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Pictures of famous people....

SLASH and his family did some yachting off the coast of Spain . . . and his wife PERLA spent much of the time TOPLESS.   (Daily Mail)

SELENA GOMEZ enjoyed some time with her new baby sister.    (Daily Mail)

SNOOKI posted a picture of her super-toned stomach . . . as well as some photos of herself working out by pushing a humongous tire.   (Too Fab)

RAY ALLEN of the Miami Heat has some crazy abs.   (TMZ)

JARED LETO dressed in drag for the cover of "Candy" magazine, and he looks like a cross between Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel. (TooFab)

Robert Pattinson Partied With the Author of "50 Shades of Grey" . . . Should We Read Anything Into That? 

ROBERT PATTINSON partied with "50 Shades of Grey" author E.L. JAMES over the weekend.  So obviously, people are suggesting it means Rob will star in the movie adaptation.  But nobody knows that yet.

What we do know is that Pattinson threw a party for director Nicholas Jarecki on Saturday night, and James was one of the guests.  Heather Graham, Michelle Rodriguez and Ellen Page were there, too.




Liam Neeson Will Make $20 Million for "Taken 3" 

These "Taken" movies have been a real late-career boost for LIAM NEESON.  He made $15 million for the sequel, and now he's closing in on a $20 million payday for "Taken 3".

The first "Taken" hit theaters in 2009, making him a bona fide action star at the age of 56.  He's 61 now.

Television Whatever.....

The NBA Finals and the "Voice" Finale Took the Top Four Spots in the Ratings Last Week, and the Grand Canyon Tightrope Walk Made the Top Ten


The NBA Finals took the top two spots in the ratings last week, with over 20 million viewers apiece.  They were followed at #3 by the season finale of "The Voice" . . . with 15.6 million people tuning in to see 16-year-old Danielle Bradbery named the winner.

Meanwhile Nick Wallenda's tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon and the second episode of Nick Lachey's new singing competition, "The Winner Is…" also made our top ten.  Here are the Top 10 shows overall last week . . .


1.  Game 7 of the "NBA Finals", ABC, 26.3 million viewers


2.  Game 6 of the "NBA Finals", ABC, 20.6 million viewers


3.  The fourth season finale of "The Voice", NBC, 15.6 million viewers


4.  Last Monday's final performance episode of "The Voice", NBC, 12.7 million viewers


5.  Last Tuesday's "America's Got Talent", NBC, 11.8 million viewers


6.  Nik Wallenda's "Skywire Live" tightrope walk, The Discovery Channel, 10.7 million viewers  


7.  A repeat of "60 Minutes", CBS, 8.4 million viewers


8.  A repeat of "NCIS", CBS, 8.1 million viewers


9.  A "Big Bang Theory" re-run, CBS, 7.7 million viewers


10.  The second episode of "The Winner Is…", NBC, 6.7 million viewers

"Mad Men" Had Its Highest-Rated Season Finale Ever . . . Plus, Ratings for Last Week's Other Big Premieres and Finales:


Here's how a few other big shows did in the ratings last week.

The sixth season finale of "Mad Men" averaged 2.7 million viewers on AMC, and scored its highest rated finale EVER, with 1.3 million of those viewers coming from the key 25-to-54 demographic.

The series premiere of "Crossing Lines" starring Donald Sutherland grabbed 4.4 million viewers on NBC.  (He plays a member of an International Criminal Court that investigates cross-border crimes and global criminals.)

The series premiere of "Whodunnit?", pulled in 4.1 million viewers on ABC.  (It's based on the board game "Clue", and thirteen people compete for $250,000.)

The third season premiere of "Franklin & Bash" had 2 million viewers on TNT.  (Heather Locklear joined the cast as the law firm's newest partner.)

The first season finale of NBC's "Hannibal" also nabbed 2 million viewers.

The fourth season premiere of "Hot in Cleveland" . . . which was done live and featured William Shatner . . . attracted 1.7 million viewers on TV Land.

The seventh season premiere of "Futurama" was seen by 1.5 million people on Comedy Central.

And the second season finale of HBO's "Veep" attracted 985,000 viewers.

