9:00 P.M. on CBS.  Will Arnett stars as a recently divorced TV report who inadvertently inspires his parents . . . played by Beau Bridges and Margo Martindale . . . to separate.



"Parks & Recreation" . . . 8:00 to 8:30 P.M. on NBC.  Kristen Bell guest stars.



"Welcome To the Family" [Series Premiere] . . . 8:30 to 9:00 P.M. on NBC.  "Glee's" Mike O'Malley plays a guy whose teenage daughter, Ella Rae Peck, and middle-aged wife, Mary McCormack, BOTH become pregnant.



"Sean Saves The World" [Series Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 9:30 P.M. on NBC.  Sean Hayes stars as a divorced gay father of a 14-year-old daughter who decides to live with him full-time.  Former "Alice" star Linda Lavin plays his ex-wife.



"The Originals" [Series Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on the CW.  This spin-off of "The Vampire Diaries" is set in New Orleans and features "original vampires" Klaus and Elijah, who are played by Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies.



"Glee". . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Fox.  The kids finish up their performances of songs from The Beatles as Tina campaigns for prom queen.

"Grey's Anatomy" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on ABC.  Meredith and Derek finally get some much needed family time with their newborn son and toddler daughter.



"Project Runway" . . . 9:00 to 10:30 P.M. on Lifetime.  "Shameless" minx Emmy Rossum guest judges.



"Two And A Half Men" . . . 9:30 to 10:00 P.M. on CBS.  Comedy legend Carl Reiner guest stars.



"Scandal" [3rd Season Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on ABC.  There's a one-hour recap of the first two seasons called "Scandal: The Secret Is Out" airing at 8:00 P.M., for anyone who needs a refresher on where things left off.



"Society X with Laura Ling" [Series Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on E!  Lisa Ling's younger sister Laura Ling scores her own show as she explores the dangerous world of designer drugs and their tragic consequences.



"Watch What Happens:  Live" . . . 11:00 to 11:30 P.M. on Bravo.  "Breaking Bad's" Betsy Brandt ("The Michael J. Fox Show") and Daniel Radcliffe ("Kill Your Darlings" and Ovation's "A Young Doctor's Notebook") are guests.



"Polyamory: Married & Dating" [2nd Season Finale] . . . 11:00 to 11:30 P.M. on Showtime.



"The Pitch" [2nd Season Finale] . . . 11:00 P.M. to Midnight on AMC.

Early Morning Show Guests:


"The Today Show" - Tiffani Thiessen ("White Collar"), Zachary Levi (Broadway's "First Date"), "Glee's" Mike O'Malley ("Welcome to the Family"), and author Robin Quivers ("The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life").


"Good Morning America" - Kerry Washington ("Scandal").  Music Guest:  Nelly.


"CBS This Morning" - Michael Sheen ("Masters of Sex") and fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg.





Mid-Morning Show Guests:


"Live! With Kelly and Michael" - Sandra Bullock ("Gravity"), 50 Cent ("Vengeance") and Tony Goldwyn ("Scandal").


"The View" - Kerry Washington ("Scandal") and Andie MacDowell ("Cedar Cove").  Jason Biggs ("Orange Is the New Black") co-hosts.


"Rachael Ray" - Buddy Valastro ("Cake Boss") helps fix viewers' baking disasters.


This Afternoon On TV:


"Ellen DeGeneres" - Ryan Seacrest with "Idol" judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr.  Plus:  Sean Hayes ("Sean Saves the World") and D.L. Hughley ("Trust Me, I'm a Game Show Host").  Music Guest:  Travis.


"The Talk" - The cast of the new CBS sitcom "The Millers" . . . Will Arnett, J.B. Smoove, Margo Martindale, Beau Bridges, Jayma Mays and Nelson Franklin.


"Katie Couric" - David Arquette ("Dream School") and Padma Lakshmi ("Top Chef").


"Steve Harvey" - The cast of TLC's "Cheer Perfection" perform.


"Dr. Phil" - "A Mother's Fury Exposed".  A man who claims his fiancée's alcohol consumption and violent behavior are ruining their relationship and blended family.


"Dr. Oz Show" - "Brooklyn Nine-Nine's" Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca.  Plus:  a look at the potential side effects of Lasik eye surgery.


