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Are These the 10 Hottest Bald Actors in Hollywood? has put out a so-called "Definitive Ranking of the Hottest Bald Actors in Hollywood."  PATRICK STEWART is #1 and BRUCE WILLIS at #10.  They've also got THE ROCK at #13, JASON STATHAM at #15 and the guy who played John Locke on "Lost" at #20.

1.  Patrick Stewart


2.  Taye Diggs


3.  Ben Kingsley


4.  Billy Zane


5.  LL Cool J


6.  Louis C.K.


7.  Samuel L. Jackson


8.  Sean Connery


9.  Woody Harrelson


10.  Bruce Willis

Simon Cowell Says He Was "Born to Be a Dad" 

In his first interview since the birth of his son, SIMON COWELL said, quote, "I was born to be a dad."  He added, quote, "I wouldn't rule out [more children]! . . . I kind of think it's cool to have two . . . or three."

Simon apparently realized he was "born to be a dad" at age 54.  Interestingly enough, that's the same age he realized he was NOT born to host a show called "X Factor" in the U.S.

Sexy Pictures of Famous People 



1.  I don't know how this guy got the job of checking under RIHANNA'S dress before she hits the fashion runway, but if he ever quits, I'm here.



2.  NICKI MINAJ posted a series of photos on Instagram in which she's makeup free . . . and SHIRT-free.  (Here's the direct link to her Instagram page.)



3.  JESSICA SIMPSON is looking thinner than ever.



4.  What if everybody at the Oscars had JARED LETO'S hair?



5.  CHRIS HEMSWORTH'S pregnant wife ELSA PATAKY turned her baby bump into a life preserver.



6.  AMY ADAMS, CATE BLANCHETT and their men went to a tattoo parlor together on Monday.  When they came out, Cate had a bandage on her wrist, and Amy's fiancé had one on his forearm.



7.  Do PAMELA ANDERSON upskirts still matter in 2014?  Even if she's wearing underwear?



8.  DREW BARRYMORE, REESE WITHERSPOON and CAMERON DIAZ went to a cooking class together.

Are Lamar Odom's Drug Dealers Stealing from the Kardashians? 

Someone stole more than $200,000 worth of jewelry and other valuables from the home that KHLOE KARDASHIAN and LAMAR ODOM used to share.  Someone also recently stole $50,000 in cash from KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN'S house.  Police reportedly believe the incidents are related, and there's even talk that Lamar's drug dealers did it because he owed them money.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Have Set a Date 



"People" magazine says KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST are getting married on May 24th.  As we've already heard, it's going down in Paris, and it'll be a small ceremony.  At least compared to Kim's last wedding.



They're "only" inviting around 150 people, and their daughter North West, who'll be less than a month shy of her first birthday, will have a role in the ceremony.  (Here's a picture of Kim without makeup.)

HBO Has Hired 10 Rappers to Make a "Game of Thrones" Mixtape

HBO has hired 10 hip-hop artists . . . including COMMON and BIG BOI . . . to make an "authentic" "Game of Thrones" mixtape in an attempt to draw in more "multicultural" viewers.  It's called "Catch the Throne".  It'll be on SoundCloud tomorrow, but you can listen to Big Boi's track TODAY.

You can listen to "Mother of Dragons" TODAY at "Vibe" magazine, which is streaming an early preview of his track.

Super Bowl Lawyer Jamie Casino is Getting a Reality Show 



Remember JAMIE CASINO . . . the personal injury lawyer from Georgia whose AMAZING local Super Bowl commercial became a viral sensation?  Not surprisingly, he's getting a reality show.



Even though there's no concept yet, they already have a title.  They're calling it "Casino's Law".  There's no word on a network yet, either.






Blair and Tootie From "The Facts of Life" Are Doing a Hallmark Movie Together 



Blair and Tootie from "The Facts of Life" are acting together again.  LISA WHELCHEL and KIM FIELDS have signed on to do an original Hallmark Channel movie called "For Better or for Worse".  It'll premiere sometime this fall.



According to the press release, the movie is, quote, "a heartwarming romantic comedy about a woman who learns that perhaps there is such a thing as second chances when facing the pleasures and pains of love."

