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Did Selena Gomez Make Guys Named Justin Change Their Names When They Worked With Her? 



Here's how badly SELENA GOMEZ wants to forget about JUSTIN BIEBER:  She was shooting an Adidas commercial, and some of the guys on the crew were named Justin.  So she made them CHANGE THEIR NAMES.



Not permanently, obviously . . . just while she had to work with them.  A source says, quote, "Her team asked their names be changed so she didn't have to say the name Justin . . . She's done and moving on from the broken promises and drama."

(NC-17)  Did Miley Cyrus Take a Shot at Liam Hemsworth Onstage? 



During a recent gig, MILEY CYRUS apparently took a shot at her ex LIAM HEMSWORTH while introducing the song "Wrecking Ball".



She said, quote, "You can tell a lot about a person . . . I think you can tell how big their [penis] is by how much confidence they have usually, and if I was a dude I'd probably have a really big [penis], 'cause I feel really good about myself now.



"So I'm gonna tell those mother[effers] that broke my heart, particularly one, to [perform oral on me] and to enjoy hearing this song for the rest of your life.  This song is called 'Wrecking Ball'."  (Check out the full transcript of what she said, and see video, here.  WARNING!!!  Bleeped profanity.)


Sexy Pictures of Famous People 



1.  JONAH HILL'S girlfriend is apparently a little freaky.  Or else she has bad aim.  Either way, while making out with Jonah, she licked his sunglasses.  (???)




2.  STACY KEIBLER celebrated Mother's Day by exposing her baby bump.




3.  Let's enjoy AVRIL LAVIGNE enjoying some bikini time.




4.  RYAN GOSLING was photographed wearing a MACAULAY CULKIN shirt last year . . . So now Macaulay is wearing a shirt with a picture of Ryan wearing his Macaulay shirt.



And someone Photoshopped a picture of Ryan wearing a shirt with a picture of Macaulay wearing a shirt with a picture of Ryan wearing a shirt with a picture of Macaulay on it.




5.  Sexy Video:  Would you like to see a video montage of every single ZAC EFRON shirtless movie moment?  Did I even have to ask?

6.  Obviously, you remember that "controversial" photo of 13-year-old WILLOW SMITH and 20-year-old MOISES ARIAS on a bed together.



Well, it turns out 15-year-old JADEN SMITH and 16-year-old KYLIE JENNER had taken a similar pic.




7.  I have something in common with SARAH HYLAND'S boyfriend.  We're both obsessed with her boobs.




8.  After sliding across a wooden stage on her knees, PRETTY RECKLESS singer TAYLOR MOMSEN removed the splinters in her legs with a knife.




9.  Despite his ongoing cancer battle, former Bills quarterback JIM KELLY got to dance with his wife on Mother's Day.  His daughter posted a picture.

Clay Aiken's Political Opponent Just Died

CLAY AIKEN'S political opponent DIED yesterday.  His name was Keith Crisco and he was 71.  They were battling in North Carolina for the right to face Republican Renee Ellmers for her seat in Congress in November.  Clay was leading the race, but only by about 300 votes.  He Tweeted, quote, "I am suspending all campaign activities as we pray for his family and friends."

Video of Beyoncé's Sister Attacking Jay Z in an Elevator 

BEYONCÉ'S sister SOLANGE KNOWLES attacked JAY Z in an elevator after a fashion event last week.  And the surveillance video just surfaced online.  There's no audio, so it's unclear what she was upset about . . . but she punched and kicked him, and had to be restrained by a bodyguard.

(Here's the video.  Jay Z's on the left, Beyoncé is next to him, and Solange is on the right.)

A Judge Has Ordered a Hunt for Legendary DJ Casey Kasem 

A judge ordered authorities to locate legendary DJ CASEY KASEM, who's 82 and suffering from advanced Parkinson's disease.  Casey's kids have been warring with his current wife for years over his care.  Mrs. Kasem has moved Casey several times and kept the kids from seeing him.  They think she now has him on an Indian reservation in Washington state.