"Wendy Williams" - Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter pimps his book "Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It".


"Bethenny" - "Dancing with the Stars" stud Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Kate Gosselin for her cookbook "Kate Gosselin's Love Is in the Mix", Loni Love for her book "Love Him Or Leave Him, But Don't Get Stuck With the Tab: Hilarious Advice for Real Women", and "omg! Insider's" Michael Yo.


"Queen Latifah Show" - "Glee's" Amber Riley ("Dancing with the Stars") and chef Gordon Ramsay ("Masterchef: Junior Edition").  Music Guest:  Jay Sean.

Tonight's Late Night Talk Shows:



"Letterman" - NBC correspondent Brian Williams and a performance from the film "Muscle Shoals".



"Jimmy Kimmel" - Katie Lowes (Quinn on "Scandal").  Music Guest:  John Mayer.



"The Tonight Show" - Julianne Moore ("Don Jon") and Billy Gardell ("Mike & Molly").  Music Guests:  Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington.



"Jimmy Fallon" - Meredith Vieira and "The Chew's" Mario Batali.



"Carson Daly" - Tom Brokaw and photographer Kevin Russ.  Music Guest:  The Coup.  (REPEAT)



"Arsenio" - Vivica A. Fox ("Mr. Box Office").  Music Guest:  Billy Ray Cyrus.



"Conan" - Lauren Cohan ("The Walking Dead"), Jerry O'Connell ("We Are Men") and comedienne Erin Foley.



"Craig Ferguson" - Diane Kruger ("The Bridge") and Ken Jeong ("Community").



"Chelsea Lately" - Argentine polo player Nacho Figueras.



"Jon Stewart" - Kerry Washington ("Scandal").



"The Colbert Report" - Author David Finkel ("Thank You for Your Service").

Women Feel Least Attractive on Monday Mornings . . . and Most Attractive on Thursday Afternoons

According to a new survey, women feel the LEAST ATTRACTIVE on Sundays and Mondays, before 9:00 A.M. and after 10:00 P.M.  Women feel MOST ATTRACTIVE on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and between noon and 3:00 P.M.


Most Men Cheat on Their Wives With Someone Uglier and Older

According to a new study, the majority of men who cheat on their wives do it with someone OLDER, UGLIER, and LESS INTERESTING than her.  So why are they attracted to the person?  Because she's more CARING, a better LISTENER, and more PASSIONATE than their wife.


The Eight Things That Are Cute When Women Do Them . . . But Creepy When Men Do Them

There are some things that are "cute" when women do them . . . but just CREEPY when men do them.  Some of the best ones we've heard are:  Asking if anyone wants to go to the bathroom with them . . . wearing a significant other's clothes . . . and whispering, "I'm not wearing any underwear" into someone's ear.


Would It Feel Better to Give Away a Fortune, or to Get a Fortune?

A new survey on Americans and charity found 57% think it would be better to GIVE AWAY a fortune than to RECEIVE a fortune . . . 85% think volunteering is more valuable than donating money . . . and 50% of people never give money to panhandlers.

CBS News)

Knocking on Wood and Throwing Salt Over Your Shoulder Actually Work?

Believe it or not, knocking on wood actually WORKS.  Sort of.  A new study has found that when you knock on wood or throw salt over your shoulder, it genuinely makes you BELIEVE something bad is less likely to happen . . . which makes you worry less.  It also makes you temporarily more ALERT, and less likely to take risks.

(Daily Express)

12% of Americans Think the Government Killed John Lennon, and 6% Think the Men in Black Are Real

A new survey asked Americans if they believed in certain conspiracy theories, and the results were NOT disappointing.  32% believe major sporting events are sometimes rigged for ratings . . . 23% believe the government had Martin Luther King Jr. killed . . . 12% believe it had John Lennon and Tupac killed . . . and 6% believe the Men in Black are real.

(Public Policy Polling)

Waiting in Line Is Good For You?

According to a new study, waiting in line is actually GOOD FOR YOU.  When you wait in a line, you place a higher value on what you're waiting for . . . so an amusement park ride seems more fun, or something you buy seems cooler.  You use that good feeling to justify the time you spent in line, which helps make you a more patient person overall.

