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New "Godzilla" and "King Kong" Movies Are in the Works . . . And They Might Meet Up Down the Road 

The "Godzilla" sequel is going to feature the classic Japanese monsters Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah.  And the people behind it are also doing a "King Kong" movie called "Skull Island".  So people are speculating there could ultimately be another "King Kong vs. Godzilla" movie, like the one in 1962.


Check Out Your New Wonder Woman . . . And a Description of the "Batman vs. Superman" Teaser That Aired at Comic-Con 

At Comic-Con this weekend, DC Comics unveiled a picture of the new Wonder Woman, as well as a teaser for the upcoming movie "Batman v. Superman:  Dawn of Justice" that shows Batman and Superman like they're getting ready to fight.

Three Women are Trying to Stamp Out Sexual Harassment at Comic-Con 

Three women got fed up with the sexual harassment of women who dress up at Comic-Con, and started a movement called Geeks for CONsent.  They want Comic-Con to do a better job of policing the morons who make inappropriate comments, take inappropriate photos, or even GROPE women who dress up.

A Driver Hit a Woman After His Car Was Attacked by Zombies 

Saturday night near Comic-Con, a man driving with his kids sped up to get through a "zombie walk" and hit a 64-year-old woman with his car.  She may have suffered a broken arm.  Police say the man and his kids were deaf, and the kids were afraid.  There are also reports that the "zombies" attacked his car and broke the windshield.  No arrests were made, but police are investigating.

Random Comic-Con Announcements 



1.  SAM RAIMI announced he's working on an "Evil Dead" TV series and BRUCE CAMPBELL is involved . . . he's the star of the original trilogy.



Someone later asked Bruce on Twitter if he was going to be the STAR of the show and he replied, quote, "That is the plan."



There's no word if the show will replace Raimi's previously announced plan to make a fourth Bruce Campbell "Evil Dead" movie.




2.  KEVIN SMITH unveiled the trailer for "Tusk", starring JUSTIN LONG as a man who's captured by some psycho who wants to turn him into a walrus.




3.  The Marvel Comics panel included some footage from the new "Avengers" movie, plus info on "Ant Man" and a "Guardians of the Galaxy" sequel.


4.  The trailer for "Mad Max:  Fury Road" made its debut.




5.  Check out five minutes of the "Simpsons" / "Family Guy" crossover.


Kate Upton Has Been Begging for Her "Curvy" Body All Her Life

Apparently, some people have called KATE UPTON "healthy-looking," in a way that's sort of a BACKDOOR compliment.  But she doesn't get it.  She says, quote, "People say:  'Oh, wow, you're 'healthy'.  And [I'm] like, 'Wait . . . what?  I've been begging for this body my whole life!'"

Sexy Pictures of Famous People 



1.  Unfortunately, the "man-bun" craze is sweeping Hollywood.  Some of today's biggest stars are doing it.  It's a cross between a ponytail and a Samurai top-knot . . . and somehow lamer than both.




2.  BEYONCÉ flashing cleavage is never really a bad thing.




3.  You know how I know you're gay?  Because in this picture of JESSICA SIMPSON holding her baby against her cleavage, the first thing you noticed was the baby.




4.  DEMI LOVATO cut her hair.




5.  JENNIFER LOPEZ celebrated her 45th birthday with a cake in the shape of HERSELF on a lion's back.  (Check out more pictures from her party here.)




6.  BEN STILLER is pretty ripped.




7.  Is GWEN STEFANI breastfeeding her son in this picture?

Aretha Franklin Was Scolded for Sitting Down to Eat at a Johnny Rockets, Because She'd Ordered Her Food as "Takeout"? 

Last week, ARETHA FRANKLIN hit up a Johnny Rockets, and almost engaged in FISTICUFFS with an employee, when she was told she couldn't eat inside, because she'd ordered her food TO GO.  Aretha stormed out without eating.  And the owner has apologized on behalf of the "new" employee.

Scarlett Johansson Beat The Rock at the Box Office



SCARLETT JOHANSSON beat THE ROCK at the box office this weekend, by a pretty wide margin.  "Lucy" brought in a better-than-expected $44 million, compared to just $29 million for "Hercules".