New York Probably Won't Let Nik Wallenda Tightrope-Walk Between the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building 

Tightrope daredevil NIK WALLENDA said he wanted his next stunt to be a high-wire walk between New York City's Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building.  The distance would be nine blocks, and around 4,000 feet.

But New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says he wouldn't support it . . . because, quote, "There's thousands of New Yorkers who certainly could be put at risk.  So I don't think it would be wise in this city."

Nik isn't giving up.  He says he hopes to convince the city to let him do it because it's his "dream" . . . but he adds that he won't try to do it without permission.

Check Out a Terrible "SNL" Sketch Featuring Justin Bieber That Didn't Make the Show . . . or Don't 

"Saturday Night Live" has released a TERRIBLE sketch that was cut from the episode that JUSTIN BIEBER hosted earlier this year.

In the skit, BILL HADER is a country singer who's debuting a strange new song, with a bunch of wacky instruments and props.  Justin is playing his son, who's also his keyboardist.

The video "SNL" released features the sketch TWICE.  The second time it features commentary from Hader and two writers.  Hader calls it, quote, "The greatest train wreck ever."  (Here's video.  The commentary begins seven minutes in.)

Wednesday TV Reminders:

"Big Brother 15" [15th Season Premiere] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on CBS.

"Franklin & Bash". . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on TNT.  Jane Seymour guest stars.

"How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest Of Your Life)" [Series Finale] . . . 9:30 to 10:00 P.M. on ABC.

"Hot in Cleveland" . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on TV Land.  Carol Burnett and Tim Conway guest star.

"Royal Pains". . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on USA.  "American Horror Story's" Frances Conroy guest stars.

"The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Challengemania" [Special Presentation] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on MTV.

"Watch What Happens:  Live" . . . 11:00 to 11:30 P.M. on Bravo.  "Millionaire Matchmaker's" Patti Stanger guests.

"Model Employee" [1st Season Finale] . . . 11:00 P.M. to Midnight on VH1.

Early Morning Show Guests:

"The Today Show" - Steve Carell ("Despicable Me 2"), Soleil Moon Frye, the cast of OWN's "The Golden Sisters", and chef Nadia G.  Music Guest:  Backstreet Boys.

"Good Morning America" - Music Guest:  Miley Cyrus.

"CBS This Morning" - Mike McLoughlin, DAPRA program manager at Johns Hopkins University, shares the latest news in medical breakthroughs.

Mid-Morning Show Guests:

"Live! With Kelly and Michael" - Steve Carell ("Despicable Me 2"), Miley Cyrus, and the Backstreet Boys.  Kristin Chenoweth co-hosts with Michael.

"The View" - Judge Jeanine Pirro ("Justice with Judge Jeanine").  Former federal prosecutor Sunny Hostin co-hosts.

"Rachael Ray" - "Top Chef's" Richard Blais.  Music Guest:  OneRepublic.  (REPEAT)

This Afternoon On TV:

"Ellen DeGeneres" - Josh Duhamel ("Safe Haven") and Bethenny Frankel.  Music Guest:  Alicia Keys.  (REPEAT)

"The Talk" - A preview of the upcoming season of "Big Brother 15".

"Katie Couric" - Kelly Rowland, plus background singers for The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jackson.

"Steve Harvey" - Steve helps to a mom teach her pampered son about the real world.  (REPEAT)

"Dr. Phil" - "Absentee Mom, Clueless Dad?"  (REPEAT)

"Dr. Oz Show" - "American Idol's" Randy Jackson discusses his health.  (REPEAT)

"Wendy Williams" - Larry King (Hulu and Ora TV's "Larry King Now") and psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow (Logo's "That Sex Show").

"Anderson Live" - Sarah Paulson ("American Horror Story: Asylum").  (REPEAT)

Tonight's Late Night Talk Shows:


"Letterman" - Jamie Foxx ("White House Down"), comedian Marc Maron ("Maron"), and the Backstreet Boys present "The Top Ten".  Music Guest:  Wale.


