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Drew Barrymore Had Her Baby 



DREW BARRYMORE and her husband Will Kopelman welcomed a baby girl yesterday.  Someday they'll have to explain to her why they named her Frankie Barrymore Kopelman.



This is their second child.  Their first, a daughter with the even LESS normal name of Olive, is 19 months old.  Drew is 39 . . . Will is 36.

Cameron Diaz Would Like You To Know She Can Have Kids If She Wants To . . . And Also, She Hasn't Used Antiperspirant in 20 Years 



Just because CAMERON DIAZ is 41 and childless, that doesn't mean she's BARREN.  She says, quote, "If I wanted kids, at any point in life, I would have them.



"But I'm certain that if at any point I wanted a child, that child would find its way into my life, whether through adoption, or through being in a relationship with somebody who has a child."



Maybe the reason she doesn't have kids is because no guy wants to get close enough to impregnate her.  Because she also says, quote, "I don't believe in antiperspirant.  It's really bad for you.  I haven't used it for almost 20 years."



She adds, quote, "You're stinky, because you use antiperspirant.  It keeps all the stink in.  "Let it go and just trim your armpit hair so it doesn't hold onto the scent."

Olivia Munn Won't Let Her Man See Her Shave 



OLIVIA MUNN has been dating "Robocop" actor JOEL KINNAMAN for over two years . . . but he still hasn't seen EVERYTHING she has to offer.



Olivia tells "Allure" magazine, quote, "I would never let my man see me shave.  I just don't think that you ever look like you're in a nice position."



Olivia also hates when actresses LIE about being able to eat whatever they want . . . quote, "In order to look like that, you have to have some secret, magical unicorn blood that makes carbs disappear as they go into your body.  I prefer the truth."

Kate Upton Says She Didn't Look Her Best During Her Bikini Scene in "The Other Woman" 



Don't you hate when PERFECT celebrities gripe about how they look?  Well, KATE UPTON is whining about her bikini body in the upcoming movie "The Other Woman".



She says, quote, "Of course, I always try to live a healthy lifestyle, but that was my birthday week.  So that was the least healthy I've ever been.  I just turned 21."



Kate claims that she and her co-stars CAMERON DIAZ and LESLIE MANN were, quote, "living it up" that week.

Sexy Pictures of Famous People 



1.  Jenna Dewan Tatum, Kristen Bell, Minnie Driver and Nia Long got NAKED for "Allure" magazine.




2.  SOFIA VERGARA posing in . . . and OUT . . . of a bikini at the age of 26 is the kind of thing you need to drop everything to check out.




3.  Someone took several famous women and compared their outfits to lampshades.  It works better than you'd expect.




4.  Some people who were vacationing in Paris happened to bump into a very drunk CHARLIE SHEEN.  Here are their pictures.




5.  BLAKE LIVELY slipped and fell and cut her hand on a movie set.




6.  JENNY MCCARTHY posted a makeup-free selfie.




7.  Check out KIM KARDASHIAN and KENDALL JENNER buying up multiple copies of the "Vogue" magazine with Kim and KANYE WEST on the cover.

10 of Hollywood's Worst Tippers 

A list of Hollywood's worst tippers includes Sean Penn, Madonna, Bill Cosby, Britney Spears, Tiger Woods and Rachael Ray . . . who actually believes waiters and waitresses should only be tipped $7.

Katherine Heigl:  In addition to being a bad tipper, she's also a lousy customer . . . complaining about her food, sending it back multiple times and being extremely demanding.  She's worth $25 million.



Sean Penn:  He and some friends once ran up a $450 bill at a restaurant in New Orleans, then dashed without leaving SQUAT for the server.  He's worth $100 million.



Britney Spears:  She once threw change at the feet of a valet attendant and said, "There's your tip."  She also left a $26 tip on a $500 bill, which comes to 5%.



And one time at a Vegas restaurant, she made the waiter run across the street and get her Starbucks.  She didn't tip him, or even reimburse him for the coffee.  And she's got an estimated $200 million in the bank.



Kirsten Dunst:  She once left NO TIP on a $223 bill . . . and after she left, the staff said she was whiny and smelled bad.  (???)  Another time, a restaurant comped her entire meal and she STILL left no tip.  Even though she's worth $25 million.

Usher:  He's been known to leave AUTOGRAPHED PICTURES of himself instead of cash.  He has a net worth of $140 million.



Rachael Ray:  Being in the food industry, you'd think she'd be a good tipper.  But she regularly tips less than 10%, and has even said on her TV show that 7% is GOOD ENOUGH.  Maybe that's why she has $60 million to her name.