It's even more impressive when you consider the budget for the two movies:  "Lucy" cost an estimated $40 million to make, which means it's already made back its entire budget . . . while "Hercules" cost $100 million, so it hasn't even made a third of that yet.



As for the other movies opening this weekend, the MICHAEL DOUGLAS movie "And So It Goes" made just over $4.5 million in 8th place . . . and PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN'S "A Most Wanted Man" made $2.7 million at #10.



Here are this week's Top 10 movies:



1.  NEW:  "Lucy", $44 million.


2.  NEW:  "Hercules", $29 million.


3.  "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes", $16.4 million.  $172 million in its 3rd week.


4.  "The Purge: Anarchy", $9.9 million.  Up to $51.3 million in its 2nd week.


5.  "Planes: Fire & Rescue", $9.3 million.  Up to $35.1 million in its 2nd week.


6.  "Sex Tape", $6 million.  Up to $26.9 million in its 2nd week.


7.  "Transformers: Age of Extinction", $4.6 million.  $236 million in its 5th week.


8.  NEW:  "And So It Goes", $4.55 million.


9.  "Tammy", $3.4 million.  Up to $78.1 million in its 4th week.


10.  NEW:  "A Most Wanted Man", $2.7 million.

Monday TV Reminders:



• The 10th season finale of "The Bachelorette" . . . 8:00 to 11:00 P.M. on ABC.  Andi decides between Nick Viall and Josh Murray after introducing both of them to her family.  The two-hour finale is followed by the "After the Final Rose" special.



• The series premiere of "Running Wild with Bear Grylls" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on NBC.  Shirtless Zac Efron guest stars as the first celebrity to test his survival skills.



"The 2014 Young Hollywood Awards" . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on the CW.  Kelly Osbourne is the host.  (Nominees)


The performers and presenters include "Vampire Diaries" minx Kat Graham, Trey Songz, "Twilight" costars Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed, Gina Rodriguez from the upcoming show "Jane the Virgin", and "Dancing with the Stars" stud Derek Hough.



"Major Crimes" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on TNT.  Luke Perry guest stars when the star of a cop show is suspected of killing a fan.



• The season finale of "Cee Lo Green's The Good Life" . . . 10:30 to 11:00 P.M. on TBS.

Tonight's Late Night Talk Shows:



"The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" - James Franco, Chadwick Boseman, and Jenny Lewis.



"Late Night with Seth Meyers" - Carson Daly, Penn & Teller, and Christina Perri.



"Letterman" - John C. Reilly, Rachelle Lefevre, and Conor Oberst.



"Jimmy Kimmel" - Andi Dorfman, Clayton Kershaw, and Train.



"Carson Daly" - Jose Antonio Vargas, Kodaline, and Cameron Esposito.  (Repeat)



"Conan" - Will Arnett, Melissa Rauch, and Ryan Hamilton.  (Repeat)



"Craig Ferguson" - Olivia Williams, and Josh Wolf.



"Chelsea Lately" - Justin Theroux.



"Jon Stewart" - Sonia Nazario, author of the Pulitzer Prize winning six-part immigration series "Enrique's Journey".



"The Colbert Report" - Beck.

Five Random Facts For Monday

1.  There are only three animals that have sex for pleasure and not just to reproduce:  Humans, bonobos, and dolphins.



2.  There was an episode of "Scrubs" in 2002 where Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke's characters went skydiving . . . and they had stunt doubles do the skydive.  So their stunt doubles met on set that day . . . and are now married.



3.  The McDonald's character Grimace was originally evil . . . in 1971 he was called Evil Grimace and his goal was to steal milkshakes.  But by 1972 they turned him into a purple monster who's a good guy and not very bright.



4.  An octopus doesn't have eight arms . . . it has six arms and two legs.  Two of its tentacles work like legs and help it move while the six arms grab food.



5.  51% of all pregnancies in the U.S. happen by accident.