"Jimmy Kimmel" - Channing Tatum ("White House Down") and director Paul Feig ("The Heat").  Music Guest:  Pharrell.


"The Tonight Show" - Whitney Cummings ("Whitney") and U.S. Marine amputee underwear model Alex Minsky.  Music Guest:  John Fogerty.


"Craig Ferguson" - Sandra Bullock ("The Heat") and comedian Jim McDonald.


"Jimmy Fallon" - Christopher Meloni ("Man of Steel") and Cat Deeley ("So You Think You Can Dance").  Music Guests:  Broken Social Scene with Feist.  (REPEAT)


"Carson Daly" - Katie Dippold ("Parks and Recreation") and "Mad Men" producer Matthew Weiner.  Music Guests:  Foals.  (REPEAT)


"Conan" - Bill Burr ("The Heat") and Elijah Wood ("Wilfred").  Music Guest:  Ryan Bingham.


"Jon Stewart" - Filmmaker Josh Fox (for the documentary "Gasland Part II").


"The Colbert Report" - Bill Moyers ("Moyers & Company").


"Chelsea Lately" - Eve.

Stupid Whatever.....

Wearing a Plain White T-Shirt Instantly Makes You 12% More Attractive to Women?

It's possible that the SIMPLEST piece of clothing you own is also the one that makes you the best looking.

A new study out of England found when men wear a plain white t-shirt, women rate them instantly 12% MORE ATTRACTIVE than when they're wearing anything else.

And the more out-of-shape you are, the better the results.  If you're in good shape already, the white t-shirt will only help a little . . . but if you're not, the white t-shirt is going to work MAGIC.

The plain white t-shirt made men look like they had broader shoulders and smaller waists.

The study also found the LEAST attractive thing you can wear is something that draws attention to your stomach . . . even if you're in good shape.

When men wore a t-shirt with a capital letter "T" on it, women found them attractive.  But when that "T" was flipped upside-down . . . so the long part was across the stomach and not the chest . . . women found the guys MUCH less attractive.  (The Telegraph)

43% of Women Put On Makeup While Driving

 This HAS to be more dangerous than texting and driving, right?  Someone get OPRAH on the phone.

According to a new survey, 43% of women put on MAKEUP while they're driving.  That's more than two out of five.

Most of them say they TRY to only do it at red lights and during traffic jams . . . but not ALL of them wait until they're stopped.

Only 14% say they think it affects their driving.

Lip gloss is the most popular thing women put on while they drive, followed by mascara, lipstick, bronzer, and eyeliner. 

(Daily Mail)

The Top 10 Things People Hate About Their Own Faces

I really hope you don't sit there, staring at the mirror, cataloging everything you HATE about your face.  How can you hate your own face?  It's not like children and villagers recoil at the mere sight of it.  You're being insane.

According to a new survey by the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, these are the top 10 things people hate about their own faces.  Naturally, the ASDS can recommend any number of cosmetic surgeons to fix every so-called imperfection.

1.  They think their face looks fat.


2.  Crow's feet and wrinkles around the eyes.


3.  Skin texture and discoloration.


4.  Sagging skin.


5.  Double, triple, or quadruple chins.


6.  Laugh lines.


7.  Wrinkles on the forehead.


8.  Wrinkles between the eyebrows.


9.  Hair loss.


10.  Acne scars.  (MultiVu)


The Most Persuasive Word You Can Use is . . . "Yeah"?

This should be easy enough to remember.  The next time you're trying to get your way, the BEST thing you can say is . . . "yeah."

A new study out of MIT found that "yeah" is THE most persuasive word people use in business meetings.

When someone pitches an idea you kinda like . . . but you REALLY want to get your OWN idea across . . . start your sentence with "yeah."  It makes them more likely to go along with you.  Here's an example . .

 Your coworker says, "I think we should train new people to work the deep fryer so we can concentrate on making Big Macs."  You say, "Yeah . . . and we should train them to man the drive-thru too!"  That "yeah" helped sell your drive-thru plan.

Other words that help you persuade people are:  Give, menu, start, and meeting.

The LEAST persuasive words include:  Recognition, speech, fair, selecting, and flat. 

