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Cameron Diaz Has Not Hooked Up with Drew Barrymore .


CAMERON DIAZ admitted earlier this year that she'd once been with another woman.  And now she's strongly denying that it was DREW BARRYMORE.  She says, "That makes me want to vomit in my mouth . . . That's like saying I'm having sex with my sister.  Are you crazy?  I wouldn't even ménage with her!"

Is Jessica Simpson Taking Her Husband's Last Name? 



It's still pretty common for REGULAR women to take their husband's last name when they get married . . . but it isn't often that a celebrity does it.  JESSICA SIMPSON might be an exception.



She posted a sexy photo of herself on Instagram . . . wearing a one-piece bathing suit while lounging in a pool chair.  She captioned it "Jessica Johnson."



Technically, it's unclear whether Jessica is OFFICIALLY changing her name.  Despite the post, her Instagram handle is still "Jessica Simpson," and she hasn't commented further.



Jessica married former football player ERIC JOHNSON earlier this month.

Kristen Wiig Does a "Fully Nude" Scene in an Upcoming Movie 



An actress has revealed that, for the first time, she's doing a "fully nude" scene . . . and that person is:  KRISTEN WIIG.  And no, she wasn't joking.  It's for her upcoming comedy, "Welcome to Me", where she plays a woman with borderline personality disorder who wins millions in the lottery.



Kristen tells "Elle" magazine, quote, "I'd never read a character like that.  I got to a scene where it read, 'She's fully naked,' and I remember thinking:  'If I do this movie, I have to do this scene, because it's really important to this script.'"



"Welcome to Me" will be out sometime this year, but there's no release date yet.

Sexy Pictures of Famous People 



1.  ZAYN MALIK from ONE DIRECTION recently changed his Instagram from private to public.  MTV sifted through his photos, and they found one where it looks like he's wearing a wedding ring.  His Instagram username, niazkilam, is an anagram of his name . . . except he swapped out the Y in Zayn with an I.




2.  We haven't seen much of SCARLETT JOHANSSON recently, so it's a little surprising to see how big her baby bump has become.




3.  Kermit the Frog tops a strange list of "The 17 Sexiest Muppets In Human History."  And if you ask me, Miss Piggy was ROBBED for the top spot.  She came in at #3 . . . behind Rizzo the Rat at #2.  (???)




4.  Sexy Video:  ANNE HATHAWAY, KRISTEN STEWART and BRIE LARSON from "Community" dressed in DRAG for a new music video.  It's a song called "Just One of the Guys" by JENNY LEWIS.




5.  Check out an undated photo of GEORGE CLOONEY'S fiancée AMAL ALAMUDDIN wearing a goofy wig at her law school graduation.  Apparently, it's a traditional thing in the U.K., but it still looks a little silly.


Marvel Is


Thor Into a Woman . . . but Chris Hemsworth Will Still Play Him in the Movies



Marvel has decided to make the character THOR a WOMAN in the comics.  The ACTUAL Thor gets severely injured and becomes unworthy of his hammer . . . so a female steps up as his successor.  This doesn't necessarily mean the "Thor" or "Avengers" MOVIES are changing though

If You

Like Superman, You're More Likely to Get a Computer Virus

:  A new study found that SUPERMAN fans are more likely to get computer viruses, because there are more bogus websites about him that have malware than any other superhero.  The rest of the top five superheroes who put you at risk are Thor, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Wolverine.

Here are the Top 10:



1.  Superman.


2.  Thor . . . probably because of the recent movies.


3.  Wonder Woman.


4.  Aquaman.


5.  Wolverine.


6.  Spider-Man.


7.  Batman.


8.  Black Widow.


9.  Captain America.


10.  Green Lantern.

The Rock Ate the Same Seven Meals Every Day for Six Months to Get Huge for "Hercules"

THE ROCK ate the same seven meals every day for six months to get huge for the new "Hercules" movie.  Including a ten-ounce steak . . . an eight-ounce steak . . . 16 ounces of chicken . . . two eight-ounce pieces of halibut . . . two baked potatoes . . . five-and-a-half cups of white rice . . . oatmeal . . . broccoli . . . asparagus . . . one ounce of pure protein . . . and 14 egg whites.