Fox Has Announced a Ton of New Shows, Including a Reality Show Where People Start Their Own Society in a Remote Location 

Fox has announced their new shows for next season, and they include:  A reality show where 15 Americans are sent to a remote location for a year to create their own society . . . the previously announced Batman prequel, "Gotham" . . . and a remake of the British mystery show, "Broadchurch".

There's a reality show called "Utopia", which is being described as a "social experiment" that, quote, "moves 15 everyday Americans to an isolated, undeveloped location . . . for an entire YEAR . . . and challenges them to create their own civilization."  (So, it's kind of like "Survivor" on LOCKDOWN.)



There's the previously announced Batman prequel "Gotham", which stars Ben McKenzie as a young Jim Gordon . . . investigating the death of Bruce Wayne's parents in Gotham City.



There's also a sitcom called "Mulaney", which co-stars Martin Short and seems a lot like "Seinfeld".



"Gracepoint" is a remake of the British mystery series "Broadchurch".  And like the original, it'll star David Tennant.



Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson are starring in a "hip-hop family drama" called "Empire".

Rainn Wilson is starring in an "offbeat comedic crime drama" called "Backstrom".



Seth MacFarlane has a new animated show "Bordertown", which is about a Border Patrol agent in Texas who lives next door to a Mexican immigrant family.



And there's an "action adventure series" set in ancient Egypt called "Hieroglyph".

Fox's Renewals Include "American Idol" and "Glee", But Both May Be Cut Down a Little

Fox has renewed "American Idol" and "Glee" for next season . . . but both may be back in a diminished capacity.  "Idol" may be reduced to ONE show per week once the live performances start . . . and "Glee's" series order may be dropped from 22 episodes to just 13.

In addition to "Idol" and "Glee", Fox's returning shows include:  "The Following", "Sleepy Hollow", "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", "Bones", "New Girl", "The Mindy Project", "The Simpsons", "Family Guy", "Bob's Burgers", "Hell's Kitchen", and "MasterChef Junior".



The shows Fox is NOT bringing back include:  "Raising Hope", "Enlisted", "Rake", "Surviving Jack", "Dads", "Almost Human", "Us and Them" and "The X Factor".  Also, "American Dad" will be moving to TBS.

2014-2015 TV Season Randoms



1.  Sunday nights on Fox won't be packed with animated shows any more.  "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is moving to Sundays . . . and the night will also feature the new live-action sitcom "Mulaney".



Of course, Sunday nights will still feature "The Simpsons", "Family Guy" and "Bob's Burgers".  And, as we'd heard before, "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy" will crossover for an hour-long special called "The Simpsons Guy" in September.




2.  ABC has picked up a show called "Fresh Off the Boat", which is based on a memoir about a Chinese immigrant family trying to make it in Orlando in the 1990s.  It's going to be the first sitcom in 20 years to star an Asian American family.



The last one was MARGARET CHO'S 1994 sitcom "All American Girl", which also ran on ABC.




3.  NBC is lining up yet another live musical special.  They're doing "The Music Man", but there's no word on when it might air.  However, it'll probably be AFTER their production of "Peter Pan", which airs on December 4th.




4.  NBC will celebrate the 40th anniversary of "Saturday Night Live" with a primetime special next February.  There aren't any further details yet . . . except that a lot of "SNL" alumni are expected to be a part of it.

Tuesday TV Reminders:



• The 11th season finale of "NCIS" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on CBS.



"The Voice" results show . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on NBC.



• The 1st season finale of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on ABC.



• The 5th season finale of "Glee" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on Fox.



• The 5th season finale of "NCIS: Los Angeles" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on CBS.



• The series premiere of "Riot" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Fox.  Steve Carell is the executive producer for this improve comedy competition, and he also participates in the some of the challenges in the first episode.



• The 3rd season finale of "Person of Interest" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on CBS.



• The 2nd season finale of "Chicago Fire" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on NBC.

Tonight's Late Night Talk Shows:



"The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" - Dolly Parton and Taylor Kitsch.



"Late Night with Seth Meyers" - Will Forte and chef Michael Symon.



"Letterman" - Jim Parsons, Julie Chen, and Hozier.



