Today's Showbiz Highlights


1.  "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit models do indeed pee in the ocean.  GIGI HADID and ROSE BERTRAMconfirmed it.  Rose said, quote, "It took too long [to leave] and we were losing the sun.  So I said, 'OK, I'll go in the sea.'"  And Gigi added, quote, "I didn't tell anyone when I peed in the ocean during my shoot!"  (Full Story)




2.  Sexy Pictures of Famous People




3.  WILL SMITH is insanely wealthy, but he claims his kids are NOT spoiled.  He tells "Esquire", quote, "[Jaden] has one pair of shoes.  He has three pair of pants, and he has five shirts.  Total."  According to 'Google Image' searches, Will is probably lying . . . but Jaden DOES have a favorite pair of Nikes.  (Full Story)




4.  One of the drivers in that fatal accident last weekend in Malibu claims BRUCE JENNER was the one who caused it.  She says Bruce was the first one to make contact with another vehicle, and that she had properly come to a stop for a red light.  (Full Story)




5.  PIERCE BROSNAN's house caught on fire Wednesday night.  Luckily, it wasn't too serious.  The fire started in the garage, and one bedroom sustained minor smoke damage.  Nobody was injured.  Damage was estimated at $1 million.  Pierce lives at the house with his wife and two children.  (Full Story)




6.  KEANU REEVES rode the subway the other day like a regular New Yorker.  But, unlike a regular New Yorker, he actually gave up his seat when a woman with a heavy bag got on.  And someone happened to be recording it.  (Full Story)




7.  Two more women stepped forward to accuse BILL COSBY of drugging and sexually assaulting them when they were young models.  One woman is 66, and says it happened in 1969, when she was 20.  The other is now 48, and says she was assaulted 25 years ago, when she was 23.  (Full Story)




8.  The latest on BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN includes word that she was recently in a car accident . . . her aunt saying that despite being on life support, she's doing well . . . and an anonymous friend telling the "National Enquirer" that she was using heroin and crack before her hospitalization.  (Full Story)




9.  Wide receiver RILEY COOPER is Mr. February in the Philadelphia Eagles' 2015 calendar.  And that's kind of a big deal, because February is Black History Month . . . and Cooper was filmed angrily using the N-word at a concert in 2013.  The Eagles say they have no input in the production of the calendar, and don't review it before it goes on sale.  (Full Story)




10.  "Fifty Shades of Grey" is out today.  Its competition for Valentine's Day weekend is Colin Firth's spy movie"Kingsman".  Your limited release options are an Anna Kendrick musical, and a vampire comedy starring the guy from "Flight of the Conchords".  (New Releases)  (Sneak Peek)




11.  Ladies, you're not going to enjoy the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie as much as you did the book, thanks to pesky SCIENCE.  Men are just more attuned to visual stimuli, while women get turned on by things like setting and circumstance.  It goes back to our mating instincts.  Sorry.  (Full Story)




12.  The producers of the upcoming Marvel movie "Ant-Man" hired 100 homeless people for a shoot in San Francisco, which is very cool of them.  But one of them peed on Ant-Man's van . . . then he did a NUMBER TWO on a storefront set.  Producers ended up firing the guy, but they did pay him $175 for his day's work.  (Full Story)




13.  Lando Calrissian isn't in the upcoming "Star Wars" movie, but BILLY DEE WILLIAMS thinks he'll appear in the trilogy . . . quote, "I have a feeling I'm going to show up.  There's nothing I can really discuss about it at this stage.  I can't imagine them not bringing Lando back.  But we'll see, I don’t know."  (Full Story)




14.  To celebrate the 40th anniversary of "Saturday Night Live""Rolling Stone" ranked all 141 current and former "SNL" cast members.  The #1 spot went to JOHN BELUSHI, followed by EDDIE MURPHY and TINA FEY.  In dead last was ROBERT DOWNEY JR., but they blamed the show for squandering his talent.  (Full Story)




15.  ROSIE O'DONNELL ended her second run on "The View" yesterday.  She thanked the show for having her back a second time.  And added, quote, "I will come back and do an occasional crafting segment because I have a hot glue gun and will travel."  There's no word on a permanent replacement.  (Full Story)




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17.  Thanks to the whole BECK / BEYONCÉ / KANYE WEST situation at the Grammys, we now have a mash-up called "Single Loser  (Put a Beck On It)".  It's a combination of Beck's "Loser" and Beyoncé's "Single Ladies".  (Full Story)




18.  CHRIS BROWN was supposed to hit the Target Center in Minneapolis on March 3rd, with TREY SONGZand TYGA.  But they canceled the gig, and sources say it's because they only sold 3,500 of the 20,000 tickets that were available.  That's 17.5% capacity.  (Full Story)




19.  DON MCLEAN is auctioning off the original, handwritten lyrics for "American Pie" . . . because he needs the money.  He says, quote, "I'm going to be 70 this year.  I have two children and a wife, and none of them seem to have the mercantile instinct.  I want to get the best deal that I can for them.  It's time."  The auction house estimates the lyrics could go for up to $1.5 MILLION.  (Full Story)




20.  Urban Quick Hits:  Missy Elliott's little dancer isn't little anymore, Plus Drake, and Beyoncé




21.  FRANKIE BALLARD hates Valentine's Day because he spent $60 on roses for his high school girlfriend, and she broke up with him two days later.  He says, quote, "I wasn't that mad about the breakup, as much as the 60 bucks.  It really put a bad taste in my mouth.  I'm like the Valentine's Day Grinch."  (Full Story)




22.  NAOMI JUDD smoked a fat one minutes before she and WYNONNA had their first record company audition.  She says, quote, "We were wearing $30 flea market dresses, way too much hair, too much makeup.  Absolutely terrified.  Before we went in, I went into the bathroom and smoked a big doobie."  (Full Story)




23.  TRACE ADKINS is the "special guest" on next fall's Country Cruising of the Caribbean, which is the same cruise where he got drunk and disorderly and ended up in rehab.  (???)  Other performers include Thompson SquareJoe NicholsParmaleeCraig Morgan, and Charlie Worsham.  (Full Story)




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