Thursday's TV Reminders:



"American Idol" [Results Show] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on Fox.  Philip Phillips and Kodaline perform.



"Saint George" [Series Premiere] . . . from 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on FX.  This new George Lopez sitcom deals with him being torn between his Mexican roots and the parenting demands of his blonde ex-wife . . . played by Jenn Lyon from "Justified".


And as a BONUS, "Machete" superstar Danny Trejo is in it too.



"Hollywood Game Night" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on NBC.  Tiffani Thiessen, Anthony Anderson, Yvette Nicole Brown, Pete Wentz, Adam Scott, and Baba Booey play party games with the contestants.



"Celebrity Home Raiders" [Series Premiere] . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on Lifetime.  "Access Hollywood" minx Kit Hoover takes auctioneers into celebrities' homes to search for things to auction for charity.  Gene Simmons is in the first episode. 


And the later episodes will feature Lance Bass, David Hasselhoff, David Cassidy, Debbie Gibson, Ice T, and Fran Drescher.



"Sirens" [Series Premiere] . . . Thursday from 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on USA.  This new series from Denis Leary is about two Chicago EMTs who take on a rookie.  Australian minx Jessica McNamee has an on-again, off-again with one of them.


You can watch a preview episode online at


Tonight's Late Night Talk Shows:



"The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" - Lindsay Lohan, and Bill Eichner from FunnyOrDie's "Billy on the Street". Music Guest:  Bad Things.



"Late Night with Seth Meyers" - Martha Stewart and Lil Jon.



"Letterman" - National Best Bagger Champion Andrew Hadlock.  Music Guest: Bob Mould.



"Jimmy Kimmel" - Aaron Paul and "Scandal's" Bellamy Young.  Music Guest:  Jetta.



"Carson Daly" - Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and photographer Chris Burkard.  Music Guest:  LP.



"Arsenio" - Rick Ross pimps his new disc.  The cast of "Total Divas" also appear.



"Conan" - Kristin Chenoweth, Billy Connolly, and Drive-By Truckers.



"Craig Ferguson" - Rosie Perez.  Bryan Kellen.



"Chelsea Lately" - Allison Janney.



"Jon Stewart" - Political scientist Kimberly Marten.



"The Colbert Report" - Theaster Gates, founder of the Rebuild Foundation.

Five Random Facts For Thursday

1.  Rio de Janeiro is NOT the capital of Brazil . . . Brasilia is.  But Rio WAS once the capital of PORTUGAL.  In the early 1800s, the Portuguese royal family fled there to get away from Napoleon.  Lisbon became Portugal's capital again in the 1820s.



2.  There are still 51 Blockbuster locations open.  More than HALF are in Alaska and Texas . . . 13 in Alaska, 14 in Texas.



3.  A chemist named William Mitchell is credited as the key inventor behind Pop Rocks, Tang, AND Cool Whip.



4.  When Facebook was developing the Like button, the engineers all wanted it to be called the AWESOME button.  Luckily MARK ZUCKERBERG vetoed that.



5.  Eddie, the dog on "Frasier", made $10,000 per episode.  His real name was Moose, and he died in 2006 after making more than $3.2 million.



(Wikipedia / Blockbuster / Wikipedia / TechCrunch / KGB Answers)

The Seven Worst Ways to Get Dumped

1.  On social media.  It's bad to dump someone publicly on their Facebook wall . . . but even worse to dump them by just changing your relationship status from "In a relationship" to "Single" without a conversation.



2.  By email or text.



3.  Ignoring them until the relationship just ends, without any conversation.



4.  Having a FRIEND dump them for you.



5.  Getting-it-on with one of their friends.



6.  Standing them up at a family event.



7.  Standing them up on your anniversary. 




The 10 Things People Don't Want to Get in Someone's Will

1.  A pet.


2.  Old furniture.


3.  Clothes.


4.  An old car.


5.  Vacation souvenirs.


6.  Homemade crafts.


7.  Sports memorabilia.


8.  Childhood toys.


9.  A record collection.


10.  Other strange collections, like a coin or stamp collection.  (Daily Mail)

What Four Words Could You Say to Your Parents That Would Devastate Them the Most?