(Snopes / Scrubs Wikia / Wikipedia / The Telegraph / Guttmacher)

For the First Time in History, Men Are Cool With Their Wives Being Smarter Than Them

A new study has found that for the first time in history, men are cool with their wives being SMARTER than them.  Before 1990, couples where the women had more education were more likely to get divorced.  Now couples are more likely to get divorced when the man has more education . . . and the best bet for the marriage is if both people have the same level of education.

(The Telegraph)

The Main Reason People Cheat on Their Spouse Is . . . "It Just Happened"?

A new survey asked people who cheated on their spouses why they did it and the number one reason was . . . "It just happened."  The second-most popular reason was "It was exciting."

1.  "It just happened," 45%.


2.  "It was exciting," 33%.


3.  "I was lonely," 23%.


4.  "I was bored with our sex," 20%.


5.  "I fell in love," 16%.


6.  "I thought I could get away with it," 8%.


7.  "I felt like I deserved it," 6%.



(Adam & Eve)

61% of Us Fall Asleep with the TV on . . . and 38% Turn It Back on as Soon as We Wake Up

According to a new survey, 61% of us fall asleep with the TV on . . . 38% turn it back on first thing in the morning . . . 45% turn it on within 15 minutes of getting home from work . . . 73% leave it on while they're doing chores . . . 22% leave it on while they're GETTING it on . . . and 26% leave it on to keep their pets company when they're not home.

(PR Newswire)

The Ten Body Parts We Hate the Most, and the Ten We Love

A new survey came up with the body parts we hate the most, and the ones we love most.  We hate our stomachs, love handles, and upper arm flab . . . but we love our eyes, hair, and legs.

The top 10 body parts we hate the most are:  Our stomach . . . love handles . . . upper arm flab . . . thighs . . . nose . . . breasts or pecs . . . teeth . . . legs . . . butt . . . and feet.



The top 10 body parts we LOVE the most are:  Eyes . . . hair . . . legs . . . teeth . . . lips . . . butt . . . shoulders . . . breasts or pecs . . . hands . . . and back.



Obviously there's a little overlap . . . legs, teeth, butt, and breasts and pecs made both lists.



(Daily Star)

If You Could Have Someone Retouch Your Selfies, 98% of People Would Do It

If you had the chance to have your selfies retouched before you posted them, would you take it?  In a new survey, 98% of people say YES.  Only 2% of people would still post photos of themselves without any edits.


A Woman Says Her Enormous Fake Breasts Make Her a Better Mother

:  A 19-year-old woman in England got her breasts enlarged from a double-A cup to a G-CUP.  And she says her enormous breasts now make her a BETTER MOTHER.  Before she got them, she'd never taken her two-year-old son swimming because she was self-conscious . . . now she's happy to take him everywhere.


(Gawker / Daily Mail

The Average Woman Buys 17 Pairs of Shoes a Year

A new survey found the average woman buys 17 pairs of shoes a year . . . at about $61 per pair.  That's $1,032 per year in shoes . . . and over the course of about 50 adult years, that's about $51,600 on shoes.

(Daily Mail)

The Ten Things You Need to Be a "Cool" 50-Year-Old Guy

A new survey found the top things you need to be a "cool" 50-year-old man.  A few of the most important ones are:  Embrace your baldness by shaving your head . . . don't spray tan or grow a soul patch . . . and don't wax your body hair.

1.  Embrace your baldness by shaving your head.


2.  If you have hair, keep it trimmed.  It's up to you whether you dye it or just let the gray happen . . . both are alright.


3.  Wear a good watch.


4.  Use moisturizer.


5.  If you're single, date women close to your age.


6.  Do not spray tan.


7.  Do not grow a soul patch.


8.  Don't wax your body hair, especially your chest.


9.  Don't get a facelift.


10.  Don't text your kids' friends, follow them on Instagram, or friend them on Facebook.  (Daily Mail)

The Mathematical Formula For the Perfect Family Day Out Includes Four Hours Together, 11 Laughs, and Seven Photos

A psychologist just came up with the mathematical formula for the perfect family day out.  It includes spending about four hours together, going to the beach and a fair, laughing at least 11 times, and no more than seven photos together.

(Daily Mail)

Soulja Boy is 24.  He's everything that's wrong with rap music . . . at least according to Ice-T.