Someone Is Raising Money Online for a "Batkid" Documentary



Remember BATKID?  He was the five-year-old named Miles Scott who had leukemia, and got to pretend to be Batman for a day.  25,000 people in San Francisco helped make it happen by lining the streets and cheering him on.  He's now in remission.



Well, now there's a Batkid DOCUMENTARY in the works.  It'll be called "Batkid Begins", which is a play on the first Christian Bale movie, "Batman Begins".



Apparently most of the filming is already done.  But the people making it need money for post-production, and they're trying to raise $100,000 online.  If you want to donate, just go to, and search for "Batkid Begins".



As of last night, they'd raised $7,635 in the first 24 hours.

Check Out the Trailer for Disney's "Big Hero 6", from the Makers of "Frozen"



The first trailer for "Big Hero 6" is out.  It's the new animated Disney movie from the makers of "Frozen" . . . and it sounds pretty weird.  It's based on a comic book about a group of rookie superheroes who have to save the world.



So it's kind of like a juvenile version of "X-Men" or "The Avengers".  But the main character is a 13-year-old genius with an inflatable robot sidekick who kind of looks like the Michelin Man.  (You can watch the trailer here.)



Halle Berry's New Sci-Fi Show Premiered at #1 with 9.6 Million Viewers



Sunday afternoon's "World Cup" match between Germany and Argentina was the third most-watched soccer game in history with 17.3 million viewers on ABC, 9.2 million on Univision, and another 5.5 million ESPN.



Meanwhile, HALLE BERRY'S new sci-fi show "Extant" is at #1 in the primetime ratings with 9.6 million viewers.  The series premiere of the NBC sitcom "Welcome to Sweden" had 3.5 million, and "The Strain" debuted with 3 million on FX.



The FX show "The Bridge" came back for a second season with 1.5 million . . . Showtime's "Ray Donovan" started its second season with 1.2 million . . . and "Masters of Sex" returned for its second season with a disappointing 825,000.



Here are last week's Top 10 primetime shows:


1.  The "Extant" series premiere, CBS, 9.6 million viewers.


2.  "60 Minutes", CBS, 8.2 million viewers.


3.  "NCIS", CBS, 8 million viewers.


4.  "America's Got Talent", NBC, 8 million viewers.


5.  "The Big Bang Theory", CBS, 7.8 million viewers.


6.  "Under the Dome", CBS, 7.7 million viewers.


7.  "The Bachelorette", ABC, 7 million viewers.


8.  "Big Brother", CBS, 6.6 million viewers.


9.  "NCIS: Los Angeles", CBS, 6.6 million viewers.


10.  "Blue Bloods", CBS, 6.5 million viewers.


Wednesday TV Reminders:



"So You Think You Can Dance" . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on ABC.  The Top 18 perform and two more dancers are eliminated.



"The ESPY Awards" . . . 9:00 to 11:30 P.M. Eastern on ESPN.  Drake is the host.


. . . The Best Male Athlete nominees are Peyton Manning, Kevin Durant, Floyd Mayweather, and Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera, and boxer


. . . The Best Female Athlete nominees are UFC fighter Ronda Rousey, Olympic skier Mikaela Shiffrin, and basketball players Maya Moore, and Breanna Stewart.



• The series premiere of "Make or Break:  The Linda Perry Project" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on VH1.  Music producer Linda Perry gives musicians a shot at being signed to her record label, Custard Records.



Linda got her start in 4 Non Blondes but is a power player in the music business.  She's been producing since the turn of the century and is responsible for hits like Pink's "Get the Party Started", and Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful".



(There's also a "Behind the Music" special about Linda's life airing at 9:00 P.M.)



"Duck Dynasty" . . . from 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. on A&E.  The guys find a gator living in their duck blinds.