What FOUR WORDS could you say to your parents that would devastate them the most?  Some of our favorite answers are "I'm moving back in" . . . "I did my sister" . . . "I'm majoring in art" . . . and "I started doing porn."


1.  "I'm moving back in."


2.  "The nursing home called."


3.  "I read Mom's diary."


4.  "I did my sister."


5.  "I'm majoring in art."


6.  "Guess what?  You're grandparents."


7.  "I voted for Obama."


8.  "I started doing porn."


9.  "Can't wait for inheritance."  (Reddit)


Is the Office March Madness Pool Good or Bad For the Company?

Every year, a study comes out showing that March Madness costs U.S. businesses hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity.  Well . . . the people actually RUNNING businesses disagree.  A new survey found only 11% of executives think March Madness hurts productivity . . . and 32% say running an office pool has a positive impact on morale.

(PR Newswire)

Stupid Photos of the Day: Terrible Couples . . . Sexist Ads . . . Misspelled Tattoos . . . the World's Prison Population . . . and a Horny Cheeto


1.  A website called has a collection of eleven 'Extremely Strange Couples Photo Fails.'  And it's exactly what it sounds like.  We're fans of the topless chubby couple, with the dude brandishing a sword.



2.  The Huffington Post collected '11 Sexist Vintage Ads That Would Be Totally Unacceptable Today.'  They're SO sexist from today's perspective, it's pretty hard to believe they're real . . . but they are.



3. put together 19 of 'The Worst Tattoo Spelling Fails.'  You might have seen a few of them before, but there's nothing to immortalize your low IQ like having a misspelled word permanently on your body . . .



4.  On a more serious note, Business Insider put together some maps of the world's prison population, and incarcerations rates by country.  And NO ONE is locking people up like the U.S.  It's really frightening.



We've got 2.4 million people behind bars . . . the highest number in the world.  And it's basically because of the failed "War on Drugs."



5.  And on a WAY LESS SERIOUS note, here's a photo of a Cheeto shaped exactly like a man vigorously fondling himself.  (Check it out here.)



6.  Finally, check out the 'Selfie of the Day.'  It's a Royal Danish Air Force pilot named Thomas Kristensen flying an F-16, and filming himself in the cockpit as he fires a MISSILE.  A screenshot from it has been going around on Facebook.

Tyler, The Creator is 23.  Up-and-coming rapper and producer.



Bubba Sparxxx is 37.  White rapper who's more successful than Snow, less successful than Eminem and the Beastie Boys, and debatably more successful than Vanilla Ice and Kevin Federline.



Beanie Sigel is 40.  Dazzling young urbanite with more legal troubles than hit tracks.



Shaquille O'Neal is 42.  The Big Aristotle!



TAMI MONROE! is 44.  Older sister of mattress actress Tara Monroe.  Tami's done twice as many movies as Tara, but they're both VERY naughty.  Tami was in "Catfighting 10", "Foot Worship 11" and "Spanking 13".


Tara was in "Catfighting 8", "Foot Worship 10" and "Spanking 11".  They FINALLY worked together in 1993's "Sisters" AND 1994's "Toppers 30"!  (Yes!  Let's hear it for the SISTERS WHO DO!)



Connie Britton is 47 and she just gets SEXIER with age.  She plays Rayna Jaymes on "Nashville".  You might also remember her as Vivien Harmon on the first season of "American Horror Story" or Tami Taylor on "Friday Night Lights".



D.L. Hughley is 51.  Nubian comedian.



Tom Arnold is 55.  The Best Damn Clown-Ass Period.  He lost 70 pounds in 2005 . . . and no one has really cared about him since.



KIKI DEE! is 67.  Biggest hit:  1976's  "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" with Elton John.  Second biggest hit:  ROCK BOTTOM!  APB on Kiki Dee!


Rob Reiner is 67.  Meathead on "All In The Family"!  Since then, he's directed movies like "This Is Spinal Tap", "The Princess Bride", "When Harry Met Sally" and "A Few Good Men".  And he's become a deliciously chubby bear!



Martin Kove is 68.  "Karate Kid" villain . . . Cobra Kai instructor John Kreese.