(Daily Mail)

Wearing a Belt Causes Cancer . . . In Your Throat?

A new study has found that wearing a BELT might cause cancer . . . in your THROAT.  This isn't an autoerotic asphyxiation thing.  When you wear a tight belt, it can increase your chance of acid reflux and force acid to leak back up into your esophagus, which can lead to cancer.

The Telegraph)


91% of People Want Airlines to Eliminate Reclining Seats

Reclining your seat on a plane gives you a little extra comfort and gives the person behind you A LOT less.  So, according to a new survey, 91% people want reclining seats BANNED on short flights, and 43% want them banned on longer flights.  The survey also found 3% of people have somehow been INJURED by a reclining seat.

(Daily Mail)

A Woman Accidentally Dropped Her iPhone From a Plane 1,400 Feet Up . . . And the Screen Didn't Even Crack

On Friday, a woman in Alabama accidentally dropped her iPhone out of the window of a single-engine AIRPLANE that was 1,400 feet up.  And on Monday, a guy who happens to be an air traffic controller found it in his yard . . . in PERFECT condition.  Even though there was also a big STORM over the weekend.

(AZ Central)

Ashlee Simpson - 29  (Over.)



Shannyn Sossamon - 35  (Exotic-looking actress from "A Knight's Tale" and "The Order".  She was also on Courteney Cox's underrated show "Dirt" . . . and she was most recently on the ABC show "Mistresses".)



Seann William Scott - 37  (Stifler in the "American Pie" movies, Bo Duke in "The Dukes of Hazzard" and Chester Greenburg in the cinematic classic, "Dude, Where's My Car?".  His hockey movie "Goon" got good reviews.)



Candy Apples - 37  (Tattooed mattress actress who's starred in 260 fine films, including . . . "American Bukkake 2" . . . "Sleeping Booty" . . . "EVERYBODY LOVES REAMIN'" . . . AND . . . "TRANNIE GET YOUR GUN".)



India.Arie - 38  (Sexy musical chocolate.)



Talib Kweli - 38  (The other half of Mos Def's rap duo Blackstar.)



Lena Headey - 40  (Conniving queen Cersei Lannister on "Game of Thrones" and bad ass Sarah Connor on "Terminator:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles".  She's also the Queen in "300" and will be back as Queen Gorgo in "300: Rise of an Empire" in March.)



Neve Campbell - 40  ("Party Of Five" and "Scream" minx.  She got nude on screen for the first time in the 2004 low-profile movie "When Will I Be Loved".)



Kevin Richardson - 42  (Now officially and fully BACK with the Backstreet Boys.  Thank God.)



Gwen Stefani - 44  (The sexiest flat-chested woman on Earth.  Period.)



Janel Moloney - 44  (Blonde minx Donna Moss on "The West Wing".)



Clive Owen - 49  (GORGEOUS star of "Sin City", "Derailed", "Closer", "Shoot 'Em Up" "King Arthur"and "Duplicity".)

Tommy Lee - 51



JACK WAGNER! - 54  (Sexy secret agent Frisco Jones on "General Hospital" AND Dr. Peter Burns on "Melrose Place".  Remember his hit song "All I Need"?  I do!)



The Reverend Al Sharpton - 59  (Chubby, multiple winner of the STFU Award.  He once ran for president but I just wanted to vote for the hair.  And maybe the sweatsuit.)



Dave Winfield - 62  (Baseball Hall of Famer, and the only athlete ever drafted by teams in all three major professional sports . . . the San Diego Padres, Atlanta Hawks and Minnesota Vikings.)



Ronnie Laws - 63  (Earth Wind & Fire's monster saxophonist.)



Lindsey Buckingham - 64  (Fleetwood Mac)



BIFF HENDERSON! - 67  ("Late Show with David Letterman")



ROY HORN! - 69  (Mantastic "member" of Siegfried & Roy who survived that VICIOUS WHITE TIGER ATTACK.)



Chubby Checker - 72  (Real name:  Ernest Evans.  Claim to fame: "The Twist".)



STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN - (1954 - 1990)  (Genius.  He was only 35.)