"Jimmy Kimmel" - Sally Field, Julia Roberts, and Future Islands.  (Repeat)



"Carson Daly" - John Slattery from "Mad Men", Night Terrors of 1927, and comedienne Cristela Alonzo talks about her upcoming ABC sitcom "Cristela".



"Arsenio" - Carl Reiner, Oveous Maximus, and Jermaine Dupri.



"Conan" - Lisa Kudrow, "Game of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin, and Wild Cub.



"Craig Ferguson" - "Mike & Molly's" Billy Gardell, magician James Galea, and actress Lennon Parham talks about her upcoming cable series "Playing House".



"Chelsea Lately" - Sandra Oh.



"Jon Stewart" - Author Ron Suskind., for his book "Life, Animated: A Story of Sidekicks, Heroes, and Autism".



"The Colbert Report" - The Black Keys.

"I, Frankenstein" and "Her" Are Out on DVD



Here's what's new on DVD today:


"I, Frankenstein" . . . starring Aaron Eckhart as the Frankenstein monster, who's caught up in a war between demons and humanity's protectors.


"Her" . . . the Oscar-winning movie starring Joaquin Phoenix as a guy who forms a romantic relationship with a computer operating system voiced by Scarlett Johansson.


"That Awkward Moment" . . . starring Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, and Miles Teller as three guys struggling with whether to commit in their dating relationships.


• The first season of "Orange is the New Black".




Here's what's new in the past week to Netflix Instant Streaming:


"Much Ado About Nothing" . . . modern-day Shakespeare from "Avengers" director Joss Whedon.  It stars Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Nathan Fillion and Clark Gregg.


"Pain and Gain" stars Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Mackie, and The Rock as bodybuilders who become fugitives after a kidnapping goes wrong.


"Life of a King" starring Cuba Gooding Jr. as an ex-con who opens a chess club.


"Apartment 1303", a horror movie starring Mischa Barton and Rebecca DeMornay.


• The fifth season of the USA Network's "Royal Pains", the first season of Syfy's werewolf show "Bitten", and the eighth season of "American Dad".

New CDs from Michael Jackson, the Black Keys, Tori Amos and Rascal Flatts



"Xscape", Michael Jackson


"Turn Blue", The Black Keys


"Unrepentant Geraldines", Tori Amos


"White Women", Chromeo.  Their fourth album features Solange Knowles on a track called "Lost on the Way Home".


"Blue Smoke", Dolly Parton


Her 42nd album includes covers of Bon Jovi's "Lay Your Hands On Me" and Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice".  Plus her duet with Willie Nelson on "From Here to the Moon and Back", and her Kenny Rogers duet "You Can't Make Old Friends".


"Rewind", Rascal Flatts


"Everything I Should Have Said", country singer Radney Foster


"Nabuma Rubberband", Little Dragon


"Are We Not Men We Are Diva", Me First and the Gimme Gimmes


"Days of Abandon", The Pains of Being Pure at Heart


"Amplified Soul", Incognito


"Killer Be Killed", Killer Be Killed


"Sovereign", Christian singer Michael W. Smith.

It includes the single "You Won't Let Go".


Five Random Facts For Tuesday

1.  Before Hugo Boss became an international fashion company, they made uniforms for the Nazis.  No one knew until 1997, when the company showed up on a list of Swiss bank accounts . . . and the company admitted their Nazi ties.



2.  40% of Americans now carry less than $20 cash on them, and another 9% never carry ANY cash.  That's about HALF of us.



3.  Americans always picture Godzilla being GREEN . . . but in the Japanese movies, he was NEVER green.  He was always charcoal gray.



4.  BENJAMIN HARRISON was elected president in 1888, and was the first U.S. president to have electricity in the White House . . . but he never touched the light switches because he was afraid of getting electrocuted.



5.  In Oblong, Illinois it's illegal to have sex while you're out on a hunting or fishing trip on your wedding day.



(New York Times / Bankrate / Topless Robot / Republican Presidents / Marie Claire)

The 20 Things That Drive Us Crazy at Work . . . Including Pointless Emails, Last-Minute Phone Calls, and Coworkers With Body Odor

Here are the top 20 things that make us CRAZY at the office . . .