• The series premiere of "Virgin Territory" . . . 11:00 P.M. to Midnight on MTV.  A reality show that follows the lives of 15 virgins . . . some of whom are trying to protect their virginity, and some of who are desperate to lose it.

Tonight's Late Night Talk Shows:



"The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" - Whoopi Goldberg, Stephen Moyer, and Puss N Boots.



"Late Night with Seth Meyers" - Regis Philbin, John Henson, and Broods.



"Letterman" - Emma Stone, Nathan Fielder, and American Authors.



"Jimmy Kimmel" - Bob Newhart, Nicola Peltz, and Spoon.  (Repeat)



"Carson Daly" - Matt Taibbi, Tinariwen, and Steven Knight. (Repeat)



"Conan" - Michael Strahan, Famke Janssen, and Mark Normand.



"Craig Ferguson" - Elijah Wood, Marcia Clark, and Kristeen Young with Dave Grohl and Pat Smear from the Foo Fighters.



"Chelsea Lately" - Dane Cook.



"Jon Stewart" - Jerry Seinfeld.



"The Colbert Report" - New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Five Random Facts For Wednesday

Here are a few random facts for you.  Leonardo da Vinci didn't become a famous artist until he did "The Last Supper" when he was 46.  You can't legally get married in Ohio if you have syphilis.  And 96% of high schools in France have condom vending machines.


(Huffington Post / Washington Post / Ohio Bar / Mashable / USA Today)

We All Think We're Great at Being on Time and Being a Good Friend . . . But We Can Admit We're Bad at Dancing and Cooking

A new survey found that 70% of men and 54% of women regularly BRAG about all the stuff they think they're great at.  The most common things we brag about are being on time and being a good friend.  The top things we can admit we're NOT good at are singing and dancing.

(Daily Mail)

You Should Eat Bananas When They're Still Green . . . and Don't Forget to Eat the Peel?

You've been eating bananas wrong your entire life.  Some nutritionists now say you should eat bananas when they're GREEN . . . BEFORE they're ripe.  Oh, and you should eat the peel too.  In both cases, you'll wind up getting a lot more fiber, vitamins, and health benefits.

(Yahoo / Daily Mail)

Lay's Newest Flavors Include Mac and Cheese, Mango Salsa, and Cappuccino?

Last year, Lay's ran that contest where they introduced new potato chip flavors like Sriracha and cheesy garlic bread, and people could vote on the best one.  Well, they just introduced four new flavors for this year's contest:  Cheddar bacon mac and cheese . . . wasabi ginger . . . mango salsa . . . and cappuccino.


The Mathematical Formula For the Perfect Road Trip

A psychologist in England has figured out the mathematical formula for the perfect road trip.  You need two to four people in the car, an equal number of guys and girls, a comfortable car, four to six hours of driving, and a destination you've never been to before.

(The Auto Channel)


The 10 Most Endangered Jobs in the U.S.


These are the most ENDANGERED jobs in the U.S., based on their projected growth over the next decade:  Mail carrier . . . farmer . . . meter reader . . . newspaper reporter . . . and travel agent.



AnnaLynne McCord is 27"90210" minx who likes to kiss her sister on the lips.



Jayma Mays is 35"Glee's" timid guidance counselor . . . who "didn't deserve the POWER OF MADONNA" even though she sang "Like A Virgin" in her attempt to give it up to the glee club director.  She's also Debbie on "The Millers".



Chris Pontius is 40"Jackass" and MTV's "Wildboyz".



COREY FELDMAN! is 43.  One of the TWO GREATEST COREYS who ever lived!  And sadly, the only surviving Corey of the Two Coreys.

Ed Kowalczyk is 43.  Singer/songwriter from Live, the band that sang "Lightning Crashes".  Remember the '90s?  Wish you didn't?  Me, too!



Phil Hellmuth, Jr. is 50.  Poker superstar with the temperament of a five-year-old.



PHOEBE CATES! is 51"Fast Times at Ridgemont High", "Gremlins", AND "Private School" MINX.  Kevin Kline gets to nail her ANYTIME HE WANTS TO.