Countdown to Upcoming Events

• 10 days to "The Walking Dead"

• 13 days until Boss's Day

• 28 days until Halloween

• 31 days until Daylight Savings Ends

• 56 days until Thanksgiving

• 1,205 days left of "Hope and Change"

69 years ago . . . in 1944 - U.S. troops in Germany PENETRATED the SIEGFRIED Line.  And so did ROY.  Ohhh, climb up my ass!  PLEASE!



68 years ago . . . in 1945 - A 10-year-old ELVIS ARON PRESLEY made his first public appearance, in a talent show at the Mississippi-Alabama Dairy Show.  He won 2nd place and $5.



62 years ago . . . in 1951 - BOBBY THOMSON of the New York Giants hit the "SHOT HEARD ROUND THE WORLD", a three-run homer in the bottom of the 9th of the final game in a three-game playoff against the Brooklyn Dodgers.  With that hit, the Giants won the pennant.



58 years ago . . . in 1955 - "Captain Kangaroo", starring BOB KEESHAN, debuted on CBS.  The fine show featured Bunny Rabbit, Grandfather Clock, Mr. Moose and of course, MR. GREEN JEANS.



58 years ago . . . in 1955 - "The Mickey Mouse Club" premiered on ABC.  (When the show was revived in the 1990s, it spawned the careers of Christina Aguilera, JC Chasez, Ryan Gosling, Keri Russell, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.  Thanks, Mickey!)  (???)



56 years ago . . . in 1957 - "The Woody Woodpecker Show", debuted on ABC.



52 years ago . . . in 1961 - Nashville's COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME elected JIMMIE RODGERS, HANK WILLIAMS and FRED ROSE (co-founder of the Acuff Rose music publishing company) as its first members.



49 years ago . . . in 1964 - "Underdog" debuted on NBC!  (JASON LEE was Underdog's voice in the live-action remake that you probably didn't see.)



39 years ago . . . in 1974 - FRANK ROBINSON became Major League Baseball's FIRST BLACK MANAGER when he took over the Cleveland Indians.

31 years ago . . . in 1982 - One SCOTT WEILAND ran the Detroit marathon BACKWARDS in 4 hours, 7 minutes, and 54 seconds.



29 years ago . . . in 1984 - SCOTT BAIO'S "Charles in Charge" debuted on CBS.



21 years ago . . . in 1992 - SINEAD O'CONNOR tore up a picture of POPE JOHN PAUL THE 2ND on "Saturday Night Live", while saying "fight the real enemy".  NBC got more than 1,000 calls protesting.


(Ironically, Sinbad O'Connor had canceled a previously scheduled appearance on "SNL" because she found the "comedy" of ANDREW DICE CLAY offensive.  Two weeks later, she was booed off the stage during a BOB DYLAN tribute at Madison Square Garden.)


(Nowadays, she's trolling the Internet for guys who'll take her through the backdoor, while John Paul the 2nd is almost a saint.  Who won, Sinead?)



21 years ago . . . in 1992 - BILL GATES, the college-dropout co-founder of Microsoft, headed the "Forbes" 400 list of the richest Americans for the first time, with a net worth of $6.3 BILLION.


(His fortune peaked at ten-times that amount in 2000, but now Bill Gates is down to his last $61 billion.  He's still #1 on the "Forbes" list, though.)



18 years ago . . . in 1995 - The jury in the O.J. SIMPSON MURDER TRIAL found O.J. INNOCENT of the slayings of his former wife, NICOLE BROWN SIMPSON, and RONALD GOLDMAN.


(DELICIOUS AUDIO ALERT:  You can "Build Your Own O.J. Interview", and ask him questions about the murder.  Here's the audio and the script.)



15 years ago . . . in 1998 - RODDY MCDOWALL, star of the original "Planet of the Apes" movies, died of cancer at 70.  They say Roddy was packing OVER 10 inches.

10 years ago . . . in 2003 - ROY HORN, half of the hairless magic team SIEGFRIED & ROY, was nearly killed on stage by one of his white tigers.  Montecore BIT HIM IN THE NECK during a show.  The bite severed an artery and caused a stroke which has left Roy partially paralyzed.



Two years ago  . . . in 2011 -Convicted American murderer AMANDA KNOX had her sentence overturned in an Italian court.