Alexandra Chando is 28.  Minx who stars on "The Lying Game" as twins Emma and Sutton.  That's the show everyone expected to get buried by Sarah Michelle Gellar's "Ringer".  Yet "Ringer's" dead and "The Lying Game's" still here.



Afroman is 40"Because I Got High".



Elizabeth Berkley is 42.  She was Nomi in "Showgirls" AND Jessie on "Saved By The Bell".

Alexis Arquette is 45.  Transgendered "sister" of Patricia, David and Rosanna Arquette.



Lori Loughlin is 50.  Uncle Jesse's wife, Rebecca Donaldson Katsopolis, on "Full House"!  She also played Shanae Grimes' mom on the rebooted "90210".

Mattress actress Kathleen Gentry is 53.  She's starred in 63 fine films, including . . . "Eye of the Tigress", "69 Pump Street", "Dy*nasty" AND "Hard Act to Swallow".



SALLY STRUTHERS! is 67.  Chubby star of "All In The Family" AND "Save the Children".  In 1994, "Save the Children" was ranked by "Money" magazine as one of the most effective charities in America.  Thank YOU Sally Struthers.



Jim Davis is 69.  Genius who created "Garfield".



Pink Floyd keyboardist Rick Wright  (1943 - 2008)



Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis  (1929 - 1994)  JFK's wife and the mother of Shirtless Rollerblader [slash] Sub-Standard Amateur Pilot John-John Kennedy.



Beatrix Potter  (1866 - 1943)  Children's author.  She did the "Peter Rabbit" books.



FRANK YANKOVIC!  (1915 - 1998)  "THE POLKA KING!"  No relation to Weird Al . . . although Al has said Frank WAS one of his inspirations.

Countdown to Upcoming Events

• It's World Hepatitis Day

• 4 days to Guardians of the Galaxy

• 10 days to Chicago Boot Camp

• 32 days to Labor Day Weekend

• 42 days to International Literacy Day

• 907 days left of "Hope and Change"

For all of our criminal listeners . . . 146 years ago . . . In 1868, the FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT to the U.S. Constitution, guaranteeing due process of law, was declared in effect!



For all of our Cuban listeners . . . 118 years ago . . . In 1896, the city of MIAMI, Florida, was incorporated!



For all of our Colombian listeners . . . 71 years ago . . . In 1943, PRESIDENT FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT announced the end of COFFEE RATIONING!



For all of our Puerto Rican listeners . . . 69 years ago . . . In 1945, a U.S. Army bomber crashed into the 79th floor of New York City's EMPIRE STATE BUILDING.  Fourteen people were killed.



For all of our Looking Glass listeners . . . 63 years ago . . . In 1951, "Alice In Wonderland" was released.



For all of our Viet Cong listeners . . . 49 years ago . . . In 1965, PRESIDENT LYNDON JOHNSON announced he was increasing the number of AMERICAN TROOPS IN SOUTH VIETNAM from 75,000 to 125,000.


For all of our stoner listeners . . . 41 years ago . . . In 1973, the BIGGEST ROCK FESTIVAL IN HISTORY took place in Watkins Glen, New York . . . 600,000 people watched the GRATEFUL DEAD, THE ALLMAN BROTHERS, and THE BAND!



For all of our Bionic listeners . . . 41 years ago . . . In 1973, LEE MAJORS ("The Six Million Dollar Man") married FARRAH FAWCETT ("Charlie's Angels").  They divorced in 1982.



For all of our sweatshop listeners from third world countries . . . 27 years ago . . . In 1987, THE BEATLES sued NIKE and Capitol Records to halt the use of the song "Revolution" in shoe commercials!



For all of our fine fans of the fellatial arts . . . 16 years ago . . . In 1998, CHUBBY MONICA LEWINSKY received a promise of blanket immunity from KEN STARR in exchange for testimony about her affair with PRESIDENT CLINTON.



For all of our Jewish listeners . . . Eight years ago . . . In 2006, MEL GIBSON was arrested for DUI with an open bottle of tequila in his car.



He verbally assaulted the arresting officer and launched into a tirade against Jews.  He pled no contest to a drunk driving charge and got three years probation.