Today through the end of the week you can WIN a grill (and a gift card) from Meijer! Here's a little info on the contest!

·       We’re going to be giving away:

o   Charbroil Gas Grill: Classic 4 Burner

o   $25 Gift Card to Meijer for food to TAILGATE!


·       Each day around 7:30 Wednesday through Friday this week we’ll ask you to call at 7708-957.

·       We’ll play 3 clues of something that could be on the grill.


·       If you’re caller 10 you’ll get a chance to play “What’s on the Grill?”


·       If 3 people get it wrong in a row, we’ll reveal two more clues.


·       After that we’ll continue to take callers until a caller is correct.


·       The caller that guesses what's on the grill correctly will win the grill and gift card.