Bill Cosby:  He's worth $350 million . . . but he once left a $3 on a $350 bill.  That's less than a 1% tip.



Jeremy Piven:  He was banned from all Nobu Matsuhisa restaurants after he took 12 of his friends to one in Aspen in 2007.  Even though the place was packed and he didn't have a reservation, they got him a table.

Madonna:  She's notoriously rude to waiters and often doesn't leave a tip at all.  One time she splurged and left an $18 tip on a $400 bill.  That's 4.5%.  She's worth $650 million.  Oh, and she used to be married to fellow bad tipper Sean Penn.



Tiger Woods:  While vacationing with a "mystery woman" in Las Vegas one time, Tiger stiffed his waiter . . . so the WOMAN left a tip.  Probably out of embarrassment.  Tiger has $500 million in the bank.




Get Ready for Peeps:  The Movie 

"Peeps:  The Movie" is in the works.  It'll take place at a Peeps diorama contest.  One Peep gets separated from his diorama, and has to make his way through the various fantasy lands of other dioramas to get back to his before judging begins.  No, I'm not joking.

David Letterman Told Stephen Colbert He's Glad CBS Didn't Replace Him with "Another Boob Like Me" 

STEPHEN COLBERT will take over for DAVID LETTERMAN sometime next year . . . and last night, he was on "The Late Show" to talk about it.  They spent most of the time bantering about things like who's the worst "boob" . . . and didn't make any announcements about a timetable for the switchover.

"NCIS" and "Game of Thrones" Topped the Ratings Again



"NCIS" is back to #1 in the ratings with 17.1 million viewers, and "Game of Thrones" is still the most-watched show on cable again with 6.6 million viewers.



Both episodes of "The Voice" pulled in 11.8 million viewers . . . and "American Idol" had 8.5 million and 8 million for its two airings.  Here are last week's Top 10 shows:



1.  "NCIS ", CBS, 17.1 million viewers.


2.  "Dancing with the Stars", ABC, 14.8 million viewers.


3.  "NCIS: Los Angeles", CBS, 14.7 million viewers.


4.  Monday's episode of "The Voice", NBC, 11.8 million viewers.


5.  Tuesday's episode of "The Voice", NBC, 11.8 million viewers.


6.  "The Big Bang Theory", CBS, 10.9 million viewers.


7.  "Person of Interest", CBS, 10.7 million viewers.


8.  The third season finale of "Scandal", ABC, 10.6 million viewers.


9.  A repeat of "The Big Bang Theory", CBS, 9.7 million viewers.


10.  "Survivor", CBS, 9.3 million viewers.


Wednesday TV Reminders:



"American Idol" [Performance Show] . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Fox.  The Top 6 finalists perform.



"Nashville:  On the Record" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on ABC.  Ashley Monroe from the Pistol Annies guest stars for this music special where the cast does acoustic performances of the fans' favorite songs from the show.

Tonight's Late Night Talk Shows:



"The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" - Cameron Diaz and Jim Gaffigan.  Music Guests:  Future featuring Pusha T.



"Late Night with Seth Meyers" - Colin Quinn and Paramore.



"Letterman" - Sally Field, Timothy Simons from "Veep", and Needtobreathe.



"Jimmy Kimmel" - Tim Allen, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Foster the People.



"Carson Daly" - Brett Gelman from Adult Swim's "Eagleheart".  Plus:  Sir Sly and Skaters.



"Arsenio" - Samantha Ronson, Pat & Gina Neely, and Earthquake.



"Conan" - Martin Scorsese, Vanessa Bayer, and Rock Candy Funk Party.  (Repeat)



"Craig Ferguson" - Eddie Izzard and Lyle Lovett.



"Chelsea Lately" - Mekhi Phifer sits down with guest host Loni Love.



"Jon Stewart" - Robin Roberts.



"The Colbert Report" - Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari.

Five Random Facts For Wednesday

1.  People born in the fall are most likely to live to 100.



2.  Heroin, cocaine, and LSD are three of the 10 most expensive materials in the world . . . right next to things like diamonds and plutonium.



3.  In 1983, before MICHAEL BOLTON was famous, he auditioned to replace OZZY OSBOURNE as the lead singer in BLACK SABBATH.



4.  Six of the eight times a white rapper has been nominated for Best Rap Album at the Grammys, they've won.  Five wins were Eminem, one was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  The two losses were Eminem and the Beastie Boys . . . both to Kanye West.



5.  Nintendo named Mario after the landlord of their first warehouse, Mario Segale.  It was a way to get an extension on paying rent.