1.  Being copied on emails that aren't relevant.


2.  Phone calls right when you're ready to leave for the day.


3.  Your computer crashing.


4.  The office being too hot or cold.


5.  The printer breaking down.


6.  Coworkers with BODY ODOR.


7.  Coworkers who talk too loudly on the phone.


8.  People talking too much.

9.  Coworkers not cleaning the microwave.


10.  The sounds of coworkers sniffing.


11.  People reading emails over your shoulder.


12.  People not replacing an empty toilet paper roll.


13.  Coworkers not saying "thank you" when you hold the door for them.


14.  People with bad breath.


15.  Corporate buzzwords.


16.  Inconsiderate parking.


17.  When coworkers make food that stinks.


18.  Uncomfortable office chairs.


19.  People who book their days off around holiday weekends way in advance.


20.  Your boss catching you when you're on Facebook for one minute during a hectic day.



(Daily Mail)

The State of Road Rage in 2014:  We Speed Less, Swear More, Give the Middle Finger More, and Should Never Drive in Houston


Here's the state of ROAD RAGE in 2014.  We honk more, curse at other drivers more, and give other drivers the finger more.  But we talk on the phone less, speed less, and tailgate less.


Americans Are Most Proud of Our Science, Constitution, and TV Shows . . . and Least Proud of Our Schools and Politics


A new poll had Americans rank different major institutions in the country . . . and it turns out we're still pretty happy with the way most things are.  Science and technology, the Constitution, TV shows, and movies got the highest positive scores . . . our political system got the worst rating.

(Harris Interactive)

If You Argue a Lot, You're Gonna Die Soon?

A new study found that if you're always getting into arguments, you're probably going to DIE SOON.  People who regularly get into arguments with their family are 50% to 100% more likely to die early.  And people who also get into arguments with other people are 200% to 300% more likely to die early.


The Number One Thing People Want to Do on Vacation Is . . . Fly First Class?

According to a new survey, the top things people want to cross off their vacation bucket list are:  Go on safari, visit all seven continents, and take a trip to research your ancestors.  But number ONE on the list is . . . fly first class.

(PR Newswire)


None of Our Names Will Be Popular in 25 Years

A researcher at Virginia Tech created a program that predicts how popular your name will be in 25 years.  And pretty much every "normal" name today will become less and less popular each year.  You can look up your own name by googling, "Time's Baby Name Predictor".


Are We Facing a Worldwide Whiskey Shortage?



Hipsters ruin EVERYTHING.  In 1999, kids in their 20s drank generic vodka out of plastic bottles . . . and they LOVED it.  Today, they just HAVE to have a 'mixologist' make them a fancy Manhattan, so they can post it on Instagram.



Apparently we could be looking at a worldwide WHISKEY shortage . . . because whiskey keeps getting more and more popular.  Bourbon sales are up 5% every year, and the best brands are up 20%.  And sales of Scotch are probably close to the same.



And since good whiskey needs to AGE, there may not be enough supply to meet the demand . . . which could lead to a shortage and SUPER high prices.  (The Independent)

A Woman Causes a Two-Car Accident Trying to Swat a Bee

An 18-year-old was driving in Maine on Sunday when a BEE landed on her leg.  She tried to swat it away, but in the process she lost control of the car, crossed the center line, HIT another car, went off the road, and hit a pole.  The woman she hit was hospitalized, but no charges were filed.

(Bangor Daily News)

"Jessie" star Debbie Ryan is 21.  She's bypassed the sexual rebellion other Disney girls go through.  Let's just hope that doesn't change now that alcohol's a factor.



Candice Accola is 27.  Hot blonde vampire Caroline on "The Vampire Diaries".



Robert Pattinson is 28"Twilight" stud.  Paler and less ethnic than Taylor Lautner . . . but much more brooding.



Lena Dunham is 28.  Frequently naked creator and star of "Girls".



"Game of Thrones" actor Iwan Rheon is 29.  He plays Ramsay Snow, the psychopath who removes Theon Greyjoy's mansword in the third season.



Samantha Morton is 37.  One of those actresses who gets nominated for every award you can imagine . . . for films like "The Messenger", "In America" and "Sweet and Lowdown" . . . yet you've only ever seen her in "Minority Report".