(Yahoo Finance / MIT)

This Is the Most Dangerous Time of the Year For Your Cell Phone

According to a new survey, this is the most dangerous time of year . . . for your cell phone. 

More people lose or damage their phone in July than any other month of the year.  And June and August are a close second and third.   

July Fourth is one of the hardest days of the year on cell phones.  Claims for lost or damaged phones go up by 50% right after the Fourth.

Water damage is the biggest threat to your phone during the summer.  That's probably because 72% of people use their phones to listen to music at the pool or the beach.  

And 30% of people also use their phones to take vacation photos . . . so you risk losing your phone in a strange place. 


Pittsburgh is the Smartest City in America

Who knew America's smartest people were routinely pounding Yuengling and shoveling down pierogies?

According to a new study, PITTSBURGH is the SMARTEST CITY in the U.S.

The real estate blog Movoto ranked the 100 biggest cities in the country in six areas:  Colleges per capita, libraries per capita, the average education level, the amount of local media, museums per capita, and public school rankings.

There isn't really any data on actual IQs in each city, so they had to dance around it, and use those other factors that suggest smart people are floating around.

The top 10 smartest cities in the country are:  Pittsburgh, Orlando, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Honolulu, Tampa, Seattle, San Francisco, Cincinnati, and Miami.

They didn't release the DUMBEST cities in the country.  (Movoto) 

Remember When We Thought Beanie Babies Were a Great Investment?  Here's What They're Worth Today

Back in the mid '90s, Beanie Babies became a MASSIVE fad.  They weren't just little stuffed animals . . . they were INVESTMENTS.  Kids were even smart and disciplined enough not to remove the tags, to keep their value up.

Fast-forward to today.  Turns out they MIGHT not have been the great investment we thought. compared the estimated value of Beanie Babies from the 1998 "Beanie Baby Handbook" price guide with the price those same dolls are pulling on eBay today, 15 years later.  And . . . ouch.  Here are three prime examples.

Stripes the Dark Tiger was worth $250 in 1998, and expected to be worth $1,000 by 2008.  You can get one for $9.95 on eBay.

Seaweed the Otter was worth $7 in 1998, but expected to be worth $60 by 2008.  You can get one for $2.99 on eBay.

Tedy the violet bear was worth $700 to $1,000 in 1998, and expected to be worth $4,000 to $5,000 today.  Believe it or not, it's rare enough that it's still selling for a good amount today, but not THAT much . . . $699 on eBay.  (Buzzfeed)

In a Bunch of Other Countries, the Weekend Isn't Saturday and Sunday?

We spotted a story the other day about how Saudi Arabia is officially changing the two days that make up their weekend from Thursday and Friday to Friday and Saturday. 

And I guess this is a pretty "self-centered American" premise . . . but it's hard to comprehend the weekend being anything OTHER than Saturday and Sunday.  But it turns out that's NOT the case all over the world.

Islamic countries are most likely to have their weekends centered around Fridays, which is their holy day.  The Friday-Saturday weekend is most common, including in Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Qatar, Libya, Syria, and the UAE.

Now that Saudi Arabia has switched to Friday and Saturday, Afghanistan and Yemen are the last two countries with Thursday-Friday weekends.

In Israel, to work around the Jewish Sabbath . . . which is Friday night through Saturday . . . the weekend is ALSO Friday and Saturday.

Brunei has the strangest weekends, with Friday and Sunday off . . . but people go back to work on the Saturday in between.

And a few countries only officially have one-day weekends . . . including India, Nepal, and Iran.  (Time / Wikipedia)

Half of People Say Their Bosses Expect Them to Work on Vacation . . . and Two-Thirds Say Their Family Yells at Them When They Do

Do you get the feeling that even when you're on vacation, if your boss sends an email, they kind of expect you to respond?  According to a new survey, 54% of people say . . . yes, absolutely.

But while their boss expects them to work on vacation . . . their family feels the DIRECT OPPOSITE.  67% of people say their family members YELL at them when they work on vacation.  (PR Newswire)



One Out of Three Times We Use Google, We Just Click on the Top Link

According to a new study, one third of the time we search for something online, we click on the top link Google gives us.   