(New Scientist / Picsgrid / Wikipedia / Rock on the Net / Wikipedia)

Women Are More Attracted to Men in Sensible Cars Than Expensive Cars

Believe it or not, a new survey found women are now MORE attracted to men in SENSIBLE cars than expensive or flashy cars.  Only one in 10 women say they'd date a guy they weren't physically attracted to because of his car.


(New York Post / PR Newswire)


The Three Places We Feel the Most Self-Conscious About Our Bodies

According to a new survey, the three places where we feel the most self-conscious about our bodies are the gym . . . the beach . . . and the doctor's office.

(Daily Mail)

When Did You Really Start Feeling Old? 


When did you really start feeling old?  In a new survey, the most common answer was . . . age 50.  About 80% of people started truly feeling old at 50 . . . only 5% started feeling old at age 40.

(The Telegraph)

The Ten Man-Chores That Women Are Now More Likely to Do Themselves

According to a new survey, 60% of women say they're now more likely to handle certain chores that boyfriends or husbands used to do . . . including fixing a leaky sink, replacing a blown fuse, fixing a running toilet, and hanging pictures.

1.  Changing light bulbs.


2.  Replacing a blown fuse or resetting the fuse box.


3.  Fixing a leak in the sink.


4.  Fixing a toilet that won't stop running.


5.  Replacing a broken doorknob.


6.  Patching a hole in the wall.


7.  Re-painting a room.


8.  Replacing wallpaper.


9.  Sealing windows in the winter.


10.  Hanging pictures.



So apparently guys still take the trash out, and that's pretty much it.  (Daily Mail)

The Key to Making Your Marriage Last After You Cheat Is . . . Admitting You Cheated?

A new study found the key to making your marriage last after someone cheats is . . . admitting it.  When couples in the study admitted their cheating, only 43% wound up divorced . . . when they DIDN'T admit cheating, 80% wound up divorced.  The researchers say it's because admitting it helps you work through it and figure out the root cause.

(Huffington Post)

America's Favorite Burger, Fries, Pizza, and More

A new survey found America's favorite fast food items.  The best burger is at Wendy's . . . the best fries are McDonald's . . . the best chicken sandwich is Chick-fil-A . . . the best Mexican food is Chipotle . . . and the best coffee is Starbucks.

1.  Best burger:  Wendy's classic burger.


2.  Best pizza:  Papa John's.


3.  Best fries:  McDonald's.


4.  Best chicken sandwich and chicken nuggets:  Chick-fil-A.


5.  Best donut:  Krispy Kreme.


6.  Best breakfast:  McDonald's . . . although Taco Bell's Waffle Taco was voted the best new breakfast food item.


7.  Best hangover food:  Chipotle.


8.  Best Mexican food:  Chipotle.


9.  Best healthy option:  Subway.


10.  Best coffee:  Starbucks.  (Business Insider)


Four People Got Food Poisoning at a Food Safety Conference


The irony here is almost TOO perfect.  At least four people who attended a major food safety conference in Baltimore got sick earlier this week . . . from FOOD POISONING.  The Maryland health department is investigating.

(NBC News)

The Kid Who Got Kicked in the Head by a Train Conductor Could Make $250,000 . . . Thanks to YouTube


Last week, a 22-year-old guy from Canada made the news when he posted a 10-second YouTube video where he's standing next to a train . . . and the conductor KICKS HIM IN THE HEAD.  Well, thanks to 24 MILLION views, he could earn up to $250,000 in ad revenue and licensing from the video.

(CBC / Gawker)



Dev Patel is 24.  The kid from "Slumdog Millionaire".



Taio Cruz is 34.  The brotha who sings "Break Your Heart".

Jaime King is 35.  Delicious young starlet from "Pearl Harbor", "Bulletproof Monk" and "White Chicks".  See her . . . NAKED . . . as Goldie (slash) Wendy in "Sin City".  Hopefully she takes everything off again in "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" this October.



Joanna Krupa is 35.  Hot model and one of the "Real Housewives of Miami" who finished 4th on season nine of "Dancing with the Stars" and stirred some controversy over PETA pics where she's "dressed" as an angel, holding a strategically placed crucifix to cover her naughty parts.

Kal Penn is 37.  Kumar in the "Harold and Kumar" movies.



John Oliver is 37"Daily Show" correspondent who's getting his own HBO show.


John Cena is 37.  One of the most polarizing WWE superstars of all time.  He's every bit as hated as he is loved.  But he's the face of the company, he makes MILLIONS and he's the number one wish-granter of all time for the Make-A-Wish Foundation . . . so SUCK IT, HATERS.



Barry Watson is 40.  Sexy cross-dresser in "Sorority Boys", and the oldest son, Matt Camden, on "7th Heaven".  His last major gig was playing Samantha's ex-boyfriend Todd on "Samantha Who?".



Mattress actress Sydney St. James is 42.  She's starred in 91 fine films, including . . . "Anus the Menace", "The Bootieguard" AND "The Beaverly Hillbillies"!



Melina Kanakaredes is 47.  Oddly sexy former "CSI:  New York" star.



George Lopez is 53.  He once smacked Carlos Mencia for stealing his material.  But hey, who hasn't wanted to do that?



VALERIE BERTINELLI is 54.  Eddie Van Halen's gorgeous ex-wife who looks AWESOME now that she's gone through the Jenny Craig thing.



Dan Frischman is 55.  He WAS Arvid on "Head of the Class".



Michael Moore is 60"Bowling for Columbine" and "Fahrenheit 9/11" chubby.



Mumia Abu-Jamal is 60.  Black Panther and convicted cop-killer.  Superstars like Mike Farrell, Edward James Olmos and Michael Moore say Mumia got a raw deal.



Joyce DeWitt is 65.  Janet on "Three's Company".

Lee Majors is 75.  Steve Austin on "The Six Million Dollar Man", Heath Barkley on "The Big Valley", and Colt Seavers on "The Fall Guy".  He used to nail Farrah Fawcett.

Alan Oppenheimer is 84.  Dr. Rudy Wells on "The Bionic Woman" and "The Six Million Dollar Man" . . . AND the voice of Skeletor on the old-school "He-Man".

Shirley Temple Black would have been 86.  After her showbiz career, Shirley became active in politics.  From the early '70s through the early '90s, Shirley held various positions in several presidential administrations.  She was a representative to the United Nations and an ambassador to both Ghana and Czechoslovakia.



HERVÉ VILLECHAIZE  (1943 - 1993)  TATTOO ON "FANTASY ISLAND" and Nick Nack in "The Man With the Golden Gun".



Sandra Dee  (1942 - 2005)  The original "Gidget".



Roy Orbison  (1936 - 1988)



William Shakespeare  (1564 - 1616)

Countdown to Upcoming Events

• Today is Secretary's Day

• 9 days to Spider Man 2

• 18 days to Mother's Day

• 30 days to Memorial Day Weekend

• 53 days to Father's Day

• 1,003 days left of "Hope and Change"

398 years ago . . . In 1616, WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE died on his 52nd birthday.



114 years ago . . . In 1900, the word "HILLBILLY" (spelled "Hill-Billie") was first used in print, in an article in the "New York Journal".

106 years ago . . . In 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt signed an act creating the U.S. ARMY RESERVE.



58 years ago . . . In 1956, the REAL ELVIS played his first show ever in Las Vegas . . . and BOMBED.  Elvis Presley opened for super-comedian SHECKY GREENE at the new Frontier Hotel and bombed so bad that he didn't go back until 1969.



50 years ago . . . In 1964, Ken Johnson of the HOUSTON COLT .45'S became the first pitcher to throw a no-hitter . . . and LOSE THE GAME.  The Colt .45's lost 1-0 on an error in the 9th inning.  (By the way, BILLY DEE WILLIAMS loves Colt .45 . . . and white women!  Just LOVES 'em!)


39 years ago . . . In 1975, PETE HAM of BADFINGER ("Come And Get It", "No Matter What" and "Day After Day") hanged himself in his London garage.  He was only 27.



29 years ago . . . In 1985, COCA-COLA announced it was changing the secret flavor formula for Coke, and introduced NEW COKE . . . but consumers thought New Coke blew . . . so they went back to the original.



25 years ago . . . In 1989, KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR played his last regular season NBA game.



25 years ago . . . In 1989, with the first pick of the NFL draft, the DALLAS COWBOYS selected UCLA quarterback TROY AIKMAN.  He led them to three Super Bowls and played for the Cowboys until he retired in 2000.



21 years ago . . . In 1993, Chicano civil rights leader CESAR CHAVEZ died at the age of 66.  Chicano means "brown".  That's what my primo Lil' Spooky told me . . . and he's half-Hispanic just like me!!!



19 years ago . . . In 1995, the great HOWARD COSELL died in New York at age 77.



16 years ago . . . In 1998, JAMES EARL RAY, the guy who assassinated MARTIN LUTHER KING JR., died in prison at 70.  His death came about 30 years too late.



Seven years ago . . . In 2007, Russia's first president, BORIS YELTSIN, died of heart failure at 76.  (He held office for eight years before unexpectedly resigning and handing the presidency to Vladimir Putin . . . three months before the next election.)