Stewart Copeland is 62.  Drummer for the Police.



Ruben Blades is 66.



Jimmy Johnson is 71.  Former coach of the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins with rock-solid hair.  Now he co-hosts the NFL pre-game show on Fox.



Orville Redenbacher  (1907 - 1995)  Bow tie popcorn guy.



Ginger Rogers  (1911 - 1995)  Fred Astaire's dance partner BEFORE the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner.

Countdown to Upcoming Events

• 2 days to International Mandela Day

• 12 days to World Hepatitis Day

• 16 days to Guardians of the Galaxy

• 22 days to Chicago Boot Camp

• 44 days to Labor Day Weekend

• 919 days left of "Hope and Change"

152 years ago . . . In 1862, DAVID G. FARRAGUT became the first "REAR ADMIRAL" in the U.S. Navy.



79 years ago . . . In 1935, evil prevailed in Oklahoma City when the VERY FIRST PARKING METERS were installed.



63 years ago . . . In 1951, "The Catcher In The Rye", by J.D. SALINGER, was first published.



48 years ago . . . In 1966, ERIC CLAPTON, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker formed the band CREAM.



48 years ago . . . In 1966, the LOVIN' SPOONFUL'S "Summer In The City" was released.



42 years ago . . . In 1972, vocal genius SMOKEY ROBINSON gave his last concert with the Miracles.



41 years ago . . . In 1973, Roger English of La Jolla, California, stopped DANCING THE TWIST after a record 102 hours, 29 minutes . . . and 10 years after the rest of the nation stopped doing it.



38 years ago . . . In 1976, TRAGEDY STRUCK OUR NATION . . . WHEN LOGGINS & MESSINA BROKE UP.  (???)



37 years ago . . . In 1977, THE COMMODORES got their second #1 hit with "Easy".

35 years ago . . . In 1979, SADDAM HUSSEIN took over as evil dictator of Iraq.



33 years ago . . . In 1981, HARRY CHAPIN (most famous for the heartbreaking song "Cat's In The Cradle") was killed when his car was struck by a tractor-trailer on New York's Long Island Expressway.



33 years ago . . . In 1981, for some reason, after 23 years with the name DATSUN, executives of Japan's Nissan Corporation changed the name of their cars to NISSAN(???)



28 years ago . . . In 1986, Dolly Parton's DOLLYWOOD AMUSEMENT PARK opened in Tennessee.



26 years ago . . . In 1988, MICHAEL J. FOX and TRACY POLLAN were married.  Today is their 26th anniversary.  Tracy played his girlfriend Ellen on "Family Ties".



22 years ago . . . In 1992, ROSS PEROT announced that he was pulling out of the race for president . . . then later changed his crazy mind.



21 years ago . . . In 1993, "Free Willy" was released.



18 years ago . . . In 1996, DOLORES O'RIORDAN of the CRANBERRIES accepted an undisclosed settlement after a London newspaper reported that she appeared on stage WITHOUT PANTIES.

15 years ago . . . In 1999, "The Blair Witch Project" was released, and became one of the biggest independent movies of all time.


15 years ago . . . In 1999, shirtless roller-blader [slash] poor pilot JOHN F. KENNEDY, JR., his wife, CAROLYN, and her sister, LAUREN BESSETTE, died when John-John's single-engine plane plunged into the ocean near Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.



Two years later, the Kennedy family agreed to pay the Bessettes $15 MILLION for the loss of their beautiful and fashion-conscious daughters.



Nine years ago . . . In 2005, SANDRA BULLOCK made one of the BIGGEST MISTAKES OF HER LIFE when she married JESSE JAMES . . . the heavily tattooed host of the Discovery Channel's "Monster Garage".



He left his first wife, heavily tattooed MATTRESS ACTRESS Janine Lindemulder, to be with her . . . but continued to nail many a tattooed skank behind Sandra's back.



Nine years ago . . . In 2005, the sixth book of the HARRY POTTER series, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", was released.  That's the book in which Dumbledore DIES.  It sold 6.9 million copies on its first day of release