And 18% of the time, we click on the second link.  That means that more than HALF the time we use Google, we find what we're looking for in the top two links. 

11% of the time, we click the third link . . . 8% of the time we click the fourth . . . and 6% of the time we click the fifth link.  So three out of four times, we find what we want in the top five links.

And 91.5% of the time, we find what we're looking for on the first PAGE of Google results.

So, either Google REALLY works well . . . or we're all just lazy.

(Search Engine Watch)

A Woman's Breast Implant Explodes After She Lays Face Down for Four Hours Playing an iPhone Game

You don't usually see INJURIES like THIS from playing cell phone games.  Cramps in your hands, sure.  EXPLODING BREASTS?  Not so much.

This comes from China, so take it for what it's worth.  Apparently, in Beijing, a woman was lying face down while playing a game on her iPhone.  And after four hours, she felt a pain in her chest.

It turns out one of her BREAST IMPLANTS had EXPLODED from the four hours of pressure on it.  She was treated at a hospital and released.  There's no word on whether she got a replacement implant.

If you have implants, this PROBABLY won't happen to you . . . assuming you got high-priced American implants and didn't take the cheap Tijuana plastic surgeon route.  This woman had LOW QUALITY Chinese implants.

And the game she was playing is called Dragon Summon.  Great new slogan for them:  Our game's so addictive you'll pop your cheap breast implants?  (Daily Mail / SZ News) 

A Woman Tried to Get Her License Renewed . . . and Was Told to Get a Doctor's Note Proving She's Not a Man

A 37-year-old woman from outside Atlanta recently went to get her license renewed, and found out she was officially a MAN . . . according to the state of Georgia anyway.

Her name is Nakia Grimes, and because of a new law, she was required to present a birth certificate to renew her driver's license.  She didn't have it, so she went to the hall of records to get a copy. 

But when they gave it to her, she noticed the wrong box was checked . . . and she was listed as a baby BOY. 

She told someone about the typo, but instead of fixing it, they said she'd have to PROVE she was a woman . . . by having her nether region examined and getting a notarized DOCTOR'S note.  (???)

Instead of doing that, Nakia told the local news about it.  And eventually, records officials were able to verify she wasn't a man . . . after they found her SON'S birth certificate, where she's listed as the mother.  (MyFoxAtlanta)

Celebrity Birthdays....

Aubrey Plaza - 29  (Very deadpan actress who plays April on "Parks and Recreation".)  

Jason Schwartzman - 33  (Max Fischer in "Rushmore" and he got to nail Natalie Portman in the "Darjeeling Limited" prologue "Hotel Chevalier".  He's also Talia Shire's son, Francis Ford Coppola's nephew, Nicolas Cage's cousin.  Oh, and he's overrated.)

Michael Vick - 33  (Dog loving NFL quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.)

Gretchen Wilson - 40  (Skanky-hot country minx famous for singing "Redneck Woman".)

Derek Jeter - 39  (Dreamy New York Yankees shortstop.  In high school, he was president of the Latin club . . . and he never, ever cusses.)  (True.)

Nick Offerman - 43  (Quickly becoming a cult hero to manly men everywhere with his role as Ron Swanson on "Parks and Recreation".)

Chris O'Donnell - 43  (Robin the Boy Wonder in two of those '90s "Batman" movies;  D'Artagnan in "The Three Musketeers";  AND Hairless Charlie Simms in "Scent of a Woman".  Now he's on that "NCIS" spin-off, "NCIS:  Los Angeles".)

Sean Hayes - 43  (Jack on "Will & Grace" . . . and Larry in the "Three Stooges" movie.  He FINALLY came out in March of 2010.)  

Irv Gotti - 43  (Does anyone even remember Murder Inc.?)

Colin Greenwood - 44  (Radiohead bassist.)

Harriet Wheeler - 50  (Singer in The Sundays.  Buy their albums . . . THEY'RE FANTASTIC.  "Static & Silence", "Blind" and "Reading, Writing & Arithmetic" . . . they make my lady hot-to-trot . . . AND . . . my man-mistress loose-in-the-caboose!)