David Gilmour is 68.  Lead guitarist of Pink Floyd.



Mary Wilson is 70.  Co-founder of The Supremes.



Marion Barry Jr. is 78.  Loves the "Hamburger Helper", just LOVES it!



Alan Greenspan is 88.  Sexy former Federal Reserve Chairman who nails sexy Andrea Mitchell anytime he wants to.



Ed McMahon would have been 90.  (1923 - 2009)



Lou Costello  (1906 - 1959)  Abbott & Costello.  Real Name:  Louis Francis Cristillo.



Michelangelo  (1475 - 1564)  Italian Renaissance artist famous for painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and his not-terribly-well-endowed sculpture of David.

Countdown to Upcoming Events

• 3 days to Daylight Savings

• 11 days to St. Patrick's Day

• 11 days to Dancing with the Stars

• 26 days to April Fool's Day

• 29 days to "Captain America 2"

• 1,051 days left of "Hope and Change"

178 years ago . . . In 1836, after a 13-day siege, THE ALAMO fell to Mexican forces led by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.  All 187 defenders of The Alamo, including DAVY CROCKETT and Bowie knife inventor JIM BOWIE, were killed by the Mexicans.


JOHN WAYNE played Davy Crockett in the 1960 film "The Alamo".  Honkies in brown makeup played most of the Mexicans.


About 150 years after the battle took place, Ozzy Osbourne peed on this hallowed ground while wearing one of his wife's dresses.  Classy.



118 years ago . . . In 1896, Charles Brady King drove THE FIRST CAR on the streets of Detroit.  When it broke down on a busy street, people yelled at him, "Get a horse!"



64 years ago . . . IN 1950, SILLY PUTTY WAS INVENTED!



50 years ago . . . In 1964, ELIZABETH TAYLOR divorced her fourth husband, EDDIE FISHER . . . whom she'd STOLEN from DEBBIE REYNOLDS.



36 years ago . . . In 1978, "HUSTLER" publisher LARRY FLYNT was shot and left partially paralyzed by a sniper in Georgia, where Flynt was on trial for distributing obscene materials.

34 years ago . . . In 1980, SUSAN LUCCI "lost for the first time" at the 7th Daytime Emmy Awards.  NINETEEN nominations later, she finally won in 1999 for her role as Erica Kane on "ALL MY CHILDREN".



33 years ago . . . In 1981, WALTER CRONKITE retired after 19 years as anchorman of the "CBS Evening News".  Quitter.



32 years ago . . . In 1982, WILLIE NELSON'S "Always On My Mind" entered the pop chart at #88.  The original was recorded in 1972 by ELVIS.  Willie's version went on to reach #1 on the country chart and won a Grammy for Song of the Year.



31 years ago . . . In 1983, THE SPONGE contraceptive was approved by the FDA.



29 years ago . . . In 1985, MIKE TYSON'S first professional fight ended with a knock-out of El Hector Mercedes in the first round.



27 years ago . . . In 1987, "DEEP THROAT" superstar LINDA LOVELACE received a thick, gooey organ inside her.  She had a liver transplant!  HI-YO!



23 years ago . . . In 1991, the IRS auctioned off WILLIE NELSON'S country club golf course and recording studio to pay part of his $32 MILLION tax debt.


17 years ago . . . In 1997, QUEEN ELIZABETH THE SECOND launched the OFFICIAL ROYAL WEB PAGE.  (Sadly, no upskirt shots of Fergie.)



15 years ago . . . In 1999, country legend GEORGE JONES was seriously injured after crashing his Lexus SUV into a bridge . . . while driving home drunk.



14 years ago . . . In 2000, ERIC CLAPTON became the first musician inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame THREE TIMES.  He was first honored as a member of the YARDBIRDS in 1992, then with CREAM in 1993, and finally as a solo artist.



Eight years ago . . . In 2006, DANA REEVE . . . the widow of CHRISTOPHER REEVE . . . succumbed to LUNG CANCER.  She was only 44.



Seven years ago . . . In 2007, DICK CHENEY'S former chief of staff, SCOOTER LIBBY, was convicted of lying and obstructing an investigation into the leak of CIA operative VALERIE PLAME'S identity.