Buckethead is 45.  Guitar player who is known for, well, wearing a KFC bucket on his head.  And you've pretty much only heard of him because he was in Guns N' Roses from 2000 to 2004.  His real given name is the much, much less memorable Brian Patrick Carroll.



DARIUS RUCKER is 48.  No matter how many country hits he records . . . he IS Hootie of Hootie & The Blowfish.

Stephen Colbert is 50.  Genius from "The Colbert Report" with BALLS OF STEEL.  He'll also be your next "Late Show" host when David Letterman retires.


Before "The Colbert Report", he was history teacher Chuck Noblet on "Strangers with Candy" . . . the most awesome show you probably never watched.



Dennis Rodman is 53. Our ambassador to North Korea . . . who is doing a smashing job, I might add.



Porno GOD Jerry Butler is 55.  He starred in 518 fine films, including "Ali Boobie & the 40 D's", "When Larry Ate Sally" AND "The Maltese Phallus".  He retired in 1993, and became a well-hung SCHOOL BUS DRIVER.



Alan Ball is 57.  Extremely gay writer who created "Six Feet Under" and "True Blood".  He also won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar for "American Beauty".



Stevie Wonder is 64.  He's won 22 Grammys, the most ever by a male solo artist.  And he did it without being able to see.  Makes you kinda feel useless, huh?



Magic Dick is 69.  The J. Geils Band's superstar harmonica player.  Infinitely less cool real name:  Richard Salwitz.



Harvey Keitel is 75.  He plays a tough guy in almost every movie he's in, from "Pulp Fiction" to "Taxi Driver" to "Reservoir Dogs".  He even played the role of SATAN in Adam Sandler's bomb "Little Nicky".

BEA ARTHUR  (1922 - 2009)  Golden Goddess.



Ritchie Valens  (1941 - 1959)  Chicano legend who gave us "La Bamba".  He died at age 17, in a plane crash with Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper.



Jim Jones  (1931 - 1978)  Cult leader who had followers murder U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan . . . who was investigating the cult . . . then, later that day, he and 909 of his followers committed mass suicide.

Boxing legend Joe Louis  (1914 - 1981)

Countdown to Upcoming Events

• 5 days to the Billboard Awards

• 10 days to Days of Future Past

• 10 days to Memorial Day Weekend

• 33 days to Father's Day

• 52 days to Independence Day

• 983 days left of "Hope and Change"

375 years ago . . . In 1639, Cardinal Richelieu of France invented the TABLE KNIFE.  Until then, people used daggers to cut their meat and pick their teeth . . . Cardinal Richelieu had the points rounded off all the knives at his table.

168 years ago . . . In 1846, the U.S. declared war on Mexico.  PEEN-CHEE.



78 years ago . . . In 1936, GENE AUTRY'S "The Singing Cowboy" was released.  Gene Autry was awarded FIVE stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame . . . in each category of Recording, Movies, TV, Radio and Live Theater.



75 years ago . . . In 1939, the first commercial FM radio station in the U.S. launched in Bloomfield, Connecticut.  It later became WDRC-FM, and is still broadcasting today.


56 years ago . . . In 1958, JERRY LEE LEWIS was granted a divorce from his second wife . . . six months AFTER he married his third wife, his 13-YEAR-OLD COUSIN, Myra.



42 years ago . . . In 1972, "Bonanza" superstar DAN BLOCKER died suddenly of a pulmonary embolism.  He was only 43.  "Bonanza" ran for one more season after Hoss' death.



40 years ago . . . In 1974, more than 50 youths were hurt in RIOTS started by fans who couldn't get in to a TITO JACKSON & THE JACKSON 5 concert.



29 years ago . . . In 1985, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN married JULIANNE PHILLIPS in a secret ceremony.  They divorced nearly four years later.



20 years ago . . . In 1994, JOHNNY CARSON made the final TV appearance of his life on "Late Night With David Letterman".  Jimmy Fallon was only 19 at the time.  Johnny had always wanted Dave to replace him on "The Tonight Show".