Terri Nunn - 52  (Lead singer for Berlin.)

Mark McKinney - 54  ("SNL" alumni who also played Father Williams in "Night at the Roxbury" AND Father Tylenol Ritley in "Superstar".)

Patty Smyth - 56  (Pronounced "Sm-EYE-th".  '80s rock singer formerly in Scandal.  Nowadays, Patty Smyth nails John McEnroe ANYTIME SHE WANTS TO!)

Chris Isaak - 57

Mick Jones - 58  (Clash guitarist.)

GEDDE WATANABE! - 58  (Long Duk Dong in "Sixteen Candles", Kaz in "Gung Ho", At Toon in "Volunteers", AND Nurse Yosh Takata on "ER" from 1997 to 2003!)


Colonel Tom Parker - (1909 - 1997)  (Elvis Presley's brilliant manager.)

Peter Lorre - (1904 - 1964)  (Bug-eyed Joel Cairo in "The Maltese Falcon" and the bug-eyed Ugarte in "Casablanca".)

Countdown to Upcoming Events

• 8 days until Independence Day

• 30 days until "The Wolverine"

• 65 days until Labor Day Weekend

• 88 days until the Emmy Awards

• 1,304 days left of "Hope and Change"

Back in the day.....

729 years ago . . . in 1284 - According to the GRIMMS' FAIRY TALE, today the PIED PIPER led the children out of Hamelin, Germany.  See, the townsfolk didn't pay him for leading the rats out of town, so he abducted the children.  Hence, the expression, "paying the piper".

194 years ago . . . in 1819 - William Clarkson, Junior, patented the BICYCLE.

183 years ago . . . in 1830 - King George The Fourth, ENGLAND'S FATTEST KING, died at age 67.  For breakfast, he would eat two pigeons and three steaks, and wash them down with a bottle of wine, a glass of champagne and several glasses of brandy.

50 years ago . . . in 1963 - President JOHN F. KENNEDY gave a speech in West Berlin where he declared, "ICH BIN EIN BERLINER" . . . which means "I am a Berliner."  However, some of the krazy Krauts laughed . . . because it sounded like Kennedy had called himself a jelly donut.

40 years ago . . . in 1973 - MICK JAGGER was named in a London paternity suit by one Marsha Hunt.  She claimed Jagger was the father of her two-year-old daughter.  Mick took a blood test and WON.  He had no such luck 27 years later with that nasty young Brazilian super-minx.

38 years ago . . . in 1975 - SONNY & CHER divorced after 11 years of marriage.  Cher married GREGG ALLMAN four days later.  Sonny skied into a tree and died in 1998.

37 years ago . . . in 1976 - PETER FRAMPTON'S smash "Baby I Love Your Way" was released.

36 years ago . . . in 1977 - ELVIS PRESLEY made his last concert appearance, at the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana.  His final song was "Can't Help Falling in Love".  He died seven weeks later on the crapper.

34 years ago . . . in 1979 - MUHAMMAD ALI announced that he was retiring as champion, and that this retirement would be final.  It was.

32 years ago . . . in 1981 - "Stripes" was released, starring BILL MURRAY.

17 years ago . . . in 1996 - The Supreme Court ordered the VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE to admit women, or forgo state support.

14 years ago . . . in 1999 - TRACI ELIZABETH LORDS married her second husband, Ryan Riel Granger.  They divorced less than a year later.

13 years ago . . . in 2000 - UNITED NATIONS ANTI-DRUG DAY was celebrated in China . . . with the EXECUTION of 56 people for growing, selling and smuggling drugs . . . while in Vietnam, 11 people were shot to death by a FIRING SQUAD for moving heroin and opium.

12 years ago . . . in 2001 - New York became the first state to BAN the use of HAND-HELD CELL PHONES while driving.

1 year ago . . .  in 2012 - Director and screenwriter NORA EPHRONdied at the age of 71.  She wrote "Silkwood"and "When Harry Met Sally". . . and she wrote and directed"Sleepless in Seattle", "You've Got Mail"and "Julie and Julia".