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George Clooney's Parents Confirmed His Engagement 



GEORGE CLOONEY still hasn't confirmed that he's engaged to attorney Amal Alamuddin . . . but his PARENTS did.



Yesterday, Nick Clooney told "Entertainment Tonight", quote, "We are very happy for them.  She is a lovely girl."  And his mother Nina said, quote, "You can say I'm extremely happy.  Amal's a lovely girl."

Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom Were Spotted Together Again 



SELENA GOMEZ and ORLANDO BLOOM have been spotted together for the second time this month.



A photographer caught them outside a CHELSEA HANDLER standup show in L.A., but when he started taking pictures, Orlando walked away.  A source says they arrived and left together, though.



While Selena and Orlando were still dating JUSTIN BIEBER and MIRANDA KERR, respectively . . . there were rumors that those two hooked up.  Selena and Orlando were hanging out at some kids' conference in Orlando earlier this month.


Sexy Pictures of Famous People 



1.  LISA RINNA'S nipples need to be registered with the LAPD as lethal weapons.




2.  I'd like to think HILARY DUFF is purposely distending her nipples to taunt AARON CARTER.  It makes the world a more fun place to live in.




3.  If your fetish is pregnant, tattooed girls in bikinis, then here's "Teen Mom" star JENELLE EVANS giving you what you want.




4.  KESHA made out with some bearded mystery guy in Santa Monica.




5.  RIHANNA had fun with a foam finger at a Brooklyn Nets game.  Don't judge.  We've all done it.  (And check out some sexy shots from a "Vogue Brasil" shoot.)




6.  CHRISSY TEIGEN posted a picture of herself naked in a bathtub.  She also reveals that she and husband JOHN LEGEND joined the Mile High Club on a flight to Thailand.



She said, quote, "[We were] flying commercial first-class.  We were under a blanket.  We weren't even in one of those pod things.  I feel like we should get a trophy for that."

Paul Simon and His Wife Edie Brickell Were Arrested for a Domestic Dispute, But They Say They're Cool  

PAUL SIMON and his wife, EDIE BRICKELL, were arrested after some kind of domestic dispute, but they held hands in court yesterday, and said that they're cool.  Edie said, quote, "I got my feelings hurt and picked a fight with my husband.  The police called it disorderly.  Thank God it's orderly now."

Miley Cyrus Says Her Allergic Reaction Was "So Scary", but Being in the Hospital Was Boring 

MILEY CYRUS is ready to get back on the road after spending almost a week in the hospital.  She even rescheduled the tour dates she had to miss when she landed in the hospital with an allergic reaction.  She says the ordeal was "scary", but sitting in the hospital for almost a week was "boring".


The Kim Kardashian / Kanye West "Vogue" Issue May Be One of the Best-Selling Issues Ever 

The issue of "Vogue" with KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST on the cover is on track to sell up to 500,000 copies, which easily eclipses recent best-selling issues featuring BEYONCÉ and MICHELLE OBAMA on the covers.  So much for people saying they're "over" the Kardashians.

The Clippers are Losing Sponsors . . . and the Miami Heat Are Protesting With Their Jerseys Too 


The L.A. Clippers are losing sponsors left and right thanks to their RACIST owner.  Nine companies have already walked, including CarMax, Virgin America, Kia, Red Bull, Sprint, and the Chumash Casino, which has been their most visible sponsor for the past four years.  Meanwhile, the MIAMI HEAT has also joined the Clippers in silent protest with inverted warmup jerseys.

Craig Ferguson Is Leaving CBS Later This Year . . . Is He Upset About Not Getting Letterman's Timeslot? 

CRAIG FERGUSON might have been upset that he didn't get DAVID LETTERMAN'S timeslot after all . . . because he just announced that he's leaving CBS when his contract is up at the end of this year.  There's no word on who's replacing him yet.

Tuesday TV Reminders:



"The Voice" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on NBC.  Two more singers are eliminated.



"Glee" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on Fox.  Shirley MacLaine guest stars as an older socialite Blaine meets.



"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on ABC.  Cobie Smulders guest stars as her "Avengers" character Agent Maria Hill.



"Celebrities Undercover" . . . 10:30 to 11:00 P.M. on Oxygen.  Lil Kim secretly attends her own listening party, and Fantasia auditions for a musical about her life.


Tonight's Late Night Talk Shows:



"The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" - Dane DeHaan, Diane Keaton, David Byrne, and Daley.



"Late Night with Seth Meyers" - Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Matt Walsh, and Bill Nye.



"Letterman" - Lucy Liu, Ziggy Marley and stupid pet tricks.



"Jimmy Kimmel" - Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Robin Roberts.



"Carson Daly" - Dave Attell.  Plus:  Washed Out and Semi Precious Weapons.



"Arsenio" - Jimmie Walker, Kevin Taylor, and Selectress Iriela.



"Conan" - Kunal Nayyar, Max Brooks, and Hurray for the Riff Raff.



"Craig Ferguson" - Valerie Bertinelli, and Seth Gabel.



"Chelsea Lately" - Hugh Dancy.



"Jon Stewart" - William Cohan.



"The Colbert Report" - Robert Rodriguez.

"Gimme Shelter" is Out on DVD and "Don Jon" is Out on Netflix



Here's what's new on DVD today:



"The Legend of Hercules" . . . "Twilight's" Kellan Lutz is Hercules and Liam McIntyre from "Spartacus" plays his best friend, a soldier sold into slavery with him.



"Gimme Shelter" . . . Vanessa Hudgens is a pregnant teenager who runs away from her drug-addicted mom.  Brendan Fraser plays her father, Rosario Dawson is her mom, and James Earl Jones tries to help get her off the streets.



"Labor Day" . . . Kate Winslet plays a single mom who falls in love with Josh Brolin, an escaped convict who forces her to hide him in her home.



"Devil's Due" . . .  Zach Gilford from "Friday Night Lights" finds out his wife is giving birth to the Anti-Christ.  She's played by Allison Miller from "Terra Nova".



This week's other DVD releases include the unsanctioned Disney World horror film "Escape from Tomorrow", the seventh season of "Without a Trace . . . and the eighth season of "Dynasty".




Here's what's new in the past week to Netflix Instant Streaming:



"Don Jon" is a romantic comedy starring Joseph Gordon Levitt as a guy whose porn addiction clashes with the romantic tendencies of Scarlett Johansson.


"Odd Thomas" is a supernatural action thriller starring Anton Yelchin as the clairvoyant hero of the Dean Koontz novels who can see harbingers of death.


"Metallica Through the Never" and the music  documentary "Muscle Shoals".




And if you're looking at new video games, this week's only release is "Child of Light", a side-scrolling RPG inspired for the XboxOne, Xbox360, WiiU, PS4 and PS3.  (Trailer)

New CDs from Framing Hanley, Saliva, Chris Robinson, and The Pixies



"The Sum of Who We Are", Framing Hanley


"Phosphorescent Harvest", Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes


"Rise Up", Saliva


"Diamonds", the husband & wife duo Johnnyswim


"9 Dead Alive", acoustic rock guitarists Rodrigo y Gabriela


"Shatter Me", violin minx Lindsey Stirling


"Supernova", Ray LaMontagne


"Hendra", Ben Watt from Everything But the Girl


"Indie Cindy", The Pixies


"Broken Glass Twisted Steel", country singer James House


"Life You Imagine", Matt Goss


"Runaway Heart", an iTunes release from folk rocker Jake London


"Everyday Robots", the first solo album by Damon Albarn from Blur.


"Phantom and the Ghost", rapper Styles P


"Most Messed Up", Old 97s


"Song in My Head", The String Cheese Incident


"Inspirato", Yanni.  His greatest hits performed by today's best opera singers . . . including Katherine Jenkins, who you may remember from "Dancing with the Stars".


"Rise of the Lion", the metalcore band Miss May I

Five Random Facts For Tuesday

1.  43% of men usually last two minutes or less during sex.



2.  Tornados ARE more likely to hit trailer parks.  It's because tornados are most likely to hit places where the landscape makes a big change, like from tall buildings to farmland . . . and trailer parks are usually built just on the outskirts of cities.



3.  People in North Korea believe hamburgers were invented by KIM JONG IL in 2009 and Mickey Mouse was created by China.  They're also taught that LADY GAGA is a man.



4.  One pound of dimes and one pound of quarters are worth the same amount.  Two hundred dimes weigh one pound and are worth $20 . . . 80 quarters weigh one pound and are worth $20.



5.  Dinosaurs existed before flowers.  Scientists believe flowering plants evolved as a response to dinosaurs . . . because plants needed protection against vegetarian dinosaurs.



So they developed toxic flowers, then eventually evolved to have nontoxic flowers once the dinosaurs were gone.



(USA Today / CBS 2 - Chicago / Daily Mail / Wisegeek / ABC News Australia)

People Who Love Rock and Roll Are Most Likely to Cheat on You . . . People Who Love Rap Are Least Likely

A new survey asked people who've CHEATED on someone what kind of music they like the most . . . and ROCK fans are the most likely to cheat on someone.  Followed by pop, country, classical, gospel, then rap.

(Daily Mail)

The Five Biggest Turn-Offs When You're Making Out

According to a new survey, the five most unattractive things when you're making out with someone are:  Tasting like cigarettes . . . having noticeable body odor . . . using too much tongue . . . having bad oral hygiene . . . and having a cold sore.

(Female First)

What's the Biggest Thing You Had to Give Up For Your Significant Other?

What's the biggest thing you had to give up for your significant other?  Some of the best ones we've heard are a job, smoking, sleeping in, owning a cat . . . and a KIDNEY.


One in Five People Say They're Trapped in a Bad Relationship Because They Can't Afford to Break Up



Being BROKE saves relationships!  I mean . . . it doesn't necessarily save GOOD relationships, but it saves SOME relationships, so it's got that going for it.



According to a new survey, about one in FIVE people say they WISH they could get out of their relationship . . . but they can't AFFORD to.



43% of people have been in a relationship for more than a YEAR longer than they really wanted to because of their financial situation . . . 24% people have gone at least THREE years.  (AOL)

5% of People Say They Need Their Kids' Help to Change the Channel



Watching TV has gotten a lot more complicated over the past several years.  We don't really flip channels anymore . . . we either scroll through the guide or watch something on the DVR.  And that's left some people behind . . . specifically, YOUR PARENTS.



In a new survey, 5% of parents say they need their kids' help just to CHANGE THE CHANNEL.  Only 25% say they understand new technology better than their kids.  (Daily Mail)


The Average Person Says They're Five Pounds Heavier Now Than One Year Ago . . . Here Are the Top Reasons Why

:  In a new survey, 71% of people say they're heavier now than they were a year ago . . . and they've gained an average of FIVE POUNDS.  The top reasons are a stressful schedule or a new relationship.



The 10 Little Life Tasks We Hate Doing the Most

Which little life tasks do you hate doing the most?  In a new survey, the top five are:  Changing utility companies, getting insurance, doing taxes, paying bills, and making changes to a TV, phone, or Internet plan.



A Woman Has to Pay For the Damage to Her Condo . . . Because Her Neighbor's Dead Body Exploded


Back in 2008, a woman in Florida died in her condo.  But no one found her body until GASES had built up inside, and her corpse EXPLODED.  Then her fluid leaked into a downstairs neighbor's apartment, who sued the insurance company to pay for the repairs.  A court just ruled they don't have to . . . the policy didn't cover exploding corpses.


(Broward Palm Beach New Times)

Megan Boone is 31.  Elizabeth Keen on "The Blacklist".



Tyler Labine is 36.  Dale in "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" and its recently announced SEQUEL!  You also know him as the scruffy guy with the beard on "Invasion", "Reaper" and "Mad Love".  He's also got a new Hulu series called "Deadbeat" that premiered earlier this month.



Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan is 36.  The Bryan twin brothers hold records for the most wins on the ATP Tour (600+) and total titles (69).  They have also one 10 grand slam titles and are probably the most dominant American athletes of the past decade that you've never heard of.



Derek Mears is 42.  Jason Voorhees in the recent reboot of "Friday the 13th".  There's actually a NEW "Friday" movie in the works, but at the moment there's no word if it's a sequel to the reboot or ANOTHER reboot.  We also don't know if Derek will play Jason.



Uma Thurman is 44.  She IS Black Mamba (slash) The Bride in the "Kill Bill" movies.  Gary Oldman AND Ethan Hawke used to nail her.



Andre Agassi is 44.  Gets to nail Steffi Graf ANYTIME HE WANTS TO.



Carnie Wilson is 46.  Weight gaining and losing automaton.



Master P is 47.  He tried to keep it street on "Dancing with the Stars", but ended up just looking foolish.  (Video)  His kid Romeo did a hell of a lot better.

Eve Plumb is 56.  Jan on "The Brady Bunch".  She also played Kalinga's wife in the 1988 classic, "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka!"



Michelle Pfeiffer is 56.  THE Star of "Grease 2"!



Daniel Day-Lewis is 57.  Acclaimed actor who picks his roles VERY carefully.  He's a five-time Oscar nominee . . . and three-time Oscar winner.


(He's been acting in movies and on TV since 1971, but he only has 29 credits to his name.  And in the last 15 years, he's only been in FIVE movies.)



Kate Mulgrew is 59.  Captain Janeway on "Star Trek:  Voyager".  These days she plays Red, the prison's kitchen trustee on "Orange is the New Black".



Jerry Seinfeld is 60.



Richard Kline is 70.  Larry on "Three's Company".



Dale Earnhardt  (1951 - 2001)  Died in the Daytona 500.

Countdown to Upcoming Events

• 3 days to Spider Man 2

• 12 days to Mother's Day

• 24 days to Days of Future Past

• 24 days to Memorial Day Weekend

• 47 days to Father's Day

• 997 days left of "Hope and Change"

69 years ago . . . In 1945, ADOLF HITLER married saucy EVA BRAUN in his bunker . . . then committed suicide the next day.  DON'T GET MARRIED!



53 years ago . . . In 1961, ABC's "Wide World of Sports" showed the "thrill of victory and the agony of defeat" for the very first time.



34 years ago . . . In 1980, legendary director ALFRED HITCHCOCK died at age 80.



31 years ago . . . In 1983, "The Hunger" was released . . . starring DAVID BOWIE as a vampire who sees a doctor after he suddenly starts aging rapidly . . . and that somehow leads to a very naughty lesbonic sex scene between SUSAN SARANDON and CATHERINE DENEUVE!



29 years ago . . . In 1985, BILLY MARTIN was hired for the FOURTH TIME to manage the NEW YORK YANKEES.  He was fired, then re-hired AGAIN in 1988 . . . and fired again.



25 years ago . . . In 1989, JON BON JOVI married his high school sweetheart, Dorothea Hurley, at the GRACELAND WEDDING CHAPEL in Las Vegas.  They're still together today.



22 years ago . . . In 1992, EMILIO ESTEVEZ married PAULA ABDUL in a Santa Monica courthouse.  Somehow, this superstar power-marriage only lasted two years.



22 years ago . . . In 1992, four white Los Angeles PO-lice officers were acquitted in the videotaped whooping of BEATEN BLACK MOTORIST RODNEY KING, setting off days of rioting that left 54 people dead and caused an estimated $1 BILLION in damages.



19 years ago . . . In 1995, TUPAC SHAKUR married Keisha Morris inside a New York state prison where he was serving a 4-and-a-half year sentence for sexual abuse.  Sadly, their marriage was annulled in 1996 . . . and so was he.

15 years ago . . . In 1999, TOMMY LEE announced that he had quit MOTLEY CRUE to devote time to his new band, METHODS OF MAYHEM, and to his battered family.  Neither of those things lasted.  And soon, the Crue will be history, too.



13 years ago . . . In 2001, "The Mummy Returns" premiered . . . starring the sexy BRENDAN FRASER, the even sexier RACHEL WEISZ, and THE ROCK as the Scorpion King!



Nine years ago . . . In 2005, CHRIS KLEIN pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of driving under the influence.  He got five years of probation and 150 hours of community service . . . which his lawyer said he planned to fulfill at the Red Cross.


In addition, Klein's license was suspended for 90 days and he was hit with a $1,800 fine.  (Klein was busted on February 5th just outside San Diego.  He had a blood-alcohol level of .20% . . . more than TWICE the legal limit of .08%.)


That happened just a few weeks before the announcement that he and KATIE HOLMES were OVER after five years together.



Six years ago . . . In 2008, three residents of the Greek island of LESBOS filed a lawsuit to ban the Greek Gay and Lesbian Union (a gay-rights group in Greece) from using the term "LESBIAN" in its name.  A judge in Athens later rejected the case and slapped them with a fine of 230 euros ($366) for wasting the court's valuable time.


Three years ago . . . In 2011, PRINCE WILLIAM and KATE MIDDLETON got married at Westminster